Two Tesla purchases in one year?

Two Tesla purchases in one year?

Has anyone purchased two Tesla's in one calendar (tax) year? Was there any issue getting the second $7500 tax incentive on the second car? Thanks!!


vp09 | 27 maj 2016

I'll let you know in 7 months. We're picking up our S90D tomorrow, and I've ordered another one.

jlcichocki | 27 maj 2016

very cool and congrats!!

I can't find any ruling in IRS documents that would exclude the second tax incentive.

vp09 | 27 maj 2016

Anyone buying 3 or more Teslas in one year?

Dofpic | 27 maj 2016

will do shortly a second model sone for 2015 and a second for 2016...However that is not the reason I buy them...They are just the best car bar none!

jlcichocki | 28 maj 2016

couldnt agree more. I just got my first and already can't wait for the second. However, the tax help never hurts

EVRider | 28 maj 2016

I believe you can get multiple EV credits in the same year, but bear in mind that only helps you if your tax liability is at least as much as the credits. In other words, no tax credit can exceed the amount of taxes you owe.

stevenmaifert | 28 maj 2016

Jeff - The short answer is no problem. I took delivery of my Model S and a Leaf in tax year 2012. Claimed them both on my 2012 Federal taxes. There is even two columns on the IRS Form 8936 to claim two qualifying vehicles: As was mentioned above, you do need enough tax liability in a single tax year to take full advantage of the $15K credit. In my personal case, I had to take some deductible IRA distributions to generate enough tax liability to use all the tax credits. Another popular strategy is converting a regular IRA to a Roth IRA.

jlcichocki | 28 maj 2016

Thanks for the responses. The informations helps greatly.