The eventual face of the 3?

The eventual face of the 3?

Will the 3 follow suit with the updated s in the front end department?

I hope so, in this day of chunky monster grills the direction tesla is going is a breath of fresh air.

Sparky | 12 april 2016

I hope not. The 3 looks better even before any final tweaking.

Artjamie | 13 april 2016

who likes the new S front better than the current 3 front? I think the 3 pictures look better.

malcolm.hall1932 | 13 april 2016

Minimal tweaking means maximum schedule and quality performance.

adias.angel | 13 april 2016

@Sparky Agreed. I like the clean look of the current Model 3.

Artjamie | 13 april 2016

not sure why I like the tesla 3 front better than the new S front. Maybe its because the tesla 3 front looks like a sports car Porsche like front to me.

mos6507 | 13 april 2016

From a branding perspective it makes more sense to make all the cars stylistically consistent. The shift of the S points towards Tesla doing this across the board. The front of the 3 is not that different from the new S outside of the missing mustache. So I think it's highly unlikely that they won't put the mustache on the 3.

apeter1972 | 13 april 2016

I absolutely love M3 front end , the more I look at it the more I love it, my only concern is its solidity , will it have some kind of protection from people trying to park in front of it. What do u guys think?

lock123 | 13 april 2016

@mos6507 Agreed, grills define a manufacturers whole lineup. It would totally make sense for the front fascia on the 3 to end up like the X and the new S, the shape is already similar. Personally I think it is sleek and different and find it much more palatable than the current gaping oversized trend in grills that every other manufacturer is moving towards.

Haggy | 13 april 2016

From a marketing standpoint, it makes sense for all cars to be distinctive. As it is, what sets Tesla apart from its competitors is that all Teslas on the road look more or less the same aside from color. Yes, we are beginning to see the Model X show up on the road, but it's hardly a dramatic departure. Other manufacturers have multiple models and ones that have changed over multiple years.

The Model 3 has enough in common that the family resemblance is clear but enough to make it distinctive. I expect minor tweaks, but don't want all my cars to look the same.

Red Sage ca us | 13 april 2016

Quick! Is this an AUDI A4, A5, A6, A7, or A8?

lock123 | 13 april 2016

Uhhhh... its an Audi

bcfireworks | 13 april 2016

Is there another production car that doesn't have some kind of badge on the front or hood? I'm not sure...

lock123 | 13 april 2016

I think a manufacturer is going to be more concerned with a brand specific grill than a model specific grill. overall brand recognition is what's going to drive the success of a car maker.

melburstein | 14 april 2016

I think not having a front grill may take some getting used to. The VW bug doesn't have one.

yongliangzhu68 | 14 april 2016

While or brains expect a grill it is skeuomorphic. Even the 'grill' on the pre last week MS is not a grill but a solid nose cone that just appears to be a grill.

jlgh | 15 april 2016

In countries outside the US, pedestrian injuries are as much of an issue as vehicle occupant injuries. It would be nice if the model 3 was pedestrian friendly which for my money means a low front (more like 911 than Escalade) plus energy absorption at the base of the windshield [my first job was in road accident research]

Haggy | 16 april 2016

It doesn't matter how easily I can identify that particular Audi. It's probably more important to them that I can see the design changes from one year to another, especially when there's a major refresh. I know that the last time I was at an Audi dealership, (under six months ago) I didn't get the feeling that all cars were the same. Some were drastically different.

With Tesla, when you look at a parking lot at a SC, and see a variety of Models X and S, it doesn't feel the same as it did when there were nothing but eSses. You no longer feel like your car is the same as every other car on the road.