When is the reveal part II?

When is the reveal part II?

Just wondering if anyone had a clue when it would be, will tesla at least email all the reservation holders inviting them to the webcast, I don't expect them to invite all 400k of us to the actual location.

tommyalexandersb | 21 august 2016


Ross1 | 21 august 2016

I am expecting a product launch unlike any other.
And no I dont expect all 400k or 4 million to be invited.
Therefore thinking outside the square.

bmalloy0 | 21 august 2016

"Closer to production" is the most precise timeframe they've given, I believe. And I'm sure all reservation holders and anyone signed up to recieve news will be emailed a webcast invite (basically just a "Hey this is when it is" kind of thing, it'll be open to all to view just like the first reveal)

kaffine | 21 august 2016

That is why for Reveal II they are going to have model 3 in every showroom and you will be able to see the car in the same order you were in line when they started taking reservations. Ok so that isn't going to happen but it would be cool well except for having to figure out where I was in line again.

Bluesday Afternoon | 21 august 2016

As per the first announcement on March 21, 2016:

"Tune in to the Model 3 unveil on March 31st at 8:30pm PT on We can't wait to show you what we've been working on."

I'd guess March 31, 2017. This date reflects a year after the 1st "unveil" and is the last day of the first quarter. This would provide substantial enthusiasm and be a lead in to the following quarterly report. Prior to the second unveiling, I imagine Tesla Motors would be dropping tidbits of information and stirring anticipation by once again inviting owners and new reservation holders to the event. Another question is how the invitees are selected to attend. The selection process is a great way to build excitement leading to the second unveiling. Just have to admire TM's ability to advertise without advertising.

Now, everything mentioned above was created in my mind without the aid of inside knowledge and represents substantial historical perspective. In other words, it’s pure guesswork on my part.

Tarla's Driver | 21 august 2016

The current referral program runs through October 15th, and if you get 10 referrals, you get an invite to the next reveal. That probably puts it into November at the earliest. Tesla doesn't really need more reservations at this point, and creating more excitement about the Model 3 may harm sales of the S and X, so they may not be in a rush.

PaceyWhitter | 21 august 2016


dsvick | 21 august 2016

No one knows for sure, at least no one that doesn't work for Tesla. As a guess, I'd say late winter or early spring of next year. They'll want it to be a couple of months before people are asked to configure which should be a month of so before production starts. If production starts Aug 1, then the next reveal will be around April.

johndoe | 21 august 2016

Elon said at the Code Conference that there will be another 'big' event towards the end of the year

ccsccs7 | 21 august 2016

New 2-year leases for the Model S and X with lower prices need to be acquired by September 12th for lower prices. I wonder if that signifies anything…

Drdpharris | 22 august 2016

I think AP/100 event for fall, and Model 3 second reveal in the new year, I would guess March 31st 2017, too.

KP in NPT | 22 august 2016

+1 Drdpharris.

carlk | 22 august 2016

As late as possible if I were Tesla. That will keep interests high and give the peak excitement at the right moment just before people could finally order their cars.

jamilworm | 23 august 2016

@Carlk, I think that gaining the ability to configure the car will provide extreme excitement by itself. I'd rather spread the excitement around and have the reveal II be somewhere in between now and then.

I thought it would be cool/mean for them to have reveal II right before the Bolt goes on sale so everyone considering a Bolt decides to wait for the Model 3.

KP in NPT | 23 august 2016

@jamilworm I agree it would be cool to have reveal II before the bolt arrives - but if that isn't the plan, I wouldn't be surprised - if the reveal later this year really is AP v 2 and bigger battery - if the promise of that technology in the model 3 is heavily promoted. :)