60D model X or fully loaded model 3?

60D model X or fully loaded model 3?

Looking for some advice and opinions please. I test drove a P90D X on Saturday and loved it! The doors are epic and it was very spacious. I don't know what the 60D feels like for the 6 seconds 0 to 60, and I can't test drive one with that battery. I pre ordered the model 3 on April first and have been planning on getting it fully loaded, but now I'm considering a 60D X instead. I know we don't know that much about the model 3 but speculating on the fully loaded version brings up a lot of questions about which one to go for. If I do get a model X, I can only afford leather seats, 6 seats, and autopilot. Im 26, and can't go all out yet, I have 60K to throw down and would need to pay off the rest. Also, I need room for a few 6' surfboards in the car, so the X would be easier to do that with.

My concerns are, will the X get a revamp of the interior once the minimalistic model 3 comes out? Would you rather have a 60D with a 6 second 0 to 60, or a under 3 second 0 to 60 model 3? When tesla goes fully autonomous, will the X have that hardware built in even if I ordered it today? Would a 200 mile range base model X be better than a 300 mile range fully loaded model 3?

My plan as of now, is to keep waiting it out until more info and prices are released on the model 3, and to test drive a 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds model S for a reference point for the X. And then make my final decision.

I know that no one knows the answers to these questions, and that I'm just speculating on the model 3 stats. But based on these hypotheticals, do any of you have any advice for me?

-future tesla owner

lilbean | 20 september 2016


rossRallen | 20 september 2016


Pryoritiesinc | 20 september 2016

Just my opinion, get an S now. Look at the inventory S's, there are some pretty good deals. The 3 is realistically 2 years away and the 90X is more than $100k. By a S75 now and enjoy it for 2 years and then think about the 3

carlk | 20 september 2016

Go for the X if you really like it.

AlMc | 20 september 2016

OP: They are giving great deals if you take delivery by Sept 30th. You can pick up an S (not X) 75D for 'cheap'.

If you qualify for the full federal $7,500 tax credit and a tax credit in your state along with the $60K you have you may have little or no financing needs. Your surfboard, IIRC, may just fit into an S.

kennyjnr | 20 september 2016

I completely agree with pryoritiesinc. The X is a more target specific car for people like me with too many children ;-). I don't mean to pry, but if I had 60k 4 years ago I would've put it into a house? However.....26 years old in a sleek model s would look pretty bad ass to me! Good luck in choosing! Lol

tommyalexandersb | 20 september 2016

I'm not interested in the S and I know about all the deals right now, thanks for the info though. Leaning towards a 60D X for 85K. But it's such a tough decision. Also, since I'm pretty high up on the 3 reservation list, live in California and would get it fully loaded, assuming tesla can stick to its delivery schedule, I think I would get it late next year optimistically or early 2018 realistically. Thanks for all your input! More is appreciated too!

AlMc | 20 september 2016

How about a two year lease for the X, then buy the model 3?

trimai | 20 september 2016

Tommy - another thing think about is Model 3 will not get free supercharge, you will need to pay.

tommyalexandersb | 20 september 2016

I noticed on the design page that it doesn't say free supercharging for life anymore. Anyone know if it's still free for life with the X?

tommyalexandersb | 20 september 2016

I'm for sure buying. Not a fan of leasing.

hami05 | 20 september 2016

Tommy, this is obviously a really big decision for you, so there are a lot of things that I would consider. Personally, I was hooked on the X as soon as I saw it too because of the falcon wing doors, the semi autonomous front doors, and all that incredible tech like you seem to be. I have a fairly stripped down 75D, with the only features being 7 seats, AP, and SAS. I also preordered the Model 3,and have high hopes for the new features that they will be able to implement in it. However, if you asked me whether I would rather have my X or a loaded Model 3, I would take the X any day, but it really depends on your situation. First of all, you indicated that you're only 26 and that 85k is a lot of cash for you to put down for a car. I get that, because it's a lot for me as well and price is obviously something to consider. A fully loaded model 3 will come in below $70k, which will probably be easier for you to digest in a couple years than putting down $60k right now and having to get a loan for another $25k. Also, keep in mind, do you really need a 6 seater? You're a young guy and probably won't be needing a car with more than 5 seats for a while. Also, Tesla is going to unveil the model Y within the next couple years too, and that might end up suiting your needs better than the model X. I think that you should hold off for now and tentatively stick with the model 3 because in a couple years, what's going to be cooler than having the latest and the greatest before anyone with that premium audio, ludicrous acceleration, and killer range? At the end of the day, it's up to you though and only you know what will be the best decision for you. Whatever you decide though, know that you will probably have the title of "coolest car on the block" for a long, long time, and that signature Tesla Grin will be plastered on your face for many years to come. :) Side note, my 75D has the same acceleration as the 60D and I can tell you that it's still plenty enough force to keep you glued to the back of your seat and turn some heads on the road. Also, I'm fairly sure that supercharging is still free for life on new S's and X's, but if you end up going for an X, check on that with your Tesla team.

tommyalexandersb | 20 september 2016

@hami05 thanks! I think those are good points, and happy to hear about the acceleration too. The reason I would get 6 seats is to fold down the back two and slide surfboards up the middle. As per my job, I have to drive clients around sometimes so 6 seats helps, but it's not necessary. I think I'm going to wait a couple months and think about it, but the waiting is getting tough haha.

hami05 | 20 september 2016

@Tommy- Sounds good man. You don't want to make a rash decision here. The wait is truly painful, I mean I just had a 3 month wait for my X and it was excruciating, but keep in mind that some people had been waiting 3-4 years for their Tesla and have not been disappointed. It will all be worth it when you see your 'baby' on delivery day. It's like Christmas. Trust me haha. :) It will feel especially good when you're one of the first people to get one. You might even end up getting a 'Signature' fully loaded model 3 at a slight discount, which would be awesome.

tommyalexandersb | 21 september 2016

Has anyone regretted only having a 200 mile range?

Pryoritiesinc | 21 september 2016

Depends on the purpose of the X, if it is for daily commuting/driving of less than 170 miles and you charge it every night than that's fine. If it's to go like my distance then you would want to look for a super charger every 150 miles to be safe. With range comes higher cost, about $9k per from 60 to 75 and the same from 75 to 90.

Jama | 21 september 2016

Unofficially I have been advised that any one who orders X from October on wards will get the extra cameras built in them for V2.0

tommyalexandersb | 21 september 2016

Thanks!!!! ^