Model X paint and panel issues - Australia

Model X paint and panel issues - Australia

Hey guys,

We have a Model X and found many paint issues (bumps and dents below the paint) and a few panel gaps. We got it looked at by 3 car repairs, one of them being a Tesla approved repairer and they all advised the issue to be a manufacturing fault as the issues are all under the paint. I m wondering if any of you have had such issues and what the resolution was? All the repairs have told me that they can fix the issue but the paint won't look the same and may even have to repaint the entire car. Repair and repaint is the last thing I want to do at this stage..

Oh and the car is about a year old so no none of the issues were picked up during delivery and we have only just noticed them. The car is still under warranty though

Keen to hear your feedback. | 25 marts 2020

I've had no issues like this in two cars. If it took a year to notice these issues they must be exceptionally minor. The hard choice is to have it fixed or live with it. I've found once you notice something is not quite right, it's hard to forget it.

I sort of doubt Tesla will cover bumps and dents at this point under warranty. If you pointed them out shortly after purchase, they may handle it, but it's really hard to prove they were manufacturing issues and not something that happened after purchase. Your insurance might cover it though.

Panel gaps may or may not be correctable - it depends on how big and where they are. You should have Tesla look at them and see what they can do.

mathwhiz | 25 marts 2020

Neither of mine have such issues.

Uncle Paul | 28 marts 2020

Sometimes the cure is worse than the cold.

Panel gaps are kind of a writ of passage for Tesla owners. Kind of like driving around in a mud splattered Jeep.

After a year most would put such worries aside and get out and enjoy your awsome Model X.

hemdevg | 29 marts 2020

Thanks guys, I had a Tesla Rep have a look at it and he wasnt surprised! Apparently its common and they have seen it all, more on the Model 3's.

I have taken the car to a Tesla car repairer who advised the bumps and dents to be below the paint and to be a manifacturing defect and was easy to prove as they have a tool to measure factory paint vs non facory etc. Now just waiting on Tesla to get back to us, I wont be taking "live it" as an answer and most likely go to VCAT (last resort as I am a Tesla Fan) if a suitable resolution isnt provided, guess will find out soon.

jimglas | 31 marts 2020

return your car
paint problem solved