Some posts are really, well, weird. Is it the wine?

Some posts are really, well, weird. Is it the wine?

Admit it, you are usually drunk when you post.

Silver2K | 21 juni 2016


Ross1 | 21 juni 2016

There is a prize, a small token of appreciation for your being first in line. Or online. Coming 'soon'.

ShockOnT | 21 juni 2016

I thought it was just me.

Ross1 | 21 juni 2016

someone else is posting soon

Ross1 | 22 juni 2016

bump. they didnt.

AmpedRealtor | 22 juni 2016

Alcohol is so last century...

carlk | 22 juni 2016

I guess I have never stopped doing it since the last century.

renwo S alset | 22 juni 2016

You got something against crack, crank,and smack?

PhillyGal | 22 juni 2016

Weird, or straight up lies like the title of a thread on the Model 3 forum that "Tesla buys Solar City." It's a straight up lie. False. 100 Wrong-O!

Flag gathering, anyone?

KP in NPT | 22 juni 2016

@PhillyGal consider the OP on that Model 3 forum post.... :-/

renwo S alset | 22 juni 2016

You can always tell when the slur their writing.

Ross1 | 22 juni 2016

renwo S alset | June 22, 2016
You can always tell when the slur their writing.


mcIary | 22 juni 2016

I only post after drinking Kool-Aid!

KP in NPT | 22 juni 2016

No mclary flag - he approves!

sentabo | 22 juni 2016

I usually can't remember the next day what I posted the night before. Does that tell you anything?

Plus, I often need to post in the morning to make me feel better. Maybe I need help.

sklancha | 22 juni 2016

I figured all of you were drinking, cuz the words seem to get more blurred as the night progresses and my glass empties.

KP in NPT | 22 juni 2016

Thanks for reminding me to start drinking! What was I thinking....

rxlawdude | 22 juni 2016

The drunker you get, the smarter all posts look. Even mclary.

Silver2K | 22 juni 2016

"@mcIary | June 22, 2016

I only post after drinking Kool-Aid!"

did some one say......

Ross1 | 24 juni 2016


there are still some to come out of the woodwork..

David Trushin | 24 juni 2016

Weird misspellings like the op wrote wine when he meant whine.

bobrobert | 24 juni 2016

When interviewing patients still in the midst of their debris fields I learned that whatever they'd done to damage themselves had actually made sense to them at the time. Weird? - nah, rather it's a marvelous ability to ignore aspects of reality which interfere with fantasy. Those who survive into adulthood become actors because of their talent for imagining possible worlds – delightful people, if you ignore their political advice.
.. thanks for waiting, Ross | 24 juni 2016

Time to whine for nine wines from the Rhine?

renwo S alset | 24 juni 2016

bob. That's why good drugs are so important for a happy life. Reality is such a bummer.

Pleasanton_Ca | 24 juni 2016

perhaps, maybe, sometimes, could be, depends on .., but not always, I guess I really don't know... ☺

Ross1 | 24 juni 2016

@ David:
Yes, the whining winer, or the wining whiner, did occur to me, but not all the winers are whining.
Yet others are just letting their ignorance, narcissism and bad upbringing hang out.
Others, some improve with a vintage under their belts.

The question posed was slightly different:

UnshodBob | 24 juni 2016

Good wine improves with age, bad wine becomes vinegar. Sort of analogous with people. :)

MrLunch | 24 juni 2016

Switching to vodka, after the wine post I think someone called me an asshat. For many years I was a software developer (thank goodness that's over), among other things I wrote forum software, so people could, you know, annoy one another on the interwebs in the safety of their own homes (dens, hovels, mansions, internet cafes...). I'd like to think it hardened me. Well, fact is I'd like to think... at all. So I've decided "to adopt an air of pleasure. And tell the people near and far, you stroll about because you are, a gentleman of leisure"

Ross1 | 28 juli 2016

It is a recurrent theme | 28 juli 2016

Why waste wine on a post?

Ross1 | 11 april 2017

Yesterday I thought of a thread I might revive, so I hit the screen and then couldn't remember the topic.
Until now. I was thinking I might revive an old thread like yesterday, but couldnt remember which one, then it hit me.
Here it is.

What has changed?

Ross1 | 13 april 2017

I just remembered.


I posted this yesterday.

Silver2K | 13 april 2017

I think you mean whine

Ross1 | 11 juli 2019

Funny how some topics are still current!

Ross1 | 11 juli 2019

I just know, deep down I really do, that you have been looking for this old topic to arise.

hokiegir1 | 11 juli 2019

Mine are only wine-induced on weekends. The rest of the time, I'm just procrastinating.

hokiegir1 | 11 juli 2019

Also, I had heard the tales of @mclary, but that's the first time I've actually seen a post by his elusive self!

jjgunn | 11 juli 2019

Hokie(genie)gir1 - gave us CHAdeMO

Thanks for granting our wish on wine weekend!

Nexxus | 15 juli 2019

Would you like some cheese with that whine? Or maybe crackers too?

steevsteevsteev | 17 juli 2019

I'm not sure how many posts are wine-induced, but the overwhelming majority of them are whine-induced.

pmagid | 17 juli 2019

There is nothing wrong with wine induced posting.... Some of the internets classic posts come from drunk posting.... Look up the original HODL post.... GENIUS... Spawned tons of bitcoin related memes... People use the term as a verb and dont know where it comes from.

jimglas | 17 juli 2019


Kary993 | 17 juli 2019

Many more things to do when drinking wine then be on this forum.........

Ross1 | 17 juli 2019

Paper today:

Soon after Tesla cleaved the cost of the Model 3 late Monday, an owner on one of the company’s online forums started a thread with a tongue-in-cheek initial post: “Let the whining begin!”

Ross1 | 23 november 2019

Nothing has changed

Ross1 | 23 november 2019

Oh. I see above that I already said that.
Actually I was getting sick of the repetitive nature of someone's posts here, and I see I am doing it myself.
Sorry! There is no edit button, no remorse key here.

SnowFlake | 23 november 2019

My phone auto corrects what I typed and post what it thinks .
mmmm I may be not in the mode of over writing it

Ross1 | 23 november 2019

What does your phone drink as a matter of interest? I am conducting a survey.

sbeggs | 23 november 2019

We view wine as food, as it is fruit based, so we start drinking it around 11 am while cooking the midday meal. And then, tapering off into evening. So, we sometimes post while under the influence. It enhances our attitude, especially for enduring exasperating comments on the forum.

Ross1 | 23 november 2019

We post.
Who posts?