Winter tires vs. all-season tires in the winter

Winter tires vs. all-season tires in the winter

My X is estimated to arrive sometime in February or early March. Here in Colorado, March is traditionally our heavy snow month along the front range. The X's delivered during this time of year are configured with all-season tires. I have no idea how an X with all-season tires does in the snow. Any advice from those who have a chance to drive in the snow would be appreciated.

Redmiata98 | 16 januar 2017

I would make sure that I have snow tires ready to be installed before pickup. You can order the 19" winter package directly from Tesla. They are very good tires and work well in colder weather, better than the OEM Conti all weathers. While snow may be more of an issue in your area, in Northern Virginia it is cold weather and the effect on the rubber's traction that is more important. Hopefully, you can get more input from the snow belt areas.

Saxman | 17 januar 2017

I've lived in the Vail Valley of Colorado for 22 years. I have always had a Mercedes SUV which came with All Season tires. In fact Mercedes never recommended Winter tires.

In my previous experiences, I never had a problem with All Season tires.

I just got my MX December 22, but have no experience yet with All Seasons in harsh winter conditions.

I'm hoping for the best.

Solarman004 | 17 januar 2017

COrich, most reputable independent testing shows winter tires have a clear advantage over all-season tires on snow and ice. But the question is, what is good enough?
I live probably 5 miles from you on the W side of I25 in Monument. I've had my 75 D with 20" AS tires up to Keystone and Vail and felt that the car performed excellently.
The caveat is, as you know, we haven't had one of our usual 10" snow storms yet this season, so I can't comment on very deep snow.
But from what I've seen so far, I'm sticking with the AS tires, plus a set of AutoSocks that should arrive this week. They'll stay in the frunk for emergencies.

COrich | 17 januar 2017


Thanks for the input. Yep, you're correct in the assertion that winter tires have a bit better traction in the cold because of the softer tread material. It gets pretty cold here also. We have most of the winter with the temperatures above 40, bitter cold for a few days then back to warmer weather for awhile (then repeat). Last winter my neighborhood was snowed in 3 times due to snow depth and drifting. In fact, my Passat almost go stuck due to high-centering on the snow. Winter tires aren't much help in that situation.

@Saxman and @Solarman004

Thanks for input also. I put winter tires on our 2 vehicles for the first time ever 2 years ago. Prior to that, I always used all-season tires. My wife was making weekly trips up to Erie (north side of Denver) to help take care of the grand sons. It just make me feel better having winter tires on the cars with all that driving.

The X is my car (at least that's what she tells me). At over $3K for a set of tires and wheels, I get tempted to take my chances this year. But, putting things in perspective, that is less than the sales tax alone on the X. As Solarman stated, though, we can easily get some real storms over the next couple months. All it takes is one like we had last year and I could be stranded in Colorado Springs after work and not be able to get home.

I suppose it now hinges on when the X will actually ship. If it trends to February, the winter tires it is. If it trends to late March, then I'lll stick with the factory tires.

Thanks for helping me think this through.

Howrayg | 17 januar 2017

I have a 75D with 20" wheels. I researched snow tires and put on asymmetrical Pirelli Scorpion Winter Performance tires.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM for winter driving. We live in Park City, Utah. It has been snowing constantly this winter and these tires go through anything. They are also very quiet on dry pavement. Previously I had Bridgestone Blizzaks on other cars. The combination of the tires and the weight of the X makes this the best snow car I have ever had. My only fear is for other cars sliding into me.

Howrayg | 17 januar 2017

PS. I did not buy separate wheels. I had my tire dealer take off the all season Continentals and replace them with the Scorpions. Total cost was $80.

teslas3xy | 17 januar 2017

I am in WI and so far my MX is doing well with all season tires.

inconel | 18 januar 2017

@Howrayg are you going to swap tires into the same set of wheels twice a year? Seems like a lot of work

Howrayg | 18 januar 2017

@inconel, it is no big deal to change the tires twice a year. My tire store takes about an hour to do it. They put the tires in a nice plastic bag and I store them in my garage. Much cheaper than having a separate set of wheels.

COrich | 19 januar 2017

@Howrayg, that's what I do right now with the 2 cars I currently own. If the tires were already mounted on wheels I could to the swap myself. But, tires alone are much less expensive than tires and wheels.

Maybe I should just get a set of chains to keep in the back for when it's really bad.

bsridesagain | 21 januar 2017

Just about to pull the trigger on a set of Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 all-season ultra high performance tires for my 20" wheels. Live in mild climate where summer tires are OK but take ski trips to Sierra Nevadas every now and then. Considered a second set of winter tires but logistics of taking on and off and storing them seems like too much for the number of times I really need them.