Three car seats in second row

Three car seats in second row

Hoping someone can help me with this answer...does anyone have the x and have three car seats in second row? I don't believe there's the latch for the middle but is there the anchor in back for middle seat? Trying to figure out if the configurations with my car seats would work. Thanks so much in advance!!!!

jrettinger | 1 juni 2016

I'm wondering this as well. Debating the 6 or 7 seater.

vperl | 1 juni 2016

Five better, not a bus here.

aesculus | 1 juni 2016

I would take you car to a SC with all three seats and give it a go before I committed to that arrangement and found out later it did not work. As you point out there are only two latch seats per row.

lilbean | 1 juni 2016

It may depend on the type of car seat you are using. Are they convertible seats, infant carriers with a base or booster seats?

elguapo | 1 juni 2016

Yes, middle seat has anchor on back. You need narrow seats, but I can do it with the Clek Fllos. I think there's a thread at TMC about it, may want to search there.

I have 7 seats. Middle is narrower, but if you have three narrow seats, it works - just barely.

elguapo | 1 juni 2016

BTW, even if you only want outboard seats, you need to get narrow car seats because if you have super wide ones, like some of he Britax, the middle seat will hit it when it moves forward. Hard to explain, but if you are getting in on one side and move the seats forward, the seat on the other side doesn't move - so when middle seat moves forward, it runs against it and will stop as it detects an "obstacle".

Expensive cars call for expensive car seats...

Mom2Dancers | 1 juni 2016

From the Owners Manual:
"In the center
seating seating position on the second row
seats (if equipped), position a single-strap
tether over the top of the head restraint. For
dual-strap tethers, position a strap on each
side of the head restraint. Tighten according
to the child safety seat manufacturer’s
Note: To prevent the single-strap tether in the
center position from moving side to side, the
top of the head restraint deforms."

Remnant | 2 juni 2016

@ Jrettinger (June 1, 2016)

<< Debating the 6 or 7 seater. >>

The span between the two FWDs is narrower by about 8 inches than needed for three comfortable seats, because of the thickness of the FWDs; they even lack armrests.

If you go for a 6-seat configuration, you would have room for armrests for the remaining outboard seats.

Mom2Dancers | 2 juni 2016

We love our 6-seater, and this was the hardest decision for us to make when configuring... I'm glad we didn't go with 7, as I've heard complaints it restricts driver's rear view, since the headrests are non-detachable/non-adjustable. The 6-seater allows space on the floor for large bags, etc, and very easy access to 3rd row, as well as additional legroom for whoever is seated back there. If you don't really need 7 seats, definitely choose the 6-seater. It feels like a posh minivan inside.

elguapo | 2 juni 2016

I agree with @Mom2Dancers - if you need the 7, get it. Otherwise, go with 6. As I've said before, I needed 7, so I got it.

As for rear view issues - they really aren't bad with the 7 seat config. It's not an issue for me. It comes down to need as well as desire/ability to carry lover pieces of cargo.

As an aside, I don't think you can put a rear facing seat in the third row or second row won't go back all the way.

elguapo | 2 juni 2016

Also, I don't think the FWDs are any thicker than sliding doors on a minivan. Did anyone actually measure?

michael | 2 juni 2016

Regarding car seat anchor straps running to the outboard side of the headreasts, mine have slipped off and just fall to the side of the seat rendering their function useless. Anyone else have this problem? I double checked and I have it just as described in manual.

lilbean | 2 juni 2016

That's weird, I could have sworn Elon said it was the perfect car for families with small children. Hmmm.

jrettinger | 2 juni 2016

Does anyone have pictures of 3 car seats installed in the 2nd row?

elguapo | 2 juni 2016

@Jrettinger I don't keep mine like that, but I will try to put the third in tonight and get a pic for you.

Muzzman1 | 2 juni 2016

the middle seat on the 2nd row has no attachment points for car seats. The seat is also 3-4" narrower than the others, so physically it would be amazingly tight

We have a 7 str with 2 seats in 2nd row.