Will the "hole in the wall trunk lid" get a spolier

Will the "hole in the wall trunk lid" get a spolier

Is "becomingly" the correct phrase ?

Tropopause | 8 april 2016

Scandinavian determination at its finest. ;)

jordanrichard | 8 april 2016

Ask Tesla. You keep asking questions that no one here can answer or address.

damonmath | 8 april 2016

Since a spoiler is just a 3M taped add on, I can image that if one isn't an option, EVannex will have one eventually.

Red Sage ca us | 8 april 2016

I'm sure that the guys over at Unplugged Performance have something in mind already.

FelixMendeldog | 10 april 2016

God, I hope not. If I wanted a car with plastic crap glued all over it, I’d buy one of those ‘competing’ cars—all of which look like they were designed in a toy factory alongside Tranfomer action figures.

Red Sage ca us | 10 april 2016

Hey, don't look at me...

'In Franz I Trust.'

I've never been a big fan of aftermarket body kits. God, the money my Cousins spent customizing their Nissan Sentras in the early 90s... Just to get a photo spread in 'Sport Compact Car' and win a handful of trophies.