Rattling noise on the driver side

Rattling noise on the driver side

I only owned the Model X for 1 week with less than 120 mi on it. Today, I first noticed some rattling noise on the driver side while I was driving on a parking lot with slightly uneven surface. Has anyone heard the same thing? I'm not sure if it is coming from the front door, FWD, or the wheel. Or maybe it's nothing...

lilbean | 18 juni 2016

Can you post a video of the noise on YouTube?

mhkeyemd | 18 juni 2016

Yes, I will if it happens again. It just happened today while I was driving to get the clearbra on.

aesculus | 18 juni 2016

My car has some creaks in the dash on rougher roads. Not really rattles. The model S loaner I had the other day sounded like a pirate ship, even while cruising. Not sure why they would let the car out like that. Hopefully they know how to fix this sort of thing.

gatorjer | 19 juni 2016

I have rattling noise as well... Bringing it in to see if normal or something wrong.... Car is driving great but rattling has me concerned...

siliconhammer | 19 juni 2016

It's the free can of Cole they left for you inside the door panel! LOL

siliconhammer | 19 juni 2016


Redmiata98 | 19 juni 2016

Check the black button fastners on the door panel, they may be loose or missing. I had a pax door rattle and when they put the two missing buttons in, it stopped rattling.

dboelke2 | 20 juni 2016

Make sure your middle row seats are fully locked in position. I had the same rattle and found seat behind driver not fully secured.

mhkeyemd | 20 juni 2016

@Redmiata98 What is the black button fastener? Maybe a photo? Thanks!

gatorjer | 20 juni 2016

Where is button fastener and how do i secure middle row... Great tips just not sure how to fix... Thanks!

ctcohen59 | 20 juni 2016

I had a new rattle or abnormal sound from passenger side today. At first it sounded like a rattling fan, then later, while backing out of the garage it Sounded like I was dragging a stick.
Took a look for the "stick" and found a piece of plastic trim from under the right side was dragging on the ground. Seemed to be missing one of those pop in plastic trim fasteners. Got it temporarily back in place but will need the correct fastener to be sure it's secure. Will also have the SC center make sure it wasn't damaged e en though it looked ok.

Redmiata98 | 21 juni 2016

CT, "black button fastners" = "pop in plastic trim fastners" and are the black plastic fastners that hold the trim onto the metal doors. If you really need a pix, I'll post one after it stops raining here and I can get a clear pix of them.

Joe2go | 25 juni 2016

In the first week of ownership I had a rattle on the driver side also. It happened going over any slight bump. They replaced the front LH front air spring module. Problem fixed!

lilbean | 25 juni 2016

Luteinizing hormone?

mhkeyemd | 25 juni 2016

I'm stopping by SC next Tuesday for several issues. I will ask them to take a look at the air spring module. I love my Tesla Model X, but I think I'm paying for having the first batch of Model X.
1. My driver side FWD misalignment
2. Passenger Front door doesn't close automatically
3. Rattling noise
4. Center console sliding panel scratches
5. Driver front speaker mesh with dent
6. No windshield wiper fluid
7. No left foot rest

lilbean | 25 juni 2016

There is no left foot rest.

Triggerplz | 25 juni 2016

@ lilbean and there's no windshield wiper fluid either :-)

lilbean | 25 juni 2016

@triggerplz: Mine has the wiper fluid but I actually don't think I've ever seen it squirt out. I rarely use wiper fluid because I keep my windshield clean and wash it properly.

Triggerplz | 25 juni 2016

@lilbean you scared me there for a moment :-)

esld | 8 juli 2016

As a model S owner I test drove a model X with only 400 miles on it. I thought it was going to come apart on the road. No less that 10 different things rattling, buzzing, popping and clicking from everywhere- dash, seats, headliner, door trim.. Teslas are notoriously rattle boxes but this brand new Model X was terrible.

gatorjer | 11 juli 2016

My issue was failed strut... sc identified and replaced... No more noise.

lilbean | 11 juli 2016

Wow! Too soon for a failed strut. It must have been a defective strut. I sure hope this is an isolated problem.

mhkeyemd | 13 juli 2016

I tried to record the sound, but no success because it isn't too loud. It is very low "creaking" noise when I'm driving slow and on uneven road. I think it is coming from the driver front door or driver FWD door area. It's not horrible at this time. I'm just wondering if this is "normal" for Model X because of structural disadvantage of having FWD instead of normal rear door. Possible B-Pillar stress?

gatorjer | 17 juli 2016

Mhkeyemd- this sounds exactly like what I had. Took tesla a drive with me and couple days but they found it... Have them check the struts.

mhkeyemd | 17 juli 2016

gatorjer - thanks. I have another SC appointment on Aug 9 for other small and one major fit and finish issues. I will ask them to check out the struts. Thanks for the info!

mhkeyemd | 27 september 2016

Finally, Tesla found out what was causing the damn rattling noise coming from the driver side this weekend!!!
It only took two visits to figure that out... Well, to be fair, it was only happening 20% of the time until 1 week ago then it happened 90% of the time. Anyway, the fix was:

"Customer states: Noise from driver door. Test Drive done with Phil determined creaking noise coming from A-pillar at very low speed 0-5 mph on rough roads. NVH sheet attached.

Corrections: Interior NVH General Diagnosis

Verified the creak/pop noise at the left front bottom A-pillar area. Loosened the left front fender and insulated the area where making contact at the bright work. Validated repair and the noise is no longer present."

The noise is pretty much gone...about 95%. When I drive over an uneven road, I barely barely hear something. Probably, only I can hear the noise... I am finally satisfied. I thought I was going crazy. Again, another minor fit-and-finish issue for a new model. Hopefully, 2017 Model X will have better Quality Control. I think they should have these Tesla repair technicians train those assembly line monkeys at Fremont.

mhkeyemd | 27 september 2016

Actually... It took three visits, not two...

A_SHAIKH787 | 28 september 2016

I have similar issue started in my Model X last week, its cracking noise on passenger side, i have an appointment with SC on 14th, I hope they will be abel to figure out issues and fix it.

Triggerplz | 28 september 2016

For those of you that let the wife's mother drive the car that rattling noise on the driver side may just be your mother in law talking. :-)

lilbean | 28 september 2016