VW to launch Ev covering 300 miles range (480 km) this is a serious contender ! Surely including a serious liftback

VW to launch Ev covering 300 miles range (480 km) this is a serious contender ! Surely including a serious liftback

It also says it will retail for less than the price of a conventional car with a gasoline or diesel engine.

A charging time of 15 minutes is rumored.

Speaking to German newspaper WirtschaftWoche (Industry and Economy Week) recently, Volkswagen chairman Herbert Diess said the car would have the outside dimensions of the Golf but offer the interior space of the larger Passat.

Diess says it should be market ready in late 2018 or early 2019.

Diess reportedly has given company engineers free rein to create “the Volkswagen for the digital age” and challenged them to set new benchmarks for electric performance. In addition, he wants them to develop cutting edge connectivity and infotainment systems and style the car so it stands out from other cars on the road.

All this activity at Volkswagen has come as the result of the emissions cheating disaster that came to light a year ago. In an odd way, that debacle could be the spark Volkswagen needed to uncouple itself from its fossil fuel past and focus on its zero emission future. Many other car makers are paying lip service to the electric car revolution, but you can tell their heart really isn’t in it.

“We are using the current crisis to fundamentally realign the group,” VW Group CEO Matthias Müller says. “I feel we now have the chance to build a new and better Volkswagen.” The diesel engine was supposed to propel Volkswagen to the top of the world’s automotive manufacturers. How ironic would it be if the electric motor ends up doing for Volkswagen what the diesel engine never could?

Joe73 | 27 august 2016

Good for VW.
All they need now is a battery factory to produce all the batteries needed for the millions of cars they are going to sell.
Doubt they will be able to build that by 2018-2019 thou.
But way to go.

Red Sage ca us | 27 august 2016

So... Volkswagen is going to build their version of the Kia Soul EV. It will be very nice to see what the VW Boxhandy-e has to offer. Will it be a crate on wheels? A box on wheels? Or... a cube on wheels?

bmalloy0 | 27 august 2016

I'm calling concept. Unless they drop the 300 mile claim. Charging time has more to do with the power of the plug than the car; to get a 15 minute charge with a battery capable if doing 300 miles, you'd need a charger rated around 400-500 kW, around four times as powerful as Tesla's Superchargers, and the electronics in the car to handle that kind of power. No way is all of that costing in the ballpark of a conventional (in-class) vehicle.

tstolz | 27 august 2016

Words are cheap.

Mailrail707 | 27 august 2016

If I were VW, I'd be mighty careful about what I promised the public. Some companies never learn...

quinney | 27 august 2016

Gimme some of that vaporware.

bernard.holbrook | 27 august 2016

That's 300 miles on the European cycle which is around 225 miles, so sameish as the Tesla 3 and the Bolt.

The 15 minute charge time on current battery technology is out of the question.

Tiebreaker | 27 august 2016

@ Ø , congratulations! Now you can finally buy a serious liftback!!!

David N | 27 august 2016

it seems as though every manufacturer says pretty much the same thing in one form or another," We're going to....."
Until I see something, I say its all talk no action.

Ross1 | 28 august 2016

You could cheat being an EV manufacturer too. You could 'fix' the rated HP... | 28 august 2016

You just have to read between the lines:

Charging in 15 minutes - didn't say a full charge - could be a 5% charge.
Ready to market in late 2018 - Doesn't say for sale. Often cars are marketed a year or more before available to actually buy. So assume 2020 before you can buy one.
Engineers given free rein - Didn't this just get them into a huge mess?
300 miles range - This is Europe where mileage claims are always grossly inflated. That said, perhaps it has a 20 kW battery and 225 miles (USA) is at 30 mph downhill with a tailwind.

Now I actually hope they do produce something useful. Without even a concept drawing, they are many years away from releasing this.

Red Sage ca us | 28 august 2016

So many hats to wear. Shall it be:

Friendly Neighborhood Over-the-Top Optimistic Tesla Motors Certified Apologist Fanboy


Angry Remote Entirely Underwhelmed Pessimistic Traditional Automobile Manufacturer Ignored Condemning Naysayer...?

Badbot | 28 august 2016

Diess reportedly has given company engineers free rein to create “the Volkswagen for the digital age” and challenged them to set new benchmarks for electric performance. In addition, he wants them to develop cutting edge connectivity and infotainment systems and style the car so it stands out from other cars on the road."
OK, If I was given unlimited budgets and a year to deliver a masterpiece I might be able to produce a product jingle or something. It is tough to do something you never have done before. My styling would stand out, but in a Darwin award way.
I hope they can meet this challenge. it's not like they don't make the best value cars already. What was the one they sell for 10 to 12k?

Ross1 | 28 august 2016

A new benchmark =
New for VW, or
New for EVs, or
Definitely not like the Tesla benchmark, or
Definitely not like the "all others" benchmark ?

topher | 28 august 2016

This is where they have to go IMHO if they want to survive as a company. That said, the particulars sound impossible. Can we googlemap the battery plant?

Thank you kindly.

JeffreyR | 28 august 2016

@Badbot wrote, "My styling would stand out, but in a Darwin award way."


@topher wrote, "Can we googlemap the battery plant?"

Nope. But hey we don't need no stinkin' batteries. Right...?

I am like many above where I applaud the goal and hope they are hugely successful. The good news is that any type of battery (w/in reason) will drop into an EV drivetrain and provide energy for motive force. Maybe GF-02 could be a VW partnership. It's kinda crazy, but not totally out of the question.

bj | 28 august 2016

While it's tempting to put the boot into "traditional" carmakers, I think any effort at making EVs should be encouraged, the more the better. A world where Tesla has 90% market share of BEVs is a world where BEV uptake has failed to reach critical mass.

But having said that, it's a shame journos don't ask more of the hard questions, like where is the battery factory and when will all these "plans" become cars on the road that folks can buy. In other words, the blowtorch they like to apply to Tesla, please apply to other carmakers that don't actually have any product yet.

dsvick | 29 august 2016

This just sounds like a ploy, at least for the moment, to stop people from reserving any more M3s. It's all well and good to say they've given the engineers free reign, and whatever concept drawing they come up with might be awesome. Until the production team looks at it and says they can actually build what the engineers designed it's just words.

Hopefully, they can make good on what they've said though, they'd be one of the first of the traditional manufacturers to actually try to make something saleable.

nadurse | 29 august 2016

Seems like every week I read that someone is coming out with a "Tesla killer" or something similar.... but its never an actual running car or prototype, or its 3+ years off. So people like to say its gonna do this or do that, but while they are saying stuff for 3,4 or 5 years, Tesla is actually DOING it. And do people think that Tesla is just going to stand still for the next 3 years and not get better? Buy the time their Tesla killer comes to market it will be dated compared to what Tesla is actually doing.

That said, i hope they do come out with something cool that will make EV's more mainstream, but im not going to hold my breath.

Red Sage ca us | 29 august 2016

nadurse: +21! Do not hold your breath. Great advice.

wrightmikeb | 29 august 2016

Talk is cheap, especially coming from VW

jordanrichard | 30 august 2016

That's interesting because that same VW guy was quoted as saying that the car wouldn't be ready until 2025.

andy.connor.e | 30 august 2016

Lets see VW do a better job than Tesla, and at a better price. (ya right)

Drdpharris | 30 august 2016

If its real EV that looks good for a good price, then go-VW-go!

leskchan | 30 august 2016

I have confident that VM will delivery, just as they have delivered with low emission on diesel cars, it's all about software.

VW used software to fool emission test to provide a glowing emission performance. The same software will be able to show your that that car has travelled 10 miles on the odometer. In reality you only drove it for a block. How's that for range.

apa.hooft | 31 august 2016

In 2015 Audi announced the Q6 e-tron. Should get in production in 2018. That car should have a 500km range (NEDC) and a 95kWh batterypack. In 2015 Audi was confident CCS 150kW would be widely available in 2018. As for right now....almost no CCS 150 kW equipment is in production at charging stations.

They thought the German price would be around € 80.000. Don't know if that is including VAT.

In 2020 a luxury sedan should be released. Probably the A9. That should get the same batterypack, but with 11kW inductive charging option.

I wonder if a substantial CCS 150kW network is realized before the end of 2018 and that VW/Audi kan really sell compelling EV's at a competitive pricepoint.

Meanwhile in Sparks Nevada and Fremont California in 2018.....

The redesigned batterymodule and pack (currently available in S and X...100kWh) will be equipped with the new 2170 li-ion cell, replacing the old 18650s. Boosting packsize to 120kWh.

In 2020 Tesla will implement a new electrolyte additive that will allow cell voltage to rise to 5V...having a nice impact on max capacity...etc...

dinotrac | 31 august 2016

The more the merrier and the better the cooler. Charging infrastructure is sure to benefit and EV sales are sure to benefit from improved charging infrastructure.

bwendell | 31 august 2016

VW has never delivered consistent production to America on schedule in the 46 years I've been buying their cars. Of course, a lift back would be tempting, but still would rather buy American for the first time in my automotive life. The only reason I might even consider an on-time VW box would be because my VW dealer is so terrific. (Really, no sarcasm intended.) Not holding my breath like I am for the Model 3.

David N | 31 august 2016

Its all a bunch of BS

ero.kube | 4 september 2016

I would ever buy even a carpet from VW, just because I do not like the VW...
SO no matter how cheap or super EV would VW make, I would not go for it...
VW as company is ugly, that's my opinion.. I like more Tesla..
Tesla was the one (or the MUSK) who started the EV "trend" (or better IDEA) for generic public
And that's a heroic move.. not promises from VW, its a plagia...

and simply.. VW logo is cheap. Tesla rocks :)

David N | 4 september 2016

Just More of the same BS.
Yada yada yada.

rockyouever | 4 september 2016

I was so glad that I did not get Audi TDI which was one of cars I considered before.

VW can talk all it wants with any performance claim. For me to buy a car related to VW group, not a chance in this life time. One of my colleague was looking for a SUV and asked my opinion about the Audi Car since he knew I was looking at Audi before. I asked him to Google dieselgate and He is driving a Lexus now.
He wanted to have a Tesla but the current models are out of his budget and he can't wait for model 3. | 4 september 2016

The VW press release was my inspiration for "How to create a Tesla Killer press release":

Haggy | 4 september 2016

I can already charge in 15 minutes or less at a Supercharger, if we are talking about a typical day's worth of use, based on US averages. If a 300 mile battery could be charged at home completely in 15 minutes, they'd be advertising charging in under 2 minutes on a typical day.

carlos | 5 september 2016

As a current VW owner (TDi to make things worse) I can honestly say you would be a dumb "duck" if you buy a product made by them.

Ross1 | 6 september 2016

Carlos, it would be really interesting to know if you bought your car with any basis on the untrue emission claims.

JayInJapan | 6 september 2016

It's about time. Still waiting for the rest of the car industry to commit.

apa.hooft | 6 september 2016

JayInJapan....they don't commit. None of them. Samsung and LG simple can't produce the amount of batterypacks needed for a "committed" amount of cars. The highest planned production is for the GM Bolt/Ampera-e....and that is only for 20.000 to 30.000 units a year. Best case will be 50.000 in 2018.

And NO high-speed charging infrastructure exists in Europe before 2018...unless they build those CCS 150kW stations like there's no tomorrow.

If all goes to plan, Tesla will produce 1.5 million cars a year by 2020-2022 (S, X, III, Y and pickup). That will be more than all other brands put together and then some