Refunds of duplicated reservations?

Refunds of duplicated reservations?

Anyone have any idea on how this will work? I had an error processing payment message on my first reservation and repeated after 16 hours with no confirmation using a different card. Then it told me confirmations can take up to 24hours. So now I have two RN no.s and want to relinquish 1 for refund before I have to pay the credit card.

J.T. | 2 april 2016

Just give me your cc number, name and address and I'll take care of it by the end of business on Monday.

negarholger | 2 april 2016

Why not call Tesla?

gjman7 | 2 april 2016

I have the same problem. I called and their reps just put me through a game of phone tag. I sent a message through their support page and am still waiting on a response.

diegoPasadena | 2 april 2016

Right now is probably their busiest time, and they *never* expected the response they got, so it might take a little longer that you're comfortable with. I'd give it three or four of days. You should still be safely within the billing cycle of your card by the time they refund.

gjman7 | 4 april 2016

I called again today and spoke with someone. They told me they would refund the order that is later in the queue. I haven't gotten any emails confirming this and my tesla page still just shows two orders. I'm a little worried whether they did anything because the person I spoke to didn't even ask me for any information.

Abarshtak | 5 april 2016

any update here? i have the same issue, called in as well, but still have 2 confirmed orders.

Shesmyne2 | 5 april 2016

You can always call the credit card and tell them to honor the first one only.
There will be time stamp on the transaction.

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