Designing other dashboard

Designing other dashboard

I like Tesla as performance and reliability

But I don't know why there is a problem in designing a good looking dash board ?

Setting a screen looks like disk top computer is very bad
It is not an office or a wall to hang a screen like this .

All designers trying to keep the driver looking forward but you instead force him to the middle of the dash board as very old car where the speed was 20km .

Why you don't produce a special screen in dash not like you are collect spare parts from office store ?

Tropopause | 7 april 2016

We must wait for Part 2 Reveal to truly know what Model 3 dash will look like.

Emadsound | 7 april 2016

Even model S the screen not designed to suit a car. Dashboard it can be better as now we have fixable screens and can be rounded edges

I hate having something on dash like third party GBS hanging there .

I can tell that Tesla like this because it is in other models too .

Tropopause | 7 april 2016

This man's (Elon's) other company builds spaceships. Elon hinted at a spaceship like steering wheel cluster/interface. You (and all of us) just might be pleasantly surprised at the Part 2 Reveal.

Red Sage ca us | 7 april 2016

I would rather sit in a car from the future that looks the way I've always thought a proper spaceship would look, instead of an analog for my Granddad's old Buick Limited or a knockoff of a Bentley.

anujasharma19 | 7 april 2016

I like the spaceship look, but give me some physical buttons i can touch without looking at them, and the option to turn the screen OFF when i want to.

Sparky | 7 april 2016

If the DOT won't let them remove the mirrors I doubt that they'll let them ditch the steering wheel. It's going to be a long wait for reveal part 2!

V.travis | 7 april 2016

@sparky Agreed... I really have no idea, but I would guess that a non conventional steering/brake/acceleration control is legal in most states, in the US. I'm very intrigued by the comment from Elon that it will look like a spaceship... Alot are assuming HUd, but that doesn't see, as fault tolerant to me as a car that's going to exceed 5 stars in every safety category needs to be..

Red Sage ca us | 8 april 2016

Actually, he wrote that it would FEEL like a spaceship, didn't he?