The line at SpaceX now moving slowly

The line at SpaceX now moving slowly

Line outside SpaceX now moving for would be astronauts reserving places to go to Mars, bit slower than Model 3.

carlgo | 31 marts 2016

That's because nobody knows if a return ticket is included.

bb0tin | 31 marts 2016

I know you were joking, but Elon has stated that ticket prices will include a return trip.

Ross1 | 31 marts 2016

tut tut

Those who don't make the return trip will be glorious contributors to Musk Co bottom line

Ross1 | 31 marts 2016

those who wait in line are to be rewarded with a small memento for their trouble and loyalty.

or is this the wrong thread?

inconel | 31 marts 2016

It is a one way ticket but it does include a 1 week intensive course on the culture of potatoes.

Mike83 | 31 marts 2016

The potatoes are very organic but remember to bring lots of kestup and duct tape.

Ross1 | 31 marts 2016

It is a different culture up there