Jack Rickard Holds Court on DIY Tesla Battery Safety

Jack Rickard Holds Court on DIY Tesla Battery Safety

Techie types may enjoy the latest installment of EVTV hosted by the imitable Jack Rickard. In trying to explain to do-it-yourselfers the dangers of employing Tesla battery cells in other applications, Jack goes through the cell chemistry, elucidating why a Tesla battery pack is higher density than the "low priced brands".

If you're not familiar with Rickard, I will share that the guy is on my short list of the smartest people I know. He is aging and in poor health, but still has the huevos to produce his show once a month or so, regardless.

This episode also has some eye opening insights on the likelihood of SpaceX pulling off what others have failed at up to now; a low-earth orbit cellular/internet network. There's also a few other tidbits such as a flexible solar panel his company is marketing that has an amazing 22% efficiency.

Just don't be put off on Jack's stance on autonomous cars. He doesn't think it's going to happen soon. (he is a big Tesla fan though)

youtube com/watch?v=bUWwZme4DIc

2:00 - Uber's issues with autonomous driven cars to date
5:15 - 2016 Electric car sales stats
9:00 - video on project to preserve Thomas Edison's home car charging station
15:00 - video of the recent successful SpaceX stage 1 landing
19:00 - Elon musk's new satellite factory to produce communication satellites
28:30 - battery diatribe
1:34:15 - Flexible solar panels
1:48:55 - A look at a VW "Doka" (4 door pickup) electrification project with a retrofitted Tesla powertrain