Handling, handling, handling

Handling, handling, handling

When I made my deposit for a model 3 I scanned through the forums but could find little about handling. Perhaps that's not a priority for other model 3 buyers, but for me any car must be a "driver's car". That means quality sports sedan handling on a par with the German automakers or Mazda. I expect Tesla to provide such an engaged driver's experience, based on their earlier models, but if the model 3 will be only a transportation appliance, there are cars at half the price which can get me from here to there. So Tesla, please have a quality sports suspension in your plans. | 3 september 2016

Expected, but obviously unknown by anyone in the forums!

bmalloy0 | 3 september 2016

Tesla's top two priorities when making cars are safety, and making a good car. I have full faith in them to make a great Model 3.

stephen.kamichik | 3 september 2016

EM has said that all Teslas will have style, safety and performance.

lar_lef | 3 september 2016

By the way, someone mentioned Mazda.Why don't they make evs or hybrids? Just curious.

bmalloy0 | 3 september 2016

@lar_lefi believe their fleet is fuel efficient enough that they don't need EVs/Hybrids to pad their numbers like other companies

PhillyGal | 3 september 2016

Felt great to me... and it was only a short test ride in the back of a prototype.

tstolz | 3 september 2016

It's a myth that model S doesn't handle. It specs at about .89 to .92 on the skid pad after all... the is in the same ballpark as an M5. Slalom is a bit slow but the cars width works against it there. My bet is M ☰ will be very good ... not class leading ... but very good.

Haggy | 3 september 2016

Top automotive and consumer magazines make it clear that the Model S handles exceptionally well. I expect the Model 3 to handle as well or better than other cars in its class, and wouldn't be surprised if it does better than everything in its class.

lar_lef | 4 september 2016

Thanks. Will be Interesting to see if their fuel efficiency will keep pace with ev developments.

carlk | 4 september 2016

Model S, and Model X too, handle great compare to cars of the same type or even some sportier ones. Low COG of the skateboard design does wonder when you're making that hard turn. The car I owned before the S was a Cayman S, a car some say has the best handling in the industry. I should know what good handling is and I have no problem (aggressively) driving my S or my X.

Red Sage ca us | 5 september 2016

OP: I have had to endure this [BOLSHEVIK] about ' German Handling' for about thirty years. It is the one thing that has allowed the BMW 3-Series in particular to continually win direct comparison tests against vehicles that soundly defeated those cars in instrumented tests for over twenty-five years. Because of its 'steering feel' and 'communication with the road', the 3-Series has remained the benchmark for driving excellence against all competitors. Luckily the groundwork has already been laid for its dismissal. Because since 2012 the 3-Series has lost multiple times to brands that previously had no chance at all. From AUDI and Buick to Cadillac and Jaguar. Tesla Motors targeted the 3-Series several years ago and you can bet that with so many examples of improving upon its most vaunte characteristic, the handling aspects of Model 3 will NOT be overlooked at all.

Red Sage ca us | 5 september 2016

lar_lef: Mazda for a couple of decades straight hung their hat on the Wankel Rotary engine. Fuel economy and reliability issues hit them hard. They largely fixed a lot of those problems, their sales never got where they needed to be. I think they are afraid of technology now. They could make a change, and are mostly independent now, after being largely owned by Ford for a long while. But ultimately, asking why they don't have fully electric cars is like asking the same about Volvo. They are playing it safe.

David N | 5 september 2016

when asked "What will it be like". Elon commonly refers to BMW's 3 or 5 series as a benchmark for comparrison.
As far as if it will meet your personal expectations for being a "drivers car", only you will be able to be the judge of that. If it helps, keep in mind that Elon has always been performance minded.
He has stated on many occasions that Tesla's must not be equal to ICE cars, they must exceed ICE.

lar_lef | 5 september 2016

At least Volvo has a hybrid, i believe, though with scant electric range.

jordanrichard | 6 september 2016

OP, have you ridden/driven a MS? If not, do so and your question will be answered. What gives Tesla there great handling is the extremely low center of gravity which for the MS is the same as a Ferrari. The ride is just as taunt/firm as a German car, IMHO, probably due to the beefy springs they have to put on the car to handle the weight.

As I suggested, go drive a MS and then you will understand.

fastautox | 7 september 2016

As I said in my original post, based on EM's past comments and the fact that the model S has handling comparable to the biggest MB, BMW and Audi models, my hopeful expectation is that model 3 will be similarly comparable to other quality mid-size sports sedans. It's the much lower price point of the 3 that has me hope that the company won't have to sacrifice handling in order to meet a price point. The car doesn't have to have Cayman or Miata handling, but I do want to experience fun, lively, communicative responsiveness. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

jordanrichard | 8 september 2016

Due to the location of the battery pack and drive unit, it inherently will have better handing than a regular 4 door sedan.