Update Sept 26

Update Sept 26

I am experiencing a couple of problems that are concerning. Yesterday after having driven on the new update for a couple of days, I had two problems with the display. Several times on my drive in city and interstate driving, the center display would go to dark with a very dim Tesla icon in the middle or completely dark. My Iphone was playing and then it stopped. I did not notice any other safety issue. The car seemed to drive correctly and the display returned after some time as did the Iphone.

I also had an occasion where I was stopped in traffic and both the displays went black. and the accelerator would not work. I had to punch the brake several times and the display and other functions returned. I am not sure what made either problem return to normal operations.

My questions are, am I alone in experiencing this or have Idone something wrong?

Captain_Zap | 29 september 2016

Go check the Model S forum.

JPPTM | 29 september 2016

Problems with many S owners yesterday causing spontaneous MCU reboots--many related to v.8.0 and when trying to use navigation. Some rumors about an ATT data link issue. Resolved as of yesterday late afternoon.