Loaning your car

Loaning your car

In a massive attack of rare geneorousity I agreed to loan my neighbors 18 y/o son my Tesla Model S for Senior Prom.
I thought it probably wouldn't happen anyway. Well I was reminded today that prom is two weeks away.

What steps should I take to ensure the car's safety. Should I put it in Valet Mode for the evening ? Should I make certain his parents have enough insurance to cover damage to the vehicle, property and life ? What type of driving preparation (lessons) should I have with him.? This is a kid who is very bright but easily drives his car up onto the curb when he parks.

Any experiences from others who have loaned there car to a teenager ? OMG!

I can't go back on my don't suggest that.

rharris | 30 april 2016

I feel very sorry for the poor decision you have made.

compchat | 30 april 2016

Karma, neh ?

frankie.fingers | 30 april 2016

I'm trying to think of something clever to say, but I'm so shocked that I'm speechless,

peter.chastain | 30 april 2016

I am not a lawyer, but don't think his parents' insurance covers your car. Talk with your insurance agent.

thepuffypuff | 30 april 2016

Just be the chauffer and designated driver. You fulfill your promise, everyone is safe, neighbor can focus on more important business in the back seat, and you get to cruise around in your S all night without stressing out. I'm in a problem solving mood.

Anthony J. Parisio | 30 april 2016

thepuffpuff. +1. This is the best idea. Do it up dress the part of a chauffeur. You can use the excuse and it may be true that your insurance may not cover him driving the car.

hcwhy | 30 april 2016

How about loaning it to him to pick up his date and go to the prom...then you take the car he usually drives and swap it out (gotta love the location ability on the phone)t. That would greatly lessen the opportunity for trouble and the amount of time you're pacing the floor. And you're keeping your promise to "take the Tesla to the prom"'.

hcwhy | 30 april 2016

PS Let him know you'll be watching his speed etc. from your phone while he's in possession of the car.

sbeggs | 30 april 2016

@thepuffypuff's idea is fantastic. Go for it! You have told us the facts - he is likely to drive it up on a curb. With the prom excitement, far worse could happen to your car. Protect it, and the teenagers' lives, too!

Anthony J. Parisio | 30 april 2016

sbeggs +!

thepuffypuff | 30 april 2016

To an 18/yo boy this should be an upgrade to the original idea (back seat is key). Arriving in model S will stand out compared to the standard limo. All the parents involved will probably stress less too.

robert_ferrara | 30 april 2016

valet for sure

if your going to go through with it i would give him driving lessons first so he can get used to how it feels and there are no "oops" that could have been avoided

ps, have his parents talk him out of taking you up on it as they probably don't want the liability.

all else fails.... pay for a nice car service to take them

SbMD | 30 april 2016

@thepuffypuff and @sbeggs +1
If they balk at the idea,then they can politely decline your kind offer. If they ask why, you could make the following point: It isn't the best situation to have a young driver behind the wheel of a powerful car they are unfamiliar with, especially when there is a higher risk during prom of others driving drunk and distracted on the road. There are issues of safety, potential insurance issues, and others.

@compchat, you know your car much better than they do and would fare better than they will under such circumstances.

tes-s | 30 april 2016

Just relax and let him drive it, as long as his parents are ok with it.

jordanrichard | 30 april 2016

I would change the offer to chauffeuring him and his date.

I never really understood why kids rent limos to proms, if their intent is to impress people. It isn't like everyone is standing outside waiting to see who pulls up in what.

Not Ready for P... | 30 april 2016


My 19 year old daughter backed her car into the front of my car. Smashing the headlight and driver front quarter panel. She was in a hurry to get to a nail appointment. She came in the house, gave me a peck on the cheek, said "Sorry, but I have to go".

Mathew98 | 30 april 2016

Yep, huff, puff, and beg the youngster to stay in the back seat with his date and no hanky panky during the ride.

neilhamrin | 30 april 2016

In the 1960's I let my younger brother my new corvette for prom with the understanding he would treat it as still being broken in. Years later he told me "are you nuts? Of course I drove it hard, what did you expect of an 18 yo.? "

Having said that, my present attitude is stop worrying and let him take the car, wish him a great evening. Help him make it memorable.

Manny13z | 30 april 2016

As a parent of a 14 year old. I would never allow him to ask a neighbor for such a favor, and if he did a good slapping around is in order. Now, the chauffeur idea I believe would be your smartest option.

buchholtz3 | 30 april 2016

No matter what he promises you, will he really be able to resist showing off a bit in a kick-ass car? Likely not. If you don't chauffeur, then find some Xanax until you get your car back. I'd need double-strength....

robgorman | 30 april 2016

You sir, are an idiot.

Run4Waffles | 30 april 2016

A) You said yes for a reason. He must have done things to warrant your respect. You said he was a smart kid. Take him on some driving lessons, put it in valet mode, let him know about the app and the energy graph. This assumes your insurance company says OK.

B) IF your insurance company says no, get dressed up for the part, open doors and take them the long way and for pictures.

If the driving lessons don't make you feel comfortable, talk it up and go to plan B.

Plan C) it wasn't a good decision and lie about the insurance and do plan B.

frankie.fingers | 30 april 2016

@R4W - in the original post, he said "This is a kid who is very bright but easily drives his car up onto the curb when he parks." That alone would have made me Run4TheHills. (See what I did there?) :)

jordanrichard | 30 april 2016

are there waffles on that there hill.....:-)

Run4Waffles | 30 april 2016

Do you know his date? Is she on the wilder side? You don't want him to be encouraged. You better drive.

Then take them for a barrel roll.

Run4Waffles | 30 april 2016

That was good frank and jordan. GRIN

I didn't miss that point. But compchat did when he said yes.

Tropopause | 30 april 2016

Were you drunk when you made this offer?!?

My first suggestion is to say, "No."
My second suggestion is to say, "Hell no!"

Bighorn | 30 april 2016

Is his mom a MILF?

alnrench2 | 30 april 2016

I sure hope you are loaning him a P90D with Ludicrous Mode . My car is just a regular Model S so I usually just let the kids around here play with explosives and automatic weapons......; )
Good luck......I do hope all turns out well.

alnrench2 | 30 april 2016

Here's an idea....if he does actually use your car, make sure you monitor everything with your PHONE APP....battery, speed, location, windows and sunroof, let him know he's being "watched".

T34Bravo | 30 april 2016

Wow. I've literally seen two year olds with access to forks and electrical outlets make better life decisions than this. I think you need to call YOUR insurance to make sure you're appropriately covered in any eventuality. I'm pretty risk averse by nature and the amount you're hanging your a$$ over the ledge on this is pretty epic.

Mathew98 | 30 april 2016

Dudes, give @OP a break. I would personally not pimp out my mistress to anyone else. But I'm selfish by nature.

Perhaps he is lining up brownie points for a potential randevú with a MILF...
Perhaps he is living vicariously through this boy...
Perhaps he installed cabin video cams to live stream all illicit activities...
Perhaps he has money to burn and ran out of ideas after lighting up cigarettes with $100 bills...
Perhaps he needs an excuse to upgrade to the latest P90DL...

You get the idea...

NKYTA | 30 april 2016

Check for smudges on the headliner when you get it back.

SCCRENDO | 30 april 2016

I wouldn't lend my car to my own 26 year old son never mind the neighbor's 18 year old. I would ask the same question as Bighorn. Is there a MILF involved? Otherwise I would suggest see a shrink or ask McLary for his input.

Haggy | 30 april 2016

I'd suggest installing VisibleTesla on your computer if you don't have it already. Show it to him, and pull up a map of a recent trip. Show him how you can tell every foot of where the car was, and show him the graphs that show you the speed, how hard it was accelerating, how much regen and everything else. You can say it all as if your purpose is to show the cool things you can do with the software and the car, but I think he'll get the message that you will have a record of where he went or whether he ever floored it.

You can decide on your own about valet mode. You'd probably be doing his date a favor if you turn it on.

As for insurance, I had a car totaled by my son's girlfriend. My insurance covered the damage, but the accident went on her record. I'm sure that if she currently has a car or a license or both, her rates aren't low. For the record, I didn't lend her the car or give her permission.

Whether or not you made a wise decision isn't for me to say. Keep in mind that while insurance might cover things, it might not cover the three months that you are without a car if it ends up in a body shop. If he's the type who would be careful not to get a speck of dust on it out of fear of damaging it, you'll probably be fine. But I don't know him, so don't hold me to that.

compchat | 30 april 2016

Let the kid test drive the car after showing him everything. He actually did a great job and picked things up right away. I'm just going to let him drive it. BTW his mother is a MILF but that's not why I let him have the car for prom. I do have a Tesla forward facing camera which hasn't been delivered yet. It's suppose to be easily attachable. Anyone have experience with it ?

compchat | 30 april 2016

(forgot to add code)

thepuffypuff | 1 maj 2016


douglasstuckey | 1 maj 2016

The piano (OP) has been drinking.

Bighorn | 1 maj 2016

Nailed it!

MoCowbell | 1 maj 2016

Im trying to wrap my head around what possessed you to do this. Let's just say this seems like a poor idea.

Mathew98 | 1 maj 2016

@Bighorn - It or her?

SbMD | 1 maj 2016

@compchat -still very nice of you to do this. Since you've brought this up here, seems fair game to ask why you offered your car to this young man for their prom. Like the others have similarly said, never in a million years would I do this except for situations that were supremely unique. You need not feel compelled to explain yourself, but just curious.

Run4Waffles | 1 maj 2016

@compchat - I'm very impressed with your decision. You will touch this young man's life in ways you will not know. Take him a a few more lessons to make both of you more at ease.

EESROCK | 1 maj 2016

Make sure to tell him to be careful about parking the front bumper over curb stops (raise the suspension if needed), and tell him where you prefer to park the car. If you normally park far away from other cars to avoid door dings, the kid should fo the same.

compchat | 1 maj 2016


Like I said it didn't seem like a big deal at the time. Then I thought about the amount of time and trouble I had with two minor small fender benders (see my geico posts on this forum). It's really not a financial concern but more of a hassle factor should something go amiss. I didn't think I'd receive the amount of negative comments aimed by way yet they all seem legitimate concerns. No deep seated motive nor expectation of reward.

I guess I am, under the gruff exterior, still a nice guy (whose lost most of his marbles).

I will set it to valet mode and track his speeds. Need to see how he does on the freeway at night.
I'm not driving them, that would ruin his night and mine.

SCCRENDO | 1 maj 2016

@Bighorn and myself are still convinced it's the MILF.

jlcichocki | 2 maj 2016

At first I thought you were a bit crazy, although I could see your heart was definitely in the right place (MILF or not). If I was an 18 yo kid again, it would probably be the highlight of my life. Prom can be one of those memorable life events, and a Tesla will surely seal the deal. I agree with @run4waffles, it will probably have a profound impact on his young life. Maybe not realized for a few years, but nonetheless a powerful life moment. Hopefully, it will inspire him to pay it forward with another young man in the future.

Kudos to you Sir!!!


SbMD | 2 maj 2016

@compchat - thanks for the reply. It is a nice gesture. It is your car and you can certainly do with it as you please, no matter what anyone says, including GEICO :-)

Mathew98 | 2 maj 2016

The new Geico commercial will be "That 15 minutes loaner will cost you 50%!"