Cybertruck Reservation Tracker

Cybertruck Reservation Tracker

Here we are keeping track of all user's reservation numbers as approximate place in line. In addition, provide an estimate when Tesla will deliver your cybertruck to you.

Find out your approximate sequential reservation number from the Cybertruck Owners Club:
"Your order numbers is just a sequential number, starting at about 112744100 (the number that reservations began). So subtract that from your number for your (approximate) place in line"

Share your reservation number or your approximate place in line, along with your estimated delivery date.

Also take a guess what you think Tesla's annual cybertruck production will be given the approximately 600k+ pending reservations.


3,000 - jlhm (????)
17,000 - jjs (????)
19,876 - Wormtown Kris (December 2021)
20,000 - SamO (2021)
166,594 - andy.connor.e (Late 2022)
305,000 - TobascoGuy (????)
???,??? - akgolf (13 months from production start)

Cybertruck Annual Production Estimate: 450,000

andy.connor.e | 30 juni 2020

I bet Tesla will go for 200k cybertrucks per year

akgolf | 30 juni 2020

Currently I’m about thirteen months from delivery once they start production.

SamO | 30 juni 2020

I'm reservation ~20,000 which was made right after the Cybertruck presentation while waiting in line for the Cybertruck rides.

I could potentially take delivery in 2021 since I'll agree to take delivery wherever it is manufactured. I had a low Model 3 reservation number and took delivery in late 2017.

andy.connor.e | 30 juni 2020

thanks! i thought this could be fun to keep track of everything and see how it plays out. If you have a more accurate reservation number ill keep your spot in line updated.

SamO | 30 juni 2020

I made a second reservation about a month ago.

1134450XX making that reservation ~700,000.

Wormtown Kris | 30 juni 2020

I am nearly the same place in line as SamO. By this tracker, 19,876. Per the online crowdsourced tracker, with expected cancelation rate (the night of the reveal the servers kept crashing and many folks accidently ordered multiple times), my corrected place in line would be 17,888.
Being in the New England, I might or might not suffer from a regional rollout. That didn't seem to happen with the Model Y, but since this is a completely new animal, it might be more like the Model 3 reservations where they started in the vicinity of the factory and gradually rolled it out regionally and nationally. I predict I will get to pick up my Dual Motor in December, 2021. FWIW, the tracker says month 7 for me. But I doubt very much it will take them that long to reach US first night reservations.
I think they'll be at a run rate of >300,000 CT by the end of 2022, and probably over 450k per year by the end of 2024.

SamO | 30 juni 2020

+1 Wormtown Kris

I tried to make a reservation for almost 10 minutes before I could get through. I had to hop off the Hawthorne Design Center wifi due to it being overloaded and it went through via 4G.

andy.connor.e | 30 juni 2020

so far we have anywhere from 200k - 450k cybertrucks per year as estimates. keep em coming

TabascoGuy | 1 juli 2020

Reserved right before Thanksgiving. Looks like my place in line is around 305,000.

I'm hoping that ordering the tri-motor will bump that up a bit.

I would think that with all the experience gained from other models and the head start over other truck manufacturers that they'd start out at 450k a year.

SamO | 1 juli 2020

Add that Cybertruck is incredibly easy to manufacture. No paint. Just flat sheets of stains less arrive. They get etched, bent and welded.

Should be able to ramp quicker than any car ever made. Certainly the fastest Tesla ramp.

andy.connor.e | 2 juli 2020

yes i agree, the ramp should be quick. i know there are more reservations out there people

jjs | 2 juli 2020

I tried to order one the night of the unveil and got 5 instead. Website kept giving an error until the 5th try. Then I got the email confirmations, 1 after another after another. Decided to keep all 5. Seems lots of people I know (family) want one and they like my place in line. :) (17k-25K)

andy.connor.e | 2 juli 2020

Wow you guys are the smart ones. It took me 3 days to come around, and now wishing i was in the 5 digit range. One of the reasons im hoping they decide on at least 200k/yr so that i can actually get mine in 2022. 2 years away man! Its too long!

jlhm | 2 juli 2020

My place is ~3000, can’t wait to get one.

mike.dombrowski | 4 juli 2020

Best way to understand and use the tracker is to start with its Front end web page.

There are adjustment factors and then cancellation assumptions and as we learn more, the delivery estimates will be better. we are also looking for feed back of our methodology.

andy.connor.e | 4 juli 2020

I like my method better where we can track it and see everyones approximate places and see when everyone actually gets the truck. Feel free to leave your RN so we can add you to the list

NKYTA | 4 juli 2020

Who is going to build me a wider garage.

I’m in! ;-)

TabascoGuy | 5 juli 2020

It will be much easier when you pull it into the garage the second time.

Well, maybe less noisy ;-) | 5 juli 2020


NKYTA | 5 juli 2020

@Tabasco, you win! :-)