FSD upgrade via app question.

FSD upgrade via app question.

Hey guys

Had my MX for 2 years now and love it! Best vehicle I have ever owned. Just seen a new feature in my tesla app, upgrades. So looking at it, it says I am eligible for full self driving but the features it states like NOA, summon and auto park etc I already have with my enhanced AP package.
Am I missing something does anyone know please? Or are they pretty much the same thing?

Thank you | 19 marts 2020

Today EAP and FSD are almost the same. With FSD, you'll get an upgrade to the new AP3 processor as part of the deal later this year (Tesla is installing them now). The new FSD software offers features beyond EAP and requires the new AP3 processor. The big unknown is when. Some expect significant releases before the end of the year. Others put it further out.

Bad Monk | 19 marts 2020

Thanks for the reply. For this moment in time prob no need then.