Change the Automatic Door Opening Feature

Change the Automatic Door Opening Feature

My apologies if this has already been suggested--I couldn't find a search feature for the forum. Also, is this the best place to suggest changes to Tesla?

Here's what happens now every morning:
I walk up to the Model X to unplug the charger.
Driver's door opens.
I unplug the car and put away the cable.
Driver's door closes.
I approach the drivers' door.

Here's what should happen:
I walk up to the Model X that's plugged in.
The driver's door remains closed because the car is plugged in.
I unplug the car and put away the cable.
I approach the driver's door from behind and it opens for me to get in without touching the car.
I think: "What a cool feature."

lilbean | 9 januar 2017

Do you have to walk past the door to get to the cable? My car is backed in and I just unplug it. Then my door opens when I approach the car.

RIchgpilot | 9 januar 2017

I leave the key fob in the car when it is parked in the garage. Problem solved for those that park in a private jome garage

carteriii | 9 januar 2017

I'd love to see the use of the automatic door tied to GPS. I honestly prefer the door to never open automatically at home, because I'm often walking around the car or garage or even our mudroom which is adjacent to the garage. All of that (including the adjacent room) cause the door to open. I want to disable it at home, but leave it enabled for everyone else.

Tesla already allows the adjustable suspension to be location-aware, so let's do the same with the automatic door.

poloX | 9 januar 2017

Do you have PUP and enable self present for your door?

Starlifter | 9 januar 2017

I've compiled quite a list of suggestions and since I've had some referrals (and if Tesla follows through on the program) I'll get to meet the chief designer. One of them is to be able to designate the 'HOME' location and configure some defaults whenever the car is parked there. Things like the doors always being unlocked regardless of where the fob is. maybe limiting the car to creep only unless it's in drive and and acknowledgement is pressed indicating it's ready to go. that should help limit damages to garages.......

poloX | 9 januar 2017

@Star, I don't use creep mode and I am perfectly fine with it. Really don't have a need to enable creep mode. What make you think that Tesla should limit to creep mode only?

NumberOne | 9 januar 2017

I have sent them quite a few suggestions regarding this, with the most recent once being that the door does not need to open automatically while it is plugged in, and that pressing the button on the charge connector cable should tell it to open the door, and that the door should stay open until you enter the car, if the door was opened using said button.. If enough people suggest this, they will probably do it. It makes sense to me, because the button must be pressed in order for the connector to be removed. If the auto presenting door only presents after the button is pressed it will also address walking by to get something.

Starlifter | 9 januar 2017

@Polo, that part was sarcasm about those who can't seem to park their model X's without slamming them through the wall of their house.......

But I would like the doors to always be unlocked at home - regardless of where the FOB is located...

poloX | 9 januar 2017

Oh, sorry I didn't get it. :o) Remember, there is vehicle hold too. I actually had a long list of ideas that many thought was good and asked that i sent Tesla so I did. Perhaps you can bring that list with you or at least those that you agree to. :o) I can repost those 2 lists tomorrow or email you directly?

poloX | 9 januar 2017

for you to meet the design director.

aesculus | 9 januar 2017

Some people actually like the door to auto open when they approach the car when it is plugged in so they can put stuff in the front seat hands free. Just saying ...

Triggerplz | 10 januar 2017

I also like my doors to open when I approach and when I don't want them to open I put the fob in that little $29 bag I got from Amazon

Starlifter | 10 januar 2017

that would be the point of designating a 'Home' location and then being able to customize some features based on the car being at home. We all have different tastes and there doesn't need to be a one size fits all - especially with the amazing features of this car.

@polo post your list. happy to take everything.

aesculus | 10 januar 2017

Having stuff in my hands has nothing to do with where I am at. So unless they are planning on using the rear camera to see if my hands are full when I approach the car, I would rather have it open for me. Or you could just turn off the feature.

The last thing I need is a bunch of location settings to maintain.

poloX | 10 januar 2017

@Star: Here you go. 3 lists total:

Features I wish we had in the Tesla Phone App:

1. Turn on/off all lights not just flashing head lights
2. Stream all 6 camera views to the phone (Front, rear, and 4 side views)
3. Text messages:
a. Option for owners to enable/disable the car to text the phone when the car is turned on, moved, doors opened, charging reached certain points…etc
b. Allow the car to receive text messages and show text messages on the screen. This is a good reminders when the wife asks you to buy something on the way home. :o)
4. Preheat the seats from the phone
5. Adjust the SAS from the phone
6. Set GPS destination so the car can just start navigating the moment you get in
7. Open/close all doors/trunk and frunk (not just lock/unlock)
8. Roll windows up/down from the phone too each window individually
a. Preprogram a button to roll window down by just 1” and 2” too. And auto roll up when rain is detected

poloX | 10 januar 2017

2 of 3
Features I wish we had on the key Fob:
1. Roll windows up/stop/down from the Key Fob
2. 1 click to open the selected doors (programed/selected in the car 17” monitor)

poloX | 10 januar 2017

Features I wish we had in the MX:
All, many of these features are simple firmware updates. I know Tesla is reading this forum. So please add features that I missed to the list and let them be heard. My hope is for them to implement these in the future both S/W updates and H/W too.
1. Rain mode for MX. Use SAS to tilt the car, front to highest and back to lowers for 2-3 seconds, then pop the FWD just a little tiny big (a couple of inches) and pause there for a few more seconds to drain the excess water before open somewhere like 70% from fully open, or wherever that point is to allow entering/exiting the car
2. Auto roll up all windows when rain is detected
3. When you turn on the left or right turn signal, the corresponding rearward facing side camera view (blind spot views) displays on the 17” monitor (in AP/EAP mode or NOT). Plus, there are buttons to turn on those 2 camera view (blind spot views) constantly on the top half of the monitor. Don’t need your side view mirrors anymore, fold them in. :o)
4. Share the car data as wifi hotspot so kids can use their iPADs in the back. Really helpful for kids during long road trips.
5. More configuration to have 4 windows in predefined sizes on the 17” monitor. For example, ti control music, I don’t need half of the screen. Just 1 or 2 lines for that.
6. Valet parking, allow the owners to:
a. Set the speed limit. Currently, valet mode speed limit is set to 70 MPH!!! Or change the default valet speed to 30mph max. You don’t need to drive that fast in the parking lot!!!
b. Disable the car after 2 miles of driving AND if drive further than 1 mile from the current location? Usually, you won’t need more than 1 mile to park the car and the parking lot is NOT that far away.
c. Also, put a warning message on the screen about the above items for the valet drivers to see so they won’t attempt to do something crazy.

poloX | 10 januar 2017

1. Camera view of the baby carseat displayed on the 17” screen as an option.
2. 2 reading light on the rear view mirrors
3. Built in sun screen on the FWDs both on the side view windows and on the overhead too.
4. Built in sun screen for the overhead area on the front windshield such that it can retract and pull it out as wishes. Motorize it to make it even fancier. When it rolled out, hook it onto the rear view mirror (If it is motorized, no need to hook).
5. Built in sun screen for the rear windshield. Motorize for this screw is a must.
6. Motorize fold down for second and third rows seats. 6&7 seat config can’t fold down their second row seat.
7. For the 5 seat config, built in stowage compartment underneath the bench seat and in the lower trunk too.
8. I like the look and touch and feel of the back of the front seats. However, as many complain that they are very easily scratch. Also they are not practical to use. I would rather have storage pockets instead.
9. Wish the music favorite heart button has 5 or 10 hearts or at least 3 instead of only 1 today.
10. GPS:
a. Button to view the overview route;
b. Show the instruction for the next action (turn where or exist to something so in case you missed the audio, you can view again);
c. Options to expand or minimize the turn buy turn window on the left side;
d. If you move the map away from where you are or zoom…it never re-center so auto re-center after 10 or 20 seconds;

Triggerplz | 10 januar 2017

@PoloX That's some good stuff you got on that list

aesculus | 10 januar 2017

"Set GPS destination so the car can just start navigating the moment you get in"

This one is essentially already in the app. If you have your app set for Calendar updates and you have a calendar entry with an address, as soon as you get in the car you can press the calendar icon and then the appointment you have next. The car will navigate to that address.

Leshe | 11 januar 2017

If you set mirrors to auto fold in when locking they automatically open when you start driving. If you turn off the auto function and manually fold in they automatically open when driving more then 10 miles per hour. The problem is you want them to auto fold in when locking and parking but not at home or they open before you back out of your garage and you want to clear the garage before opening. Suggestion is to either recognize home as others have said about door opening and door locks or at least leave them closed until you go into D instead of R or until you reach 10 miles an hour.

poloX | 11 januar 2017

@Triggerplz, if enough people like those and send them to Tesla, maybe they will listen and implement them and we all get to enjoy them. :)

Triggerplz | 11 januar 2017

@PoloX that sounds good as you got a lot of good stuff on that list, the feature where the windows goes up automatically in the rain I've mentioned that a few time, it's on one of the Benz..

poloX | 11 januar 2017

@Triggerplz, and it very easy to do, just s couple lines of codes. Most features on the list if not all are just s/w ranging from a couple of lines to no more than 20 lines of codes.

Starlifter | 11 januar 2017


excellent list. I'll be sure to take it with me if that meeting materializes.

couple of things on mine that i'll add.

I like how door present mode will shut the drivers door as i walk away with the FOB. However it would be really nice if they car beeped the horn once when the doors lock. I know it's locked, but years of audio feedback whenever i press the lock button on my keychain has me conditioned for something audible.

more importantly - with all the cameras on the car, it seems to me an excellent security feature would be if someone parks besides you and slams their door into the car or anything impacts the car at all - the cameras should all come on automatically and record a few minutes of video. that should be invaluable for all the times people damage other cars - and then bolt without leaving a note in the window.

Triggerplz | 11 januar 2017

@Starlifer for me I'm glad the horn don't beep when the car is locked sometimes I'm out late and I rather not have the horn beeping at 1 am.. if it was a feature where we have the option to shut it off I would be all for it