Tesla dealer in Romania

Tesla dealer in Romania


Romanian government offers around 5000 euro for any car you buy that's full electric,
but you have to buy it from an romanian dealer.
When will Tesla establish a dealer in this country?

Thank you for your time!

DTsea | 21 april 2016

There are no tesla dealers. Just tesla owned stores.

AndreiS | 21 april 2016

Hello Sorin,

How do you know that the government offer applies only to vehicles bought from Romania? Did not see that mentioned anywhere.


cosmin.tirlea | 5 september 2018


Sorin is right. I have asked the institution which takes care of this law and we can only use the discount on Romanian dealers. And actually the discount is 10k $ for electric car. So, give the fact we are in 2018, Tesla has any plan to make a shop in Romania? Also, if you are working with dealers right now, maybe we can get in touch and help you establish an official shop in Romania.

Best regards,

DTsea | 5 september 2018

Tesla still doesnt work with dealers.

laduqu | 26 september 2018

O boy i also want model 3 we get from the government 10 k Euro
...we are forgotten by everyone? :(

DaRcK_0nE | 10 november 2018

I hope Tesla will get a dealer in Romania before Nissan Leaf e-plus will hit the market.... I will love to get a Tesla car but if i can't use the discount that is my best next solution.... in fact on that 10k Euro you can add aprox. 1k - 1.5k euro from Rabla program. I really really hope in until mid 2019 will have a very nice surprise from your part... I wish you all the best.

DaRcK_0nE | 14 november 2018


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DavidDJ | 17 november 2018

Well Good luck .. hope the service when you needed is better than what they are dishing out .... out here in USA especially in California .... they .... we are in BIG TROUBLE

DaRcK_0nE | 21 november 2018

Well will see. First will need a dealer... :))

EM34ME | 22 november 2018

I love Romania! Beautiful country! I understand that a lot of the old buildings in central Bucharest have been restored to their original glory since I last visited. Visited Vlad the Impalers' (Dracula) castle in Transylvania on Halloween night a few years ago and lived to tell about it!

I hope you can get a Tesla store in Bucharesti. Tesla would be perfect for driving through the mountains of Transylvania. Buena suerte.

seifhd | 22 november 2018


DaRcK_0nE | 3 december 2018

Gracias. :)

DaRcK_0nE | 4 december 2018


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drey | 1 maj 2019

Anyone has any updates on this and when expansion to Eastern Europe / Romania will happen? 10k Euro incentive for electric cars in Romania is very attractive.

DaRcK_0nE | 4 maj 2019