Upgrade to Smart Air to get sooner delivery date.

Upgrade to Smart Air to get sooner delivery date.

Got a call from Telsa, If I upgrade to Smart Air it will bump me to a june/july delivery on a 75d 7 seater.
Would you do it?

lilbean | 8 maj 2016


wang5150 | 8 maj 2016

Sigh. They promised April delivery for 75D upgrading to 90D and still no VIN assignments. Now, they're trying the Air Suspension upgrade to get earlier delivery.

Polybius | 8 maj 2016

Yep, Found out a couple of other things will start threads on them.

lilbean | 8 maj 2016

We need this company to survive otherwise we will be left with bricks.

TonyInNH | 8 maj 2016

At this point you should take any delivery estimates from Tesla with a grain of salt. It's your money, but 2500 seems like a lot for "express" delivery.

alik.kassner | 8 maj 2016

@ Tony: They are offering the Smart Air for $1,250, not $2,500.

I took it, because I thought it was good value at 50% of the usual cost. And of course the earlier delivery date (whenever that will be) would not hurt either, I guess.

elguapo | 8 maj 2016

Yes, upgrade. Not for delivery date, but for use. You will use it and it is a useful option to have - even if you use it only once, you'll be grateful you didn't scratch your $100,000 car.

As for delivery date, be patient. Many (perhaps you) have waited four years and still have no X. There really isn't anything you can do to speed up delivery, despite what TM may say.

wang5150 | 8 maj 2016

I agree, stop telling people that if they upgrade, then they get earlier delivery... this just creates tension among those still waiting for their Model X... just waive the change fee for people still not assigned VINs that want to ADD options.

Polybius | 9 maj 2016

I am a former "gear head" and know what happens to airbag suspensions over time. Unless its a forever warranty on them, I am going to pass.

brando | 9 maj 2016

Nothing forever. Materials are constantly improving and Elon would tend to use the best, don't you think??

4 year 50,000 miles - and what is the cost of warrantee extention? was $4,000?
Deadline is ?? 30 days before 4 years are up?
reminder battery and power train are 8 years unlimited miles already.

DarthB | 9 maj 2016

I thought everything is June delivery if you order now? ;)

Polybius | 10 maj 2016

@darthb June 2015!

pvetesla | 10 maj 2016

I have till Friday to make the decision as supposedly it will go into production.
70D (75D) 2/27 confirmation date.

TonyInNH | 10 maj 2016

So you have a VIN? Haven't seen too many 75D's slated for production...

any actually

wang5150 | 10 maj 2016

I hope you're right, but those 75Ds that paid the upgrade to 90Ds in the previous up-sell campaign still haven't gotten VIN assignments and they were told to expect delivery in April if they upgraded.

lilbean | 10 maj 2016

I hope that means they will be perfect when you get them. I hope your doors suck. My doors aren't sucking tightly enough to close. And I just got it back from the SC.

wang5150 | 10 maj 2016

Totally read that wrong... thought "suck" was meant in a bad way.

lilbean | 10 maj 2016

Sorry wang, i was trying to be funny. Fail. Lol.

pvetesla | 10 maj 2016


No vin yet. Just a deadline of this Friday to take the 1/2 off deal so they can put it into production. Not sure what that means but as soon as I have a vin I will let you know. I took the deal plus added the tow package.

gfb107 | 10 maj 2016

I haven't been called.

Model X 75D | Solid White | 20" Silver | 6 Black Leather seats | Black Headliner | Matte Obeche | AutoPilot | Acc Hitch
Reserved 2014/06/01 #10320 | Ordered 2015/12/28 | Confirmed 2016/01/04 | VIN not assigned

Polybius | 12 maj 2016

It would be interesting to see if anyone gets pushed into production.

jrichey | 12 maj 2016

I just got a call as well today from corporate Tesla sales. Was told July delivery if I upgrade, otherwise September for 75D 6 seater...

TonyInNH | 12 maj 2016

Sucks for me if your getting Sept for the 6 seater. I'm getting the 5 seater so end of year would be a blessing :(

vperl | 12 maj 2016

Nope 30 February 2017 Model X five seaters delivery

Trust me

Be Happy
Don't worry

Leeeb31 | 12 maj 2016

@jrichey Whats your Model X configuration/location? I'm just wondering because other people have been told August

jrichey | 13 maj 2016

Sure, very basic honestly. Black 70, now 75D, 20" standard wheels, autopilot, tan leather, obeche wood, weather package, accessory hitch. Reserved 2/29/16, confirmed 3/18/16. I take what she says with a lot of salt. In reading all the forums and everyone's experience, I honestly don't believe her timing. What I do think will happen is getting my X by Sept with the air suspension. Without it, my guess is hopefully by Christmas time for my original order. I just can't believe any dates that Tesla gives and thus why I think adding your own buffer to what they quote you makes the most sense.

gfb107 | 13 maj 2016

Got the call yesteday, but didn't get the message until too late. Will be calling today, still not sure what I'm going to do.

Model X 75D | Solid White | 20" Silver | 6 Black Leather seats | Black Headliner | Matte Obeche | AutoPilot | Acc Hitch
Reserved 2014/06/01 #10320 | Ordered 2015/12/28 | Confirmed 2016/01/04 | VIN not assigned

Polybius | 16 maj 2016

@gfb107 you can still upgrade.
I upgraded mine, because in 8 years we should be interstellar by then

carlk | 17 maj 2016

Air suspension is actually very nice. Not only that you will be able to adjust ride height on the fleight it also provide more supple ride than coil. It's one of the more worthwhile options imo.

pvetesla | 17 maj 2016

Good to hear about SAS. I upgraded and added towing. Hoping to see a vin# soon. And by soon I mean now!!!

Polybius | 23 maj 2016

Suspect there are a few big upgrades coming. Hope to get a

aesculus | 23 maj 2016

You would think with the CEO of NVIDIA getting a Founders X, we would get some love back :-)

gfb107 | 24 maj 2016

My acceptance of the SAS upgrade for $1250 is now reflected in my vehicle configuration shown at "My Tesla"

jrichey | 24 maj 2016

Mine is also reflecting the SAS upgrade @gfb107

wang5150 | 24 maj 2016

TMC site is now reporting those 75D orders that upgraded are now getting VIN assignments as well. Progress!

wang5150 | 24 maj 2016

ModelXTracker site is also showing VINs for 75Ds.

TonyInNH | 24 maj 2016

Not for 5 seaters I bet.

wang5150 | 24 maj 2016

Pretty sure no 5 seat configs has VIN assignments yet. Someone on TMC site had said their DS informed them of additional crash testing was required for 75D coil and 5 seat configs so it has delayed the production queue of those variants.

TonyInNH | 24 maj 2016

I was told Sept for the 5 seaters, we'll see how that plays out.

gfb107 | 24 maj 2016

I got my VIN today! 088xx

gfb107 | 24 maj 2016

I got my VIN today! 088xx

wallstguy | 24 maj 2016

Got my VIN! 8,7XX - in Canada!

Gayatrikr | 24 maj 2016

Gfb and singh 75 ?

Gayatrikr | 24 maj 2016

Monday may 30th will mark 1 yr anniv of reservation
Growing very impatient with lack of progress on my 75 and 5 seater :-(

gfb107 | 24 maj 2016

Model X 75D | Solid White | 20" Silver | 6 Black Leather seats | Black Headliner | Matte Obeche | AutoPilot | Accessory Hitch | SAS
Reserved 2014/06/01 #10320 | Ordered 2015/12/28 | Confirmed 2016/01/04 | SAS 2016/05/13 | VIN 088xx Assigned 2016/05/24

Notice it will soon be the 2 year anniversary of my reservation

wallstguy | 24 maj 2016

@gaya (copying GFB's format)

Model X 75D | Metallic Blue | 20" Silver | 6 Ultra White seats | Black Headliner | Dark Ash | AutoPilot | Premium Upgrade Package | Subzero | Accessory Hitch | SAS
Reserved 2015/12/25 | Ordered 2016/04/20 | Confirmed 2016/04/27 | SAS 2016/05/20 | VIN 087xx Assigned 2016/05/24

gfb107 | 24 maj 2016

It's my signature over at Tesla Motors Club

gfb107 | 24 maj 2016

I have to add that it is painful to see a lower VIN assigned to someone who

reserved about 1.5 years after I did,
confirmed about 4 months after I did,
upgraded to SAS 1 week after I did

Sorry, had to vent a little.
At least I got my VIN on the same day.

Gayatrikr | 24 maj 2016

Thnx both

Btw i saw tmc sig but didnt how to use it adhoc where do u store it before pasting into forum ?

Gayatrikr | 24 maj 2016

Singh dates are depressing