Tesla Forum Software Update?

Tesla Forum Software Update?

List owner, who ever you are you need a way for the poster of the info to edit their posts. FB has it, YouTube, et al -- all have a way to edit/search "your" posts. Can you make that happen please.

sheldon.mike1010 | 22 maj 2020

Bill, Sorry to say that having been here for 2 years and seeing many similar requests, I'd venture that pissing while facing the wind would accomplish about the same as asking for extra forum features here.

JimShaw | 22 maj 2020

Me, I would LOVE a search feature. I have started a thread or two knowing there has to be like threads out there.

philip | 23 maj 2020

Consider yourself lucky you are allowed to start a thread.

I have been a M3 owner for about 9 months, have emailed the list owner multiple times and I am still not a “verified owner”.

I am not even sure the email address is monitored as I have never received an acknowledgement that my email has been received.

billroger | 23 maj 2020

If you use your account info to log-in to this forum, then it's owned by ELon (a.k.a. Tesla) -- then maybe ask him directly. Don't know how to do that.

sheldon.mike1010 | 23 maj 2020

He posts pretty frequently on Twitter.
Maybe register with Twitter and tweeeet him with your suggestions.

Bighorn | 23 maj 2020

The petition was started in 2011 I believe.

ronjolley | 24 maj 2020

This is not forum software. It's bulletin board software.

They don't need to add features. They need to replace it with forum software. | 25 maj 2020

If you want to search here are a bunch of ways:

If you want integrated search, you can use my free Chrome extension that installs a search box on every Tesla forum page along with a lot of other cool features, such as auto-flagging spam:

See the screenshots to see what it does.

There were strong rumors that Tesla was about to make an overhaul of the forums just before lockdown. Obviously, that didn't happen and it appears that was put on the back burner for now.

Magic 8 Ball | 25 maj 2020

"Strong rumor", good one. Thanks for the laugh.

I was told by, I think, the administrator of administrators it was going to be redone last year. Nada.

rmg007 | 25 maj 2020

My best friend’s sister dates a guy whose neighbor works at Tesla and he said the change is coming soon. | 25 maj 2020

@Magic 8 Ball - Yep, that's why I didn't wait for Tesla to add features and just added them myself! It was also a chance for me to learn how extensions work as I was always curious about them. Sort of amazing what you can do with them.

sheldon.mike1010 | 25 maj 2020

My grandma's neighbor's sister's gardener knows that same neighbor.
But he says no changes coming soon.