Trip to lake Tahoe on Model X 60D

Trip to lake Tahoe on Model X 60D

Planning to do a trip to South Lake Tahoe from Bay Area during Christmas break. I do plan to charger the car at Folsom SuperCharger. Mostly worried about not able to find a charger in South Lake Tahoe to charge it enough to come back to Folsom SC while returning. Don't plan on staying on Airbnb listing or cheap hotel/motel with tesla destination chargers. Wondering if anyone in the forum has done the trip and if they can share their experience finding chargers in South Lake tahoe.


ajoshi84 | 30 november 2016

Found a good page listing all the chargers in or around South Lake tahoe

aesculus | 30 november 2016

There is ONE at Heavenly but good luck finding it open.,-66.94,25.82,-124.39,d?search...

You will need to find some place to charge and using the Tesla site it looks mostly like the Air BnB or a few other hotels are all there are with Tesla chargers.

There are a few others on

poloX | 30 november 2016

"cheap hotel/motel with tesla destination chargers"??? Something is not right with that sentence.

Triggerplz | 30 november 2016

Maybe inexpensive would have been a better word, reminds of once at Home Depot I asked for a cheap tool they said they don't have cheap tools but they do have some inexpensive tools :-)

lhanspal | 30 november 2016

@ajoshi84 - one word of caution... since I live in the Bay area as well... that section has an uphill - so you may want to make sure you keep a tab on your WH/mile.

Did a camping trip to Arnold back in July - and after a full charge on my 90D at Manteca Supercharger - I was a bit worried as the charge level had dropped to 45% one the way in. Had to rely on my friends to drop off the car at the Bear Valley Tesla charge for 5-6 hrs.

Would recommend staying at a lodge which is equipped with a charger...

stevesmitg | 1 december 2016

I travel to Lake Tahoe for summers, I traveled in my S in 2015 and my X this year. I stay in the South Lake Tahoe area and have never had a problem charging. There are 4 J1772 chargers at both Harvey's and Harrahs Casinos that only ocasionally are full. My favorite charge spot is at Chase Internation near Zepher Cove, which has an 80 amp Tesla destination charger. It is acroos street from a strip mall and a short walk to a great hiking trail.

Blue85DCalifornia | 1 december 2016

Harrah's and Harvey's both have free, but slow (for a Tesla) chargers; bring your J1772 adapter. is your friend.

dbh | 2 december 2016

North Shore > South Shore. And has two superchargers. Just sayin'.

LimawanS85 | 2 december 2016

With a X 60D, I would go the Truckee route just to be safe since there are 2 superchargers location there. Once in S Lake Tahoe, I would rely on Harrah's and/or Harvey's for overnight charging

poloX | 3 december 2016

1- it's cold. Battery can't hold as much energy in the cold. 2- elevation. You will be climbing and that will drain you battery. 3- snow will consume some of the juice in your battery. 4- you have the 60D, they advertise it has 200miles. Not so for your trip. I would like to see how other with experienced think but I would be really never if the next charge station is more than 130 miles away. Stuck in the middle of nowhere in subzero tempt is not fun. Be safe.

carneiro | 3 januar 2017

Did you take the trip? I'm thinking about doing the same, but wondering about the charge. Does the X 60D make the trip from Folsom to Heavenly?

sometimesjoe | 3 januar 2017

I did this trip a few weeks back from San Jose to a cabin in South Lake Tahoe in my 60D. Looked at all the different routes and chargers and navi said that I would get there with less than 30%. Everyone knows it doesn't calculate for elevation or temp changes. I went the 680 to 80 to 50 route. Supercharged in Vacaville to 100% even though I didn't need to. I have 2 toddlers with me so the stops was nice for them to get out. Supercharged again in Folsom to 100% and had lunch. Stopped at a winery just outside of Placerville that had a destination charger for a little juice as well as some good local wine. Went pretty slow on 50 as traffic started to build and light snow flurries was coming down. Got to the cabin which is down the street from Heavenly with about 40% left. Used a little heat and seat warmers to keep warm as temps were in the low 30s, high 20s. The cabin was a rental and only had 110 in the garage so trickled charged the whole time. By the time I left the cabin, I was probably at around 95% full. Since it's all downhill, I skipped Folsom on the way back and just Supercharged at Vacaville before heading home.

I was nervous on the way there and with a 90D, it would have been a breeze. With the 60D, just have to be careful of your speed. If you get caught up in traffic on 50, that's a good thing. I chose 50 because it's lower in elevation than 80. Check out the destination charger at the winery if you need that extra charge. When there, Heavenly has 2 destination chargers and a few L2 in their garages. I never saw the destination chargers but looking at PlugShare, there are a few in the area that you'll have to look for.

dbh | 4 januar 2017

@josephnguyen97 the trip planner most definitely accounts for elevation change. Not sure about temperature.

You would want to be careful if you were doing the *uphill* version of the trip and traffic became *really* slow. I came downhill from Truckee last weekend in a heavy storm, and it took 5 hours to go 40 miles. During part of that I was average about 900 Wh/mile even though it was downhill and averaging 8mph, running the defroster and seat heaters (was 20F out). If it took 6 hours to go from Rocklin to Truckee going *uphill* and it was 20F I don't think you'd make it in a P90D very easily....definitely not in a 60D. Slow traffic helps to some extent but not below 10mph for sure if it's cold.

SSL161 | 4 januar 2017

Did you end up making the trip? If so, how did it go?

My experience with my X is that I live and die by the Instant Range on the Energy Page. It has saved my bacon twice. So, my counsel, drive the best speed that will get you there and take off a couple of points for normal elevation changes.

And whatever you do, use cruise control. Peg your desired speed and take advantage of as much regen as you can get on the route.

That works well in the flat lands. However, beware of mountains, that all changes with elevation changes. My rule of thumb; you will loose 6 miles of range for every 500 foot increase in elevation, so on you climb to Tahoe on the 50, figure that you will loose 40% overall. The good news is, you'll get 30% back on the way down.

So, it's important to top off at Folsom (go to the at Palladio, avoid the one at Iron Point - that is one of the first ones built and is s-u-p-e-r s-l-o-w, at least since the last time that I used it 9 months ago).

I must say, doing it an 60 would make me nervous. I did Sacramento to LA several times in my 90 and had some range angst (to be conservative, I'd say that the X has 20% less practical range than the S).

My last trip took 9 hrs. My strategy, hit every Supercharger and charge for 30 minutes. As opposed to a single deep charge (1.5 hrs) at Harris Ranch. The logic was, the more you have on board, the slowing the charge. Not accounting for the variables, I'm not sure yet if that was a good idea. I did take the computer's recommended route which had me take slower highways (ie. lower speeds, more range).

This was my second run to LA in the X. The first trip took 8.5 hrs.

And no, I haven't tried any of the various trip planners listed by our Forum Mates. I guess that I like living on the edge and figure things out on my own.

sometimesjoe | 4 januar 2017

@dbh wasn't sure of that but that's good to know now. I was also using this website to map out the trip.

Forgot had to use the defroster a few times but good points. Getting stuck in that slow traffic without anywhere to go while use juice for the defroster and heater sucks. In the future, if it's storming, I'll probably keep the 60D at home and get a ICE *gasp* SUV rental to beat up.