Delayed again

Delayed again

Last week- we are very confident your car will come by end of month. We guarantee it by the 7th of May but more than likely it's by April 30th.

Today- no chance you are going to get it by the 30th. May 7th - probably unlikely as well.

Dang- this has become the roller coaster ride of a lifetime. Wishing I would have cancelled long ago and bought something else. 8 months after the bogus launch event in September.

Oh well - atleast I will beat vperl.

aesculus | 22 april 2016

Hold on. Just a few weeks more. The rear seats really screwed everything up. I think we can forgive them on that one. I do.

vperl | 22 april 2016

Soci, you traitor.

Thought you were above picking on me, your hurt my feeling.

Yes, feeling. I have but one. It is destroyed, beyound repair.

AlMc | 22 april 2016

@socalsam: Sorry to hear and I understand your frustration. You have waited so long, through several delays, but I would just hang in there at this point.

*fingers crossed*

vperl | 22 april 2016

Soci, no Jim Jones cool aid, buck up .

socalsam | 22 april 2016

I'll still buy you a beer vperl! You my boy blue!

socalsam | 22 april 2016

It's been tough sharing cars. In hindsight- a one year lease on a beater last fall would have made the most sense. But alas- I trusted Elon thinking the car was "coming soon".

I know the end is in sight but just frustrating.

On another note- I've decided that I'm going to lease the car instead of purchasing. With all these issues that are surfacing, in 3 years tesla can have the car back. I don't trust the long term reliability of the X. Don't want to be dealing with probelemaric falcon doors after the warranty runs out.

AlMc | 22 april 2016

@socalsam: IF the X configuration that can replace our ICE SUV comes available I will also lease. Some for the reliability issues but mostly because in 3 years a bigger battery and AP 2.0 will certainly become available.

socalsam | 22 april 2016

I never lease. But seeing all these issues- no way I want to own this car forever. It will be teslas headache in a few years.

jpcompetello | 22 april 2016

Good point on leasing....may consider and not cancel which I had in mind.

jjs | 22 april 2016

@vperl I thought you had 5 feelings?

socalsam | 22 april 2016

@jjpcompetello- Thought about cancelling many times. I'm sure the car will be great once I get it but pretty much will never plan on depending on tesla timelines in the future. Worse mistake ever to believe that when they say car is coming soon- that it's actually coming. Add 6 months to given timeline.

vperl | 22 april 2016

Nope, my singular feeling was crushed, destroyed by Soci.

socalsam | 22 april 2016

Come on vperl- suck it up. Your car is coming "soon"

Triggerplz | 22 april 2016

Snake You need to be a man. Man up!!! be a man about it stop being whimpy about your feelings... awww her feelings are hurt..Passing Vperi a tissue

socalsam | 22 april 2016

Dude trigger- harsh.

Did I miss something or is there some drama here?!?!

Ankit Mishra | 23 april 2016

You will get your car by June end. Tesla has been acting in a predictable way for sometime. They use the time of beginning of a quarter to improve X and make deliveries in the last month. So, if your estimated delivery date was in Q2, you will get your car around Mid May - June end. These deliveries won't have the recent problems like door latching etc. IMHO.

AlMc | 23 april 2016

@socalsm: Yes, all will be well. No more delays. Everything at the factory is moving well. Improving all the time in predictable fashion.

How do I know this? TM has been very predictable in the past. ;)

socalsam | 23 april 2016

Ankit- go away!!!!

freaking June!! and you call this predictable!

seriously go away!

elguapo | 23 april 2016

@socalsam Nothing can really be said. It's infuriating that TM is 6+ months into "production" and there's still no reliable way to know your delivery date and we've all been told cars aren't built in VIN order, which makes no sense.

That said, you will be thrilled with it when it finally does arrive. It's a great car, but admittedly, as an owner, they totally over engineered it.

Sorry you've got wait so long. Your DS should never have promised anything and they should know better than that. Under promise, over perform.

Bottom line - it's a great car, but their communication is horrendous. I don't know how Amazon can tell me where my order is exactly though it may move through multiple third parties and TM can't figure it out even though it's all under their roof and shipping time is know. Only guess is the zillions of parts they order are not coming in a predictable way and holding things up - but Elon said that wasn't an issue.

vperl | 23 april 2016

Where can I insert a LOL

socalsam | 23 april 2016

I have no interest in inserting an LOL - This clown has been saying the same thing for 9 months - ramp up coming soon!!!

While those of us who actually need the damn car sit around waiting and waiting.

eric.zucker | 23 april 2016

Wow. Lots of tension guys. We're all a little edgy - understandably so. Still this tension isn't good, it doesn't help, and it won't change anything. Lets wind down, relax, take a deep breath.

I've reserved Jan 2015, first deliveries were planned for June, then September, then hoping for year-end, etc. I actually sold my Q7 September 1st, hoping to have a MX by year end. Now it's early summer, and there is a little substance to that as I now have a VIN as of this morning. Sort of on track with an early summer delivery. Or September. Even December maybe. Something is progressing.

I agree it isn't fair, some people who reserved long ago are still waiting, and some who got in recently got their cars quickly. The radio silence is hardest on us, I've mentioned often that the lack of communication and visibility is unbelievable.

We're talking about cars here - we rely on them to get us to work on time every morning. We trust our wives and kids lives to our cars. We're talking about a considerable financial investment, and some cannot afford to have other cars as backup. It will be even more acute with Model 3 - customers need to be able to plan when to sell their current car or lease, secure financing towards the Tesla, install charging equipment, etc.

I perfectly understand that the assembly line cannot be left idle waiting for parts, that grouping similar orders is more efficient, that producing the highest profit ones first makes financial sense. I have no problem with out-of-order production. As long as we have information that lets us organize, plan, prepare, and act accordingly.

Please Tesla, please improve communication channels, please do bring quality and reliability up to the level that such an engineering marvel deserves. You cannot afford to spend that much time on rework fixing issues, changing parts, seals, seats, windshields, etc. We cannot afford to bring the cars over and over again to the service center even if we get a loaner, and get sympathy and a great smile, wasting half a day for the round trip is time we really don't have. It's more efficient to do things right the first time. The benefit to the brand image is enormous.

PJJAVA | 23 april 2016

So well said Eric! Really hope someone at Tesla reads this.

AlMc | 23 april 2016

@PJJAVA: TM does have someone(s) read this and TMC. Many people, myself included, have received calls/emails based on their postings. It is one of the few ways that TM 'hears' and reacts to concerns or compliments about their services, products and strategies.

socalsam | 23 april 2016

Its official- Im leasing. application done. Dont trust this first gen car long term. Tesla can deal with faulty falcon doors in 3 years when I turn the car back to them.

eric.zucker | 23 april 2016

@Socalsam: Can't blame you. I believe the disappointed people are much more vocal than those who have no issues, and I'm betting the car will be fine. Tesla has been very good at solving issues for me so I'll give them my trust and support.

socalsam | 23 april 2016

Very true Eric- I thought I was frustrated in November when there was zero information. In December I thought I was really frustrated. Then February - man oh man- couldn't get more frustrated right? And then March, April, and we are now almost into May.

And now to have the troll come on and say hey- all is good- your car will be here in June- geez- enough is enough!

aesculus | 23 april 2016

@socalsam: Its official- Im leasing. application done. Dont trust this first gen car long term. Tesla can deal with faulty falcon doors in 3 years when I turn the car back to them.

Sounds like a good and prudent strategy.

elguapo | 23 april 2016

@socalsam I remember talking about delivery dates with you 3 months ago. Leasing was a good choice for now.

I'd be apoplectic were I you. Frankly, I would probably have walked away by now, even if it cost me $5k.

socalsam | 23 april 2016

It is what it is......

Ankit Mishra | 23 april 2016

Please don't make personal attacks. No one is responsible for your misery except you. You have been justifying your ugliness in a delusional way that you have been wronged and hence can insult others. You are the problem.

eric.zucker | 23 april 2016

Ankit didn't you just suggest to refrain from personal attacks?

Can you grasp the level of frustration we have been going through? I don't believe so, seeing some of your latest comments.

Ankit Mishra | 23 april 2016

Please don't be so biased. Just look at what @socalsam has written above. And what was your response? And you are schooling me? I don't like spreading negativity but I don't like to treated badly too. My response was civilised.
Are you suggesting that because you guys were waiting, you can treat people badly? I only posted a timeline which I believed this person will get his car. Does my post required this kind of negativity?
Kindly reflect on your post. You are schooling the wrong person here just because his opinions might be different or he doesn't own a car.

socalsam | 23 april 2016

Ankit- please go away.

Pretty please- with a cherry on top.

go away.

vperl | 23 april 2016

Schooling her, Yes
She is only interesed here, as a Tesla Apologist.

eric.zucker | 23 april 2016

Ankit, your contributions are heavily biased too. I regret that you do not bring more arguments forward, there is matter of civilized debate, with or without skin in the game. I will even say I am very interested in how Tesla and Musk are perceived outside of our circle of followers.

We need your opinion, your assessment of the adequacy of a Tesla in your community, not a rosy and blind naive support of everything Elon Musk does, however brilliant he may be.

Please do bring forward your opinions. Please contribute to the discussions here. Please also respect our plight. A little empathy.

Jama | 23 april 2016

Does this mean we can all thank our lucky stars that from now one you will deprive all of us from sharing your inner feelings?

socalsam | 23 april 2016

I regret that the same person who back in October was telling me that the ramp up was coming soon and that cars were going to be delivered any day now is telling me that the 4000th car roughly by vin number (my vin) is going to be delivered in June- a full 8 months later-

Yes- lots of regrets......

Jama | 23 april 2016


Like everything else with Tesla, their frequent communication is also "coming soon".

Ankit Mishra | 23 april 2016

I am here in spite of having no attachments or personal gains related to Tesla. It's because I respect what Elon is doing. But even after that so called bias, I have criticised Tesla on many occasions. You are ignoring that. I am here because Tesla is doing great things. I don't support Tesla out of some blind faith as some of you suggest. Let's talk about this thread to be able come to a conclusion instead of making sweeping remarks.
I don't need your regrets. You are fine with personal attacks as "tension" "edgy, understandbly". And you go on to judge me when I am defending my respect. Please spare me from your questionable application of morality.
You can call my posts as blind faith or whatever, atleast I don't insult others or be chum- chum with those who do.
I respect your plight. I only posted my interpretation to help people. Go tell this to people who are actually disrespectful to others.

Ankit Mishra | 23 april 2016

I might have said so in October, but I took it back and accepted Q4 as a delay of 3 months. But, I have always said that you will get car late as you have 12xxx reservation number. And what's up with this "ramp up"? Don't you consider the deliveries made in last quarter as ramp up?

Eracer | 23 april 2016

I learned a lot from this forum.
1. don't ask your DS when your X will be delivered because nobody knows.
2. expect it to be very, incredibly late, otherwise you will go nuts.
3. follow theese rules and you will be happy without a Kia.

socalsam | 23 april 2016

@ankit- I have a vin of 42xx.

Can you please define "late" for me.

actually don't.

MyXinTx | 23 april 2016

"Coming Soon".... HAHA.

I am still waiting for the official reason why the 2nd row seats don't fold, not that it's gonna change my forced acceptance of that act of treason.

Currently, I blame it on the FWDs, since I conjured up the theory that if the seatbelts were attached to the B-pillar like most other vehicles, then a 5 Star Safety rating would be possible with folding 2nd row seats...but coming from the seat itself risks a latch malfunction, thus no 5 Star rating...

Yes, in the absence of the truth, our minds can be very creative.

AlMc | 23 april 2016

@Socalsam: It is late in April and the votes have been coming in all month....but....You do have the chance at something by the end of April: *Thread of the Month* ;)

Ankit Mishra | 23 april 2016

You have posted so much about civility. Yet, you knowingly/unknowingly seem to encourage bad behavior. Also, you declared that you would be ignoring my posts but you have been making veiled disapproving comments at me for a considerable amount of time. Was all that talk just a pretense?

AlMc | 23 april 2016

@ankit: Sorry you feel that way. Only you can make yourself miserable. If I have offended you, I am sorry. You are correct that I would prefer not to engage in any conversations with you. IMO, they are pointless.

Reason; Pretty much all your posts are the same. Any criticism of TM is unwarranted. Any frustration expressed by actual reservation holders or owners of the vehicles is met wit a 'Bobby Darren song lyric 'Don't worry, be happy' attitude/post.

You are certainly entitled to express those opinions on an open forum. Don't let anything I post bother you.

I have tried to not engage you in any conversation directly for a long time now and hope that this will be our last interaction.

Please feel free to have the last word.


vperl | 23 april 2016

Eracer, you Sir are a Genius.

sandycraft50 | 24 april 2016

Tesla has shown no respect for the buyer of the x. We had a deal I would order before 11 march and Tesla would deliver on or before 31 march. I kept my part of the deal they did not, now they want to keep my 5,000. Sorry way to do business.

aesculus | 24 april 2016

@Daytrade71: You have a document that states that, not just an email that states they expect to deliver your car before March 31st?

What if they ran into a problem, let's say a seat that did not work and would be a safety problem for you and your family, and could not resolve it within the timeframes you quoted, that would not be a good excuse why they might miss that deadline? And how much time should you give them to create, let's say about 2700 seats, for all the cars that they have produced, most of which are currently on the road and either cannot be driven with greater than 4/5 passengers or pose a potential safety risk and liability to Tesla if they do and fail?

If the above scenario is not real and you do have a written contract as you imply, then I think you have a valid complaint and should take them to court and get your $5,000 back.