Need advice on buying Tesla

Need advice on buying Tesla

Hi guys! Please help me with the choice of used I want something like this 2016 Tesla Model X What do you think about that?
Thx for answers bros.

qi | 12 marts 2020

A lot of questions come with that. It's a six seater, be aware those fronts don't fold down for large objects. It doesn't say it has the trailer hitch which is $1250 if not equipped. It doesn't say if there is any of the factory warranty left at all, it doesn't show the 100% range,and most importantly WHY DOES IT HAVE TWO KINDS OF WHEELS ON IT? Are there two sets of wheels, or is it a salvage Frankencar?

If possible I'd wait two weeks and see if Tesla will do an inventory clearance like they have in the past at the end of the quarter. Then you'll get a warranty with the car at about that price. EV-CPO is a good search engine to see what kinds and prices of used Model X cars are available. It will give you a pricing guide to boot.

Geico | 12 marts 2020

Yeah, I mean it looks fine to me. Just know a lot of stuff will break on it during ownership, since it is out of warranty. The Model X is the least reliable vehicle in 2020 and for the money you should be getting a rock solid vehicle.

IF I were you, I would go with a new Model Y for the same price.