"Luxurious suspension" for the Model 3?

"Luxurious suspension" for the Model 3?

Kyle Field's review in Cleantechnica explains that the suspension on the Model X is "luxurious" compared to the Model S. I'd prefer a more luxurious and comfortable suspension in my Model 3. Perhaps the base model could start with this and a firmer suspension included with the higher performance models. Or it could be just one of the options we can select.

dd.micsol | 18 april 2016

If I recall it is an upgrade for sport suspension. I believe Elon mentioned this in a tweet or interview. Now this might change due to quantity of cars he needs to produce. That's all I have or know.

yongliangzhu68 | 18 april 2016

That is a subjective term that is only an opinion without measurements or statistics. Could be the MX uses many of the same suspension parts as the MX. The MX also weighs more and has a higher center of gravity, but I doubt this is the case and the suspension is tuned for each vehicle. | 18 april 2016

Be aware there are multiple different suspensions and tire setups on both the S and the X. I'd only trust a comparison if everything was identical. Perhaps it was, but more likely the S was a performance suspension (for better handling) with low-profile tires, and the X was normal suspension with normal tires. Also unknown (since there is no reference to the article) is if both vehicles had the optional air suspension system or if one has air and the other had coils.

Very likely the 3 will have multiple options as well and you can pick something more towards comfort or more towards handling (although both should be quite good).

jordanrichard | 18 april 2016

denkav 1, one's "luxurious" ride is another's too mushy or at the other end, too taunt.

dd, there is no sport suspension per se' on any Tesla. There is the coil suspension and air suspension. Now, compared to the air suspension, the coil set up is more "sporty" I suppose because it IMHO is better in the turns.

Also, you can bet your $1,000 deposit, the air suspension will be an option on the M≡.

denkav2 | 18 april 2016

The link to the story is:
Go down to heading "Luxurious Ride"

Haggy | 18 april 2016

There have been many posts about this for the Model S, and the consensus seems to be that those who have the coil suspension like it, and those who have the air suspension like it. I don't think there are many who think they made a major mistake by not getting one over the other.

Whenever I get a loaner, it has air suspension and I have one now. I like the air suspension, and appreciate it when I drive it. But whenever I get my car back, I don't feel a let down. The coil suspension handles nicely, and the only time I wish I had the air is when I'm driving down I5 on a 400 mile trip, over boring straight roads that have been beaten up by trucks. I'm not saying I would object to it the rest of the time.

Tesla doesn't make a bad suspension. It's a bit like arguing what's the best ice cream flavor.

Tâm | 20 april 2016


What we need is "Magneto Rheological Fluid Shock Absorber"

archvillain | 20 april 2016

I have the magnetic smart suspension on my car and I'd definitely like the option on a Tesla. I don't know how much energy it actually uses but it doesn't noticeably impact mileage on ICE cars.

Though it seems a pity that even in the best case where it became an option, we'd still have to choose between adjustable ride height (air suspension) and high performance (magnetic suspension). I'd like the adjustable ride height, but I'd also like to keep the magnetic.

jordanrichard | 20 april 2016

denkav1, in your OP the inference was that the MX had a more luxurious suspension than the MS. When in fact the owner cited in the article was comparing an air ride suspension vehicle to a coil suspension vehicle. So obviously the air ride will feel more luxurious. It has nothing to do with the vehicle.