Model 3 forum open!

cchouston | 13 marts 2016

So......that makes my reservation #1 correct? :)

Silver2K | 13 marts 2016

Your post is not real!

cchouston | 13 marts 2016

@SilverP85plus ---- hah!

Silver2K | 13 marts 2016


Good Job ! :)

Benz | 13 marts 2016

Let's see if I can post a message in the Model 3 discussions section.

lar_lef | 13 marts 2016

If open great- points the way to another step in doing away with gas fueled cars.

carlk | 13 marts 2016


Too early to start a M3 VIN thread? ;)

danCE | 13 marts 2016

Yeah, like 24 months too early! | 13 marts 2016


NKYTA | 13 marts 2016

Let the speculation continue!

J.T. | 13 marts 2016

This Is a small step in almost any other forum but it's a huge leap for Tesla!

Red Sage ca us | 13 marts 2016

YAY, indeed.

AutoCue | 13 marts 2016

First one in Europe is mine.

Second to none that is.

AutoCue | 13 marts 2016

By the way, did you notice it is a plain "3"?

AutoCue | 13 marts 2016

But I am still in love with my S85D. Love hurts.

Madatgascar | 13 marts 2016

But where's the Powerwall forum?

up north | 13 marts 2016

j.T. That was good, for mankind. I started following when EM was on the Jay Leno the first time, when he was on with the ms a few years 2010 I think before the model s release in June of 2012. Only a few more years, can't wait.

Chunky Jr. | 13 marts 2016

Is it too early to start a thread about whether or not it is OK to charge every night?

TesMD | 13 marts 2016

What about a thread about lack of cup holders or coat hooks? Too early?

buickguy | 13 marts 2016

I'm getting a pano on my Model 3 so I can put in my own coat hooks!

Red Sage ca us | 13 marts 2016

No drinking allowed in my car. The coat will be folded and placed in the frunk where it belongs. And the car will likely have a panoramic windshield anyway.


Madatgascar | 14 marts 2016

More likely a thread on the Model S forum: "Why do the Model 3 plebes get coat hooks and cup holders???"

petochok | 14 marts 2016

This thread is not too early for anything. There is a first time for everything, and since no one has yet posted an open letter/complaint about their Model 3 ordering experience, please allow me!

Dear Mr. Musk, I will have reserved my Model 3 on March 31st, 2016. I am writing to express how disappointed I will be in the fact that it will take an obscene amount of time to get the car delivered after my will be reservation time. I would think that paying this much for a car, I will be treated like a king, but not only will your local dealer refuse to give me a good deal, they won't even bother to go back to discuss my price offer with the sales manager! The sales rep will probably mention something to the tune of me not being able to keep all the stuff from my old car (which I will sell to Carmax on my way to your dealership) with me on the lounge couch as I wait while my Model 3 gets its rust proofing applied and gets pulled around the dealership for me to take delivery. I don't know what kind of business you think you are running, but I will be sick and tired of being treated like a teenager waiting to see Star Wars!

Red Sage ca us | 14 marts 2016

Insert Star Trek related FACEPALM meme here:

inconel | 14 marts 2016

How about a discussion on the pros and cons of stock 18" wheels vs. optional 19" ones?

holidayday | 15 marts 2016

Hey, where's the PowerWall Forum? ;)

Ross1 | 20 marts 2016

I won't order until I know if the 2nd row seats fold

eAdopter | 6 april 2016

test, ignore