Touch up Paint

Touch up Paint

I removed the front license plate holder from the X and now want to put screws into the remaining holes in case I need to re-install the bracket. I want to paint the screw heads to minimize their presence on the nice white surface.

Does anyone have a recommendation for suitable screws to use and/or another recommendation for minimizing the surface appearance while maintaining the ability to use those holes if needed in the future?

BTW - I did this removal using a SnapPlate after using that on the Model 3. Most of the Model 3s in my area do not sport front plates. I liked that result so much, I am doing it on the X while retaining the option of installing a front plate if necessary.

Jackman | 25 juni 2020

I got a little can of touch up paint for my red MX from the Tesla SvC a couple of years ago.