Will new 90 be software-limited 100?

Will new 90 be software-limited 100?

So now Tesla has 4 battery options: 60/75/90/100. And actually these are currently known to be 75/90/100 hardware.

This seems to be quite a lot of different battery pack options to be on the assembly line. Many threads already discuss the simplification of the Tesla factory and manufacturing so they could ship less HW options and allow more software upgrades later.

My question is whether they'll phase-out the current 90KW battery and make it a software-limited 100KW.

This could be beneficial (to me) because we are looking at an X90D (mainly for range).

Thoughts? Ideas for when/if this will happen?

Silver2K | 30 august 2016

uh...yes YES!
wait....hhmmmm .... bah I dunno!

fgaliegue | 30 august 2016

Given that there is the option for people who have preordered a P90D recently to pay an extra to turn it into a P100D, I'd say yes.

What I'd really like however is a 100D...

Silver2K | 30 august 2016

the answer is no, there is a new fuse being used in the p100d. Unless Elon is going to drop a more expensive fuse in the p90d and lose some money on it hoping the p90d owners will upgrade to p100d.

sp_tesla | 30 august 2016

"SilverP85plus | August 30, 2016
there is a new fuse being used in the p100d."

Approx how much more expensive? 50 cents, $1, $5, $10

Silver2K | 30 august 2016

good question, not sure. it's probably the same answer as "how much does Tesla really pay for the $4k screen" or "what is tesla paying for those $1.2k handles"
it was mention by one of the senior guys on here that the upgrade is not as simple as adding a battery pack, it requires a larger fuse also.

I guess if you spend $19.99 you can buy the whole suite of fuses at pep boys.

Dwdnjck@ca | 30 august 2016

I don't think these fuses are cheap, or available at Pep Boys.

JayInJapan | 30 august 2016

The battery packs are different as well, with a different layout for the coolant/heating system. I believe I read that this layout costs more. Until these costs are brought down, the 90 and 100 will remain separate builds. Remember you need to order the Performance version to get to 100.

Tarla's Driver | 30 august 2016

It looks like they're doing some dark magic to get the 100s right now. There may be some hand selection of parts and such, as well as other changes. I suspect they'll get a good handle on the situation in a few months, at which point they may switch things around and open up the 100 to non-PL buyers. I'm guessing that by spring, the battery packs available may be just 80 and 100, with software letting them sell 60/80/100 or even 60/70/80/90/100.

Silver2K | 30 august 2016

the fuses at pep boys was a wise remark by the way :)

brando | 30 august 2016

Tesla fans knew P100D was coming since mid March 2016.
If that is what one wants, then should have held off configuration until available, right?

And if it is really important, you can upgrade and/or consider trade-in, right?

Sorry the world doesn't work exactly how you'd like it to work for your best interests.

Expect about 10% improvements about every 2 years.

fgaliegue | 31 august 2016

@JayInJapan if that is the case, it's really a bummer; I'd have thought that the 90 kWh offering would be a software limited version of the 100 kWh offering, but if that were the case I guess the 100D would be available for purchase...

Too bad...

johndoe | 31 august 2016

Once the gigafactory is producing batteries in quantity, I expect the new batteries will then soon after be put in a new S/X battery pack. Since the new battery chemistry is 10-15% more capacity, then you can expect a new battery pack over 100kWh. It makes sense for Tesla to offer a low entry price for the S/X via a software limit, but I do not believe it makes the same sense at the high price point.

JayInJapan | 31 august 2016

The news seems to be that 100 is the most they can squeeze out of what is currently available. It's going to require something new to break the 100 barrier. Perhaps when the gigafactory is up and running at full steam. | 31 august 2016

Assuming they have the materials to build all 90kwh packs as 100 kWh packs for a cost of $X/pack including any fuse link difference, there is a marketing angle. For example, if they charge 4 times $X for the 100 kWh "upgrade" when the order is placed, they would be betting that 25% or more X90 orders would take the higher capacity from the get-go. If so, this would pay for 100% of the added costs. If they then offer a SW enabled upgrade to 100 kWh subsequent to delivery for 2 times $X, they have potential market of 75% of X90 owners to bring in added profit.

fgaliegue | 31 august 2016

not only Model X preorders. I'll place a S 90D order very soon and I will happily pay for a 100D upgrade since I want a comfortable range.

Not that a 90D is not sufficient for me but, you know, when you can afford it... | 31 august 2016

Make that 8 times X for post delivery upgrades. just flunked marketing 101. :-))

andy.connor.e | 31 august 2016

100D is the way to go. If P100D gets 315 miles, im sure 100D would get over 350. | 31 august 2016

The fuse has to handle 400v at 1500 amps without blowing. To get it to trip correctly on an overload without causing other damage, it has it's own power monitoring electronics and I'm about 90% sure it has a pyro charge to blow the fuse quickly. You can always ask Pep Boys, but I sort of doubt they stock this!

chenfamily | 31 august 2016

I wish the 90kw is really 100kw on the new, as I am about to get my X90D and really prefer 100. Besides the mention of challenges and redesign of battery system for better cooling, Elon also mentioned right now can only produce 200 per week. There is practical means to produce let alone include the 100kw in the all the 90kw Model S and X.

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