autopilot in city traffic Europe vs U.S.

autopilot in city traffic Europe vs U.S.

here in europe the german oriented commission forbids a few AUTOPILOT functions in the daily use

1) the auto lane change, we are obliged to confirm the changement and you need to do it within 5 seconds or it is aborted
2) the curve radius is limited, if the radius is to small the car stops and aborts the autopilot function

the highway autopilot is a real pleasure , but I am not perfectly satisfied with my attempts to use autopilot in the city

I have noticed a leak of fluidity in the driving , if I set 50 km/h as speed, the car enters the city curves without decreasing the speed and no attempt to reduce the speed till the radius obliges the car to reduce the speed, I mean if somebody is following me with his car , he would think that I am new at the steeringwheel

Is it a sensation that I have probably due to the limitations of the EU laws, or also in the US somebody notices a possible need of optimisation?

thanks renato | 24 marts 2020

I can't say what or if there are differences in EU vs. USA AP. You should note that AP is not recommended for city streets. It's allowed, but not really ready for it - so problems are not surprising. AP is only intended for limited access highways right now. FSD will extend to city streets at some time, with regulatory approvals - perhaps a year or two away here in the USA. No idea how the EU will deal with it - faster or slower.

franzellin | 24 marts 2020

ok, thanks