Folding Second Row Seats

Folding Second Row Seats

Now that is the question

thegute | 1 april 2016

Isn't that how you get a 7 ft surfboard in there?

Ross1 | 1 april 2016

expect so. has to be a hatchback for that too

steveg1701 | 1 april 2016

@Ross not so, I have owned several sedans that had a fold down seat to provide more trunk space

Ross1 | 1 april 2016

But could you get a 7 ft surfboard in the sedan trunk?

JeffreyR | 1 april 2016

I could get one into my Passat. It would obviously need to poke past the trunk, but I guess you knew that already.

Red Sage ca us | 5 april 2016

Yes, the seats fold. In one of the videos of an open trunk, you could see the light shining through at the fold points. Don't worry about it.

PhillyGal | 5 april 2016

I had a loaner Genesis Sedan for a while and purchased this ridiculous 8' pole tree cutter tool with us because the trunk gave way to a folding seat (or maybe it was just the middle part of the seat) and I was able to have the pole sticking through to the cabin.

AlMc | 5 april 2016

@RedSage: Yes, the seats at the reveal fold and most probably will with the production model. However, one can't be 100% sure...IIRC, the prototype X seats folded but on the production X ???? ;)

SUN 2 DRV | 5 april 2016

Elon's tweet said the seats fold and allow transporting a bicycle. Also allow use for sleeping and camping.

AlMc | 5 april 2016

@joehuber: Ditto to my answer to @redSage

Red Sage ca us | 8 april 2016

As I noted elsewhere... The opening behind the seats to the trunk area appears to be supported by a structural support. It is in the area that covers the trunk area beneath the glass. An area that might be called the 'hat shelf' in other sedans. Because of this, and the observed images of the trunk interior, that I am certain the rear seats will fold -- just as they do in Model S and Model X.