OH, NOOO!! Here it is again!

OH, NOOO!! Here it is again!

OH NOOO! It's starting again! This feeling is so eerily similar to the one I had during the six months between my reservation in August of 2012 and my getting the Model S in February of 2013 - that bitter-sweet mix of joyful anticipation and almost unbearable impatience! I got no work done and became an extremely one-sided conversationalist during these six months. Come to think of it, it lasted quite a bit longer than that. Only now, over three years later, have I really regained my full range.
Am I going to suffer a complete relapse? I don't think I can stand to go through this for two years!

Tesla Bahamas | 31 marts 2016

Sounds like you need Addiction Annonymous. :)

Red Sage ca us | 6 april 2016

I think you'll be fine. I've been going through this for around 42 years or so...

adias.angel | 6 april 2016

Haha. This is my first Tesla so it's pretty much all I have talked about for the last week. I think even my husband is starting to get tired of hearing any little update I find. ;)