Conventional vs radical Model 3 design?

Conventional vs radical Model 3 design?

As you may recall, Musk indicated Tesla was considering a radical Model 3 and decided for now to go with a more traditional car.

How radical was the radical idea?
Like, spherical wheels?

(Self-driving) cars that shape-shift into cubes and link into self-assembling trains for drastically increased efficiency?

Chunky Jr. | 25 marts 2016

Maybe they were going for a retro AMC Pacer or Gremlin look.

Chunky Jr. | 25 marts 2016

They may have had a design that could only be done with an EV whose weight was concentrated on the bottom and provided structural rigidity in ways that gas cars could not. If so, they probably realized it would be too hard to manufacture something like that and went with something much more conventional after learning some lessons from Model X.

Tstolz | 25 marts 2016

I'm betting it isn't much different than a smaller MS with the newer nose. It's a nice design afterall and has broad appeal already. I just hope they don't get toooo innovative ... meaning complex.

dd.micsol | 25 marts 2016

It will look like a smaller S but has some more cutting line features to get drag down to .06.
There is a white Tesla in google if you look for tesla model 3 prototype.
That's the car.

PhillyGal | 25 marts 2016

Typo? 0.06 isn't a thing.

DTsea | 25 marts 2016

You will never see a car with a drag coefficient of 0.06.

dd.micsol | 25 marts 2016

I'm talking wind drag. Not drag racing. Maybe that's supposed to be .6. Elon tweeted it months ago.

biggestfan | 25 marts 2016

I read somewhere that Tesla was targeting .20 drag. Seems obtainable. The GM EV1 was .195

Haggy | 25 marts 2016

I haven't done the math but the 0.06 might apply if Elon gets the car to Mars. I think it might end up being closer to 0.006 though. I'm no expert on Mars and have no plans on going until there's a well established supercharger network. And a Denny's. I'm just kidding about the Denny's. | 25 marts 2016

Air friction is proportional the drag coefficient and the effective frontal cross-section of the car. Being 20% smaller than the MS should help reduce the cross-section. Elon's objective of a .20 drag coefficient will be hard to achieve. I hope they don't sacrifice ease of entry and exit for a lower drag coefficient.

Red Sage ca us | 26 marts 2016

I have faith that Elon Musk won't allow Franz Von Holzhausen to come up with a vehicle design that amounts to a 'Tesla Edsel' or 'Tesla Gremlin' that is universally panned by the automotive press worldwide. At the same time, I don't expect to see a boring, generic, ordinary, plain, nondescript vehicle that might as well be called a 'Tesla JustARental'. The Model ≡ will be beautiful, desirable, and attractive at the very least -- not the sort of combination that typically leads to a 'flop'.