Yesterdays Test Drive

Yesterdays Test Drive

Hey Everyone,

So I went for my first test drive in a P90D yesterday. I was blown away by the cars speed (obviously) I didn't really get to test it the way I wanted to because my test drive was at 5pm in the NY tri-state area and traffic was heavy. Upon the end of the test drive I felt kind of dizzy, I'm not really sure why, has anyone experienced this? I'm also not sold on a $140k car that didn't really feel or look that luxurious for the price. I also felt like the driver's seat wasn't super comfortable and it was the next gen seats. I'm thinking about finding a place to rent one for 2-3 days. Does anyone know of any places available to do that in the NY area?

bishoppeak | 27 maj 2016

The hard acceleration does mess with your inner ear. If pimped out interiors are your thing, stick with the Benz.

Haggy | 27 maj 2016

Tesla is not Mercedes and if you prefer Mercedes style appointments, you aren't going to get them. The goals are different. Tesla described it as comparing a house with ornate wood paneling, heavy drapes and lush carpets to something more modern and minimalist. There's nothing wrong with either one and it's a matter of what you like. Tesla doesn't skimp on materials and uses top grade leather and everything else, but the results are different.

Many Tesla owners are former Mercedes owners and current Mercedes owners, and I'll leave it to them to give you feedback or you can search the forums using volkerize. You will find that there's an overwhelming preference for Tesla, but it's not up to anybody to tell you what to prefer. If you won't feel comfortable without a certain type of interior, then a Tesla isn't for you. If it's a matter of whether that sort of interior is worth the price, almost all owners feel that it is, but there are a few nagging complaints that some have about cup holders, lack of grab handles, and lack of coat hooks (although there are aftermarket ones.) If you feel as if you shouldn't be spending the money for something with a Tesla style interior, that's psychological. You should accept that the car is worth the money with its interior to almost all owners, but whether it meets your taste is a different question.

As for being dizzy, I can't say. It shouldn't happen on a day to day basis and isn't a normal part of driving. If it was from driving a certain way or pushing acceleration to its limits, it comes down to how your body reacts. A fair way to look at is is to ask how you feel when you push it to the limits of what other cars can do. Anything beyond that has no basis for comparison. I can't remember seeing a thread from anybody claiming the car makes anybody dizzy, but I'd suggest test driving it some more to find out.

Not everybody prefers the next gen seats. Some of it seems to have to do with the size of the driver. It might be hard to find a car to test drive without them, but ultimately you will have to decide whether you feel they are comfortable. Even if 99% of drivers said they were fine with them, it doesn't mean they are right for you.

Make sure you are comfortable with the car overall. Just because 97% of owners would buy it again and say their next car will definitely be a Tesla doesn't mean that it's right for you. You aren't likely to hear from the others to talk you out of it because of how many people are satisfied so I don't think you will get any answers here that would be more helpful than driving the car again.

sklancha | 27 maj 2016

@benzboy429. The store that you booked your test drive through, might be able to tell you where/if any local rental cars places have a Tesla, or if the Tesla store has any extended test drive programs.

As for the dizziness, I have had a few passengers that got a little dizzy or nauseated- but it was blatantly obvious that it was do to the acceleration. Since the car is so quiet, your body does not get the forwarding to brace itself. One of my colleagues reported that she felt that way the first two times, but now she has no problems, and even gets excited when we catch a red light.

As for the 'fit and finish' - there is definitely a difference in where different companies invest their $$$ on their product. For some people, the trade off from what they perceived as luxury, to what luxury is in the minimalist Tesla is not worth it. For others it is. It really is a personal choice as to what you value most, and which luxuries you really use and which you can live without. For me, the biggest 'sacrifice' was Onstar - I used the service religiously for 10 years. I had to measure what I gained to what I lost, and for me it was

damonmath | 27 maj 2016

I own 2 E class Benzs in addition to a RWD 85. My E550 coupe is best comparable to the Tesla in terms of performance, and my E350 luxury sedan is best comparable to the Tesla in terms of ride comfort. Neither E class can compare to the Tesla in day to day driving, smooth acceleration, handling, technology, ease of use, and overall enjoy-ability. Neither Benzs has Auto Pilot or the largest pano roof on the market (although both do have pano roofs).

As far as interior, Benzs wins for creative styling... that's about it. Long term the E550 custom leather seats are painful after an hour and the E350 luxury ride quality feels too bouncy and cheap compared to the Tesla. My Tesla has standard coils, and I keep the suspension set to Sport.

All in all, I will be selling both Benzs in the near future and have a spot open for the Model 3. Nothing beats all electric even with tons of bells and whistles. While I understand the OP's point about a $140k car, keep in mind that that $140k goes for HIGH END performance, and not high end interior. Maybe in the future Tesla will make an actual "luxury" version of the Model S, but in the meantime, the standard Tesla quality is just fine with me.

benzboy429 | 27 maj 2016

Thanks for the replies. I've had 2 Benz's and they drove like shit. BMW is better than Benz but there a dime a dozen. I think the closest thing to the tesla IMO is a Porsche Cayenne or Panamera Turbo S. I'm ok with styling of the tesla just wish there was more for the money. It was hot yesterday asked the guy how do I turn on my cooled/ventilated seat and he said it doesn't have it, Tesla owners don't want it. I spared him an argument. It was just little things like you guys said the lack of oh shit handles, coat hangers, i opened the visor and the mirror was small and the light for it to the right seemed cheap and tacky. All in all I want the car just have my views. My main concern really is the seat comfort on a long drive and am I always going to feel dizzy and slightly disoriented after driving it, hense why before ordering I need to drive the thing for a few days.

Captain_Zap | 27 maj 2016

Oh lord, don't compare me to a Mercedes Benz.
All my friends got cup holders, I must make amends.
Worked hard for top performance, I must impress my friends.
So lord, don't compare me to a Mercedes Benz.

Oh lord, won't you trade me for a P90D.
My Cimmaron won't hold up for long you see.
I wait for delivery each day, I need somethin' for free.
So, oh lord won't you buy me a P90D.

carlk | 27 maj 2016

Even drive it slowly the S is still much better than any cars you can buy. Pedal response is so smooth and instanteneous you will never want to drive a regular car again. Even the "slow" and "cheap" 75 feels that way too. We hear so much about the P90DL that gave people the wrong impression it's all about 2.8s 0-60. It is not. You don't need to buy the insane or ludicrous model to enjoy it. Easy on your pocket book too if it's hard for you to stretch for a "P".

benzboy429 | 27 maj 2016

@carlk, if I'm doing this car I'm getting the P90DL, it's not at all about $140k for this car, to me its the things I wish it had in it for $140k.

rxlawdude | 27 maj 2016

" i opened the visor and the mirror was small and the light for it to the right seemed cheap and tacky. "

It had a vanity mirror light?

Also, I'm a bit confused by your moniker "benzboy" and your last post stating Mercedes "drove like shit."

benzboy429 | 27 maj 2016

been using that handle on forums for about 10 years, I just stick with it.

rxlawdude | 27 maj 2016

Ok, so your moniker is honoring a manufacturer whose cars drive like shit.
I see.

carlk | 27 maj 2016


That's great. So only the part of what I said applies is the car would still drive better than anything else even if you don't do pedal to the metal. There is some learning curve of how you control the pedal but I'm sure you will be able to have a smooth drive, even when you accelerate hard, when you mastered it.

sklancha | 27 maj 2016

Take it easy, rxlawdude. Lots of is just kept our longtime handle names. Personally, when I see 'benz' in a name, I jump to benzodiazapine - (i.e. xanax). I am happy knowing it is just an old car fave :)

sklancha | 27 maj 2016

@BenzoBoy ;).... let us know if you are able to get your hands on a Tesla to do an extended test drive, and what you ultimately end up buying. P.S. - and don't be afraid to take a fresh look at your old fave. The fact that it is your gold standard for luxury, makes it an important part of your decision making process.

Good luck with whatever you choose


benzboy429 | 27 maj 2016

@sklancha It's ok I'm use to rxlawdude types, every car brand has a few. I see that Hertz rents them but I'm almost betting it on it being a 70. If it's not going to be a tesla it will be a porsche. My last mercedes was a lemon, before that nothing but issues, before that just not a good drive, could go on and on. BMW doesn't do it for me anymore. Maserati isn't up to par either.

KP in NPT | 27 maj 2016

mmmmmmm Xanax.

NKYTA | 27 maj 2016

Nice one Zap!

sklancha | 27 maj 2016

Rxlawdude is harmless- I think he he is like me- dry humor/wit is always internally sarisfyong, but may rub others wrong... i.e. I DID call you BENZOboy, following my own cheesy humor.

From a test drive perspective, does it really matter whether it is a low end versus high end? If it is the fit and finish that you can't come to tes with, you will have you answer. If you are wondering about the dizziness- what were ya gonna do- see how many 0-60s it takes for you to pass out or toss your cookies? If you drive a 70 and still get dizzy, you know Ludicrous is probably a waste of money. If you can handle the 70, then you know it was just the fact that you weren't quite prepares for the blistering take off potential of Ludicrous. It is not like you are REQUIRED to take off at full speed every time... though the temptation may be overwhelming ;)

sklancha | 27 maj 2016

Sorry for all the typo's - phone typing and autocorrect are not my friends

cpmarino | 27 maj 2016

There's a big difference between the interior of a $70k Mercedes (C/E Class) and a $140k Mercedes (S Class), but there's NO difference in the interior between a $70k and $90k Tesla, which mirror those price ranges. I think that's the biggest difference with Tesla ... every penny of extra cost is performance based, not amenity based, between different versions of the same model. Ultimately, the price you are paying reflects the advanced propulsion technology, not the amenities, whereas in the case of Mercedes, some versions of the C, E & S share engine and suspension components, but yet the interiors and amenities are vastly different. Just two different takes on where the companies choose to spend their money. Many here would describe "luxury" as not being bombarded with switches & buttons, and never having to stop for gas. I've long thought that Tesla needs to have a $10k interior upgrade option with higher quality leather and trim pieces, but yet the sell every possible car they can make, and can't make them fast enough to meet demand, so what do I know?

Also, I thought the new S had cooled seats as an option, just like the X? Is that not the case?

Made in CA | 27 maj 2016

Great tune Janis... er... I mean @Captain_Zap.

The money spent on an MS gets you different things than the traditional "luxury' brands. To me "luxury" is smooth, quiet, crazy-fast acceleration, regen, fueling at home, huge touchscreen, no smog, etc. I could care less about fancy materials and vanity mirrors.

It's just a matter of personal preference.

Wilber | 27 maj 2016


As for dizziness. I had a little of this when i first got my S. But, then i learned to have my head touching the headrest when i stomp it so that my head doesnt move when accelerating - and this really helped. I know others on the forum have said the same.

I used to drive a Bimmer 3 series and found that interior quite comfortable. My S is almost as good. My seats are the Leather seats available in fall 2014 before the 'Next Gen' seats came out. the headrest position on them is a little different from Next Gen and i prefer mine over Next Gen. But Next Gen has a cushier pad for your butt. So, you also might want to try some non- Next Gen seats...

binod | 27 maj 2016

I've owned a model S for about 3 weeks now.

It took about 1000 miles/couple weeks of driving before this thing finally kicked in for me: unless the kids are in the car, all I'm aware of is the drive, and the cluster of controls. So you might want to rent for more than 2 days.

Will it tick me off someday that I have only 2 half-a**ed cup holders? Probably, someday :) .

benzboy429 | 27 maj 2016

@sklancha, I'd rather rent what I'd be buying then a slower version just to compare apples to apples.

@cpmarino - cooled seats only in X, not in most recent updated S.

vp09 | 27 maj 2016

Benz: "It was hot yesterday asked the guy how do I turn on my cooled/ventilated seat and he said it doesn't have it, Tesla owners don't want it."

I want it! When I was choosing the options for my S90D, as soon as I saw the cold weather option, I looked for the hot weather option.

Capt. Z: Janis would be proud.

Haggy-- nice summary!

rxlawdude | 27 maj 2016

@sklancha - Thanks for the backup. Indeed, no malice in my post, but just curious as to the moniker. I suppose that would be with a moniker Vioxxdude. :-)

rxlawdude | 27 maj 2016

^^^^ Er, "I suppose that would be the equivalent of me with a moniker of Vioxxdude." ^^^^^

sklancha | 27 maj 2016

@rxlawdude- LOL- maybe we are just a little bit different in our sense humor. .. not everybody is as warped as us, and the sooner we realize this, the faster we get to a point of

Anthony J. Parisio | 27 maj 2016


You sound just like me after my first test drive. I am a real car guy/griver. I too came from a German car. Word for word I said what you said (including dizzy). As the year went by that test drive and the car kept haunting me. So I went for my second drive. I ask the Tesla Rep. to please be quiet and let me experience the car and it's driving experience. It was a winding twisting tight rod with no one on it. When I the test drive came to an end a realization hit me. This was the best car the world had ever made! It all made so much more sence. nothing matter but how well and quickly the Model S responded. No Fossil Tech. could ever respond like a Tesla.

aj | 27 maj 2016

If you are really serious, ask for a full day test drive. I did, and it really made a difference; it confirmed my overall overall feeling and changed my mind on various options. I would suggest you consider the 90D without Ludicrous. Realistically, how often would you use it and how would it make a difference? I found it wasn't work 40 grand. Think about what you really want in a car. If you are into his dark wood and drapes as someone above mentioned, move on, but if you are more into Scandinavian design, and the driving experience, the Tesla is for you.

sklancha | 28 maj 2016

I look forward to hearing if you are able to get the extended test drive, and whice car you decide to get

jordanrichard | 28 maj 2016

For a $140K Mercedes S-Class I would fully expect it to fuel itself in my garage, but alas.......

Mozap | 30 maj 2016

They actually let me take one of the service loaners for a late Saturday through early Monday test drive last year.

The service center closed at 6:00 pm Saturday and reopened at 9:00 am Monday. So while I had the car it wasn't interfering with anything. This was priceless. I'm not sure if you have a nearby service center with loaners. I got to experience a 70d for about 36 hours under varying weather and traffic conditions. I placed my order the day I brought the loaner back. There is no car or car company like tesla.

sp_tesla | 30 maj 2016

"Haggy | May 27, 2016
If you won't feel comfortable without a certain type of interior, then a Tesla isn't for you. If it's a matter of whether that sort of interior is worth the price,, almost all owners feel that it is"

You are not addressing the point that TM will substantially increase sales of X & S if they accommodate the many more low hanging fruits of existing affluent potential customers with acquired luxurious taste.

Model 3 already & will continue to be a major hit, it's EV with the right price for the provided minimalist interior,

Rowlie | 30 maj 2016

I also got to test drive from Saturday afternoon through Monday morning. It was important for me to take it to a supercharger and back to verify that experience. It turned out to happen in a heavy snowstorm as well, so I got to verify that it handles great in snow.

I've had both Mercedes S and Audi A8 and have come to really appreciate the "minimalist" luxury of the Tesla. Just wait until you get an over the air update that increases your car's functionality instead of having to bribe a dealer. That's nice luxury.

kwen197 | 30 maj 2016

Fellow Tesla owners I marvel at the warm patient responses you have provided to Benzboy429.

I worry about the access a non owner has to the Tesla forums. Does this mean that it is not secure, are we going to infiltrated by SPAM and Viruses?

If so I would like to see some safety measures added to the Forum.