When to buy?

When to buy?

Ive been cruising this forum the past few weeks. I was undecided but now I'm ready to make a purchase. 90D with all the extras except standard wheels, no trailer hitch. I have never purchased a Tesla and with many years buying new car, usually first model year production I know there is huge difference in car years when selling. Tesla seems different. I can put my order in on Saturday but I told DS I wanted a 2017. He said I would need to wait a little but now after reading this forum I'm not sure it matters if I get a December 2016 or a January 2017. I'm sure some of you have had experiences selling your used Tesla. Any suggestions?


sp_tesla | 10 november 2016

" I'm not sure it matters if I get a December 2016 or a January 2017."

Most used car buyers would be expecting to pay less for 2016 than 2017.

burdogg | 10 november 2016

Do taxes matter for you this year versus next year? Sometimes if you expect a higher tax bill this year, some would want to decrease that as much in this year, versus next year.

burdogg | 10 november 2016

Also, how long are looking at before trying to turn around and sell it? As you get further down the road, a simple year difference is not what makes the difference as opposed to mileage - especially with Tesla as there is no such thing as model year :) (Years down the road, people will start to understand that for Teslas)

jleonar1 | 10 november 2016

Taxes aren't the issue. I won't qualify for CA refund. The federal will work either year. I usually keep car 3 years and I certainly won't keep the X beyond warranty. I only drive about 6k per year.
Thanks for any info.

jleonar1 | 10 november 2016

I'm also doing 5 seater so guess from what I'm reading I won't possibly get in 2016. That solves the problem. Order now and get in January or Feb.

KurtsX | 10 november 2016

Just a thought about when to order......Tesla just announced that all vehicles ordered after Jan 1st will come with only a limited free Super Charger access, I believe the estimate was approximately 1,000 miles of free charge a year, after that you pay. If you intend to stay local and charge at home, thats not a big deal, but I typically spend over $5K a year for fuel and the free super charger for life was a huge factor in my decision to buy a Tesla, which I intend to drive for at least 8 years.

peter | 10 november 2016

I just ordered my Model X. I wanted to order before the end of the year to take advantage of the unlimited superchargers. As it is the end of the year I would prefer a 2017 instead of a 2016 VIN. I also need to take delivery in 2017 to fully take advantage of the tax rebate. I spoke with the showroom people in Seattle and they said that you can schedule your delivery out three months. So... I placed the order for delivery in February.

Best of all worlds. Except I now have to wait. At least I get to keep driving my Model S.

jleonar1 | 11 november 2016

Will ask for January delivery. Thanks everyone. Great forum. Here is my order. Can't wait to join your world.
Your Model X
Model X 90D
All-Wheel Drive
Silver Metallic Paint
20" Silver Wheels
Black Leather Seats
Glossy Obeche Wood Décor
Front Console
Black Headliner
Five Seat Interior
Supercharger Enabled
Enhanced Autopilot
Full Self-Driving Capability
Premium Upgrades Package
Smart Air Suspension

Finder21 | 11 november 2016

Congrats! Great choices on the 90D! I picked pretty much the same setup except for the white with super white seats. Should be a beautiful car with silver/black (same as my current ride).

Only thing I would note is my understanding on how Teslas are manufactured by model year - if you get one delivered in January they will likely build it in December - which would still be a 2016 model year I think. You would probably want a Feb delivery to make sure it is a 2017.

With that said, I personally think having a 2016 will be a good thing - that tells the buyer it will 100% have free supercharging - versus with a 2017 the buyer won't be 100% sure (may need to check options, VIN #, etc.).

I am trying to get mine by the end of the year personally - order was confirmed 11/5 and am hearing it should get to Atlanta by the end of the year.

PenHam | 13 november 2016

I hope someone warned you that if you're only going to drive the car for the next three years, it's very unlikely the "Full Self-Driving Capability" will be functional within that period.

Activation is subject to delay from regulators, and then there's the matter to consider of: what Tesla says is "finished" versus whether you'd really trust your life to their programming.

From what I've seen of our own Model X's autopilot feature, it's so far away from being anything truly dependable, I wouldn't trust it on any road that isn't a very clearly marked, gentle, highway.

jleonar1 | 14 november 2016

My DS talked me out of the full self driving option. I'm not buying the car for what it might do but what it does now. Also added the upgrade on sound just to get the XM radio. After test drive I'm not wanting to wait until February. Confirmation day is Wednesday.
Thanks everyone.

jleonar1 | 14 november 2016

My DS talked me out of the full self driving option. I'm not buying the car for what it might do but what it does now. Also added the upgrade on sound just to get the XM radio. After test drive I'm not wanting to wait until February. Confirmation day is Wednesday.
Thanks everyone.

lilbean | 14 november 2016


PenHam | 17 november 2016

Regarding Model X. The technology is moving quickly. Resale value falling like a rock. Once autonomous driving is regulator approved, then buy. Until then, lease.

Saxman | 19 november 2016

When to buy is very personal and naturally based on individual circumstances. I ordered my X on Nov 12 and today is my confirmation date.

I travel between homes in TX & CO, so unlimited Supercharging was huge. Also CO allows me a $5k tax credit that I can assign to Tesla, at the time of delivery, if delivery is after Jan 1 2017. That $5k comes off the invoiced amount, instead of State income tax.

My point is check out the incentives of federal, state and even local utilites, to determine your best window of opportunity.

Congrats on pulling the trigger.

Let's hope we all enjoy our X and it exceeds our expectations.

vrykolas | 19 november 2016

We're buying this week. We've had a reservation/deposit since April 2015.
The only option we're still trying to decide is either black leather or black textile/cloth.
Local Dallas gallery is letting us have a loaner/test-drive for 24 hours to test out a cloth version to see if we like it.
I used to 'assume' leather was needed on Tesla, but then am worried if our large dogs jump on the seats and puncture the leather.

We're ordering:
Silver exterior, black interior (leather or cloth)
6 seat
Enhanced Autopilot
(if approved, will add full autonomous later)
Sub-zero (even though we're in Dallas
Tow package (just in case)

Our reasoning for waiting until now to order:
-AP2.0 hardware now available
-We'll mostly use Enhanced autopilot most of the time
-We're planning many road trips so I want free supercharging for life

AlMc | 24 november 2016

I agree with @PenHam. But, I would say leasing makes the most sense (especially for a business) for any TM product as the tech and QC on ALL models will, IMO, improve very quickly.

BAT1 | 24 november 2016

I've ordered one of the last P100D MX with AP2 and unlimited supercharging. A rare beast :-)

Lease if you are not doing long trips, buy if you're doing route 66!