Tesla should allow the people who have made and have a reservation to lock in the upgrades so we can take advantage of the savings if the price goes up prior to receiving our Model 3. I know that Tesla just increased Autopilot by $500. Just my thoughts

melinda.v | 26 august 2016

well, since the only Model ☰ price that there is to date is the $35k base, there is nothing to lock in right now.

dsvick | 28 august 2016

I'd be willing to be that Tesla will fix the options pricing at a point where they shouldn't need to increase for a year. Unless something unexpected happens they would probably make every effort to keep them the same until all the current reservation holders have configured.

jordanrichard | 30 august 2016

you can't upgrade unless you know what you are upgrading from. Since no one knows the basic specifics, you certainly won't know what an "upgrade" means/involves.

gordy | 30 august 2016

I am anxious to see the colors that will be available. But that's also something I would probably want to see in person and not on a computer screen before I selected it. I also think that I will buy the AWD option if nothing else.

andy.connor.e | 31 august 2016

I am sure they will be improving the Model 3 pretty much up until it is released. They just stated that the design was done a month or 2 ago. IF IT WAS REALLY "DONE", why would it be released next year when they have 400,000+ reservations already.

Knowing tesla, they are making improvements everytime they see room for it. They have plenty of time to fix/improve this car. They need to. They're depending on it. It needs to be the best. And im sure that it will be. #ModelX

dsvick | 31 august 2016

The design probably is "really done", they haven't released it yet because all it is is a drawing right now. They are waiting for the next reveal so they can release an actual prototype, show the options that will be available, talk about pricing, and maybe even more details on how configuring and delivery will be done.

You're right though, as they go through testing and prototyping they'll tweak things andmake changes here and there, but all the heavy lifting is done.

brando | 1 september 2016

mule - proof of concept, anything goes, never reproduced, hence the name mule
prototype - many hand built/crafted parts too show
engineering prototype - (pencils down) components get picked and tested (durability) , and first crash testing
validation prototype - validation of the production techniques, final crash testing for ratings

Marc Tarpenning speaks about co-founding Tesla Motors with Martin Eberhard. Marc ran the electrical engineering group as well as being the acting CFO for the first three years. Tesla Motors has sold over 2500 fully battery electric Roadsters and is now delivering Model S sedans. It became a public company on the NASDAQ exchange in July 2010, and employs over 2,000 people. Since leaving Tesla Motors, Mr. Tarpenning has been Entrepreneur in Residence at Mayfield Fund, sits on several company Advisory Boards, speaks frequently on entrepreneurship, is a Mentor at Greenstart and is an elected School Board Trustee for the Woodside Elementary School District.


SoFlaModel3 | 2 september 2016

@andy.connor.e just because the design is done doesn't mean the car exists the following day. They are building/configuring the "machine to build the machine", securing parts sources, and a whole lot more before they can even come close to shipping a car.

topher | 5 september 2016

" so we can take advantage of the savings if the price goes up prior to receiving our Model 3. "

I guess, if you want to 'lock in' the Model S prices. Most people are assuming/hoping that the Model 3 options will be cheaper.

Thank you kindly.

Haggy | 7 september 2016

Tesla does give a way to lock in prices and protect yourself from changes. You do that by converting a reservation into a deposit. That locks you in with no obligation, but after a week you are obligated or you lose your deposit. None of that will happen until they are ready to sell the cars though.

andy.connor.e | 8 september 2016

I dont think i've ever been this impatient for something.