Observations on the reveal (not the car)

Observations on the reveal (not the car)

Elon: more poised and confident than in previous events. He connected with the crowd - this seemed to be a better format for him.

Franz: Great to see him, but I wished he would have spoken to the design of the car, instead of just introducing Elon.

Content/style: A little off-handed, especially on some key topics of interest. For example, casual comments on supercharging got everyone parsing words again. The team of attorneys and accountants are probably screaming "You're killing me Elon!!!" On capacity to meet demand: NUMMI used to produce 500,000 cars per year, so Tesla "should" be able to. Come again? Is there at least a space plan?

Glad the event started on time. Hopefully this portends well for sticking to schedules in general.

Chunky Jr. | 3 april 2016

They clearly learned from the Model X intro fiasco.

Tropopause | 3 april 2016

Tesla is growing up fast!

JeffreyR | 3 april 2016

All +1

From the videos of both it seemed like the event was taken a lot more seriously. The big screen behind Elon was a novel approach that seemed to work well. It was pretty clear he had a mirror screen (or actual mirror) where he could see talking points and what was displayed. My "Under Promise, Over Deliver" post (wow, page 5 in less than a day) was well received (by most). And, it seems like Tesla and Elon were thinking along the same lines: keep it simple, be on time, take over the world. Alright that last part I added here.

Red Sage ca us | 3 april 2016

JeffreyR: And the most important part... Don't tell anyone. ;-)

tbouquet: Yes, it was a good showing. I believe that the Model ☰ Reveal Part II will answer all the lingering questions about 'FREE for LIFE' (or not), horsepower ratings, battery pack capacities, etc.

hcwhy | 4 april 2016

I think the cars are a lot more attractive in other pictures I've seen than they were at the reveal .... maybe a better angle, lighting...whatever. But you can't argue with success. I agree that it would have been interesting to hear a bit more from Franz. Elon's tweets... thankfully reported on this forum for those of us who don't 'Twitter"... have been a great follow up.

PhillyGal | 4 april 2016

I don't have any other experience at Tesla events but they really made this event wonderful. I was made to feel very special and every guest/employee looked very happy.

hcwhy | 4 april 2016

@ PhillyGal

I've always felt that way in every interaction I've had with Tesla. But I'm sure that the reveal must have been something very special.

Red Sage ca us | 6 april 2016

hcwhy: Oh, those guys have a lot of work to do... But yeah, if it were up to me, each of these events would be much longer... With presentations from Elon Musk, JB Straubel, and Franz von Holzhausen. I could probably listen to any of the three for hours on end.