Tesla Solar Roofs in April

Tesla Solar Roofs in April

This is great. Get a M3 and a Solar Roof looks like the best way to go.

KP in NPT | 24 marts 2017

Curious about the rollout. I think he initially said they'd start with one style. We are looking to replace our cedar shake roof - and are trying to wait for the slate look. If our historic district commission will allow it.

Mike83 | 24 marts 2017

California will get the first products. We are planning on building a new home to house our M3 with Tesla roofing.

Bighorn | 24 marts 2017

Hadn't heard that--odd since they're made in NY

rxlawdude | 24 marts 2017

While I love Elon and Tesla, I would hold off on early adoption of these, with unproven power output and durability.

You know how you can tell the pioneers? They're the ones face down with arrows in their backs. (With all due respect to Native Americans' weapon of choice in pioneer days.)

Mike83 | 24 marts 2017

PV panels are very well tested and have been in use for around 4 decades. They seem to have life spans of 40 years or more. The energy density has increased considerably which means you need a smaller roof area for the same power. We have panels on two homes and have saved $ on electricity bills. The longer you wait the more you pay for fossil fuel powered electricity which is something I'd rather never do.

rxlawdude | 24 marts 2017

The barrel style red tiles are leaf collectors, which can cut down on insolation. The two flat styles are probably better.
But still...

Madatgascar | 24 marts 2017

I'm with rxlawdude on this one. I've been an early adopter of Tesla cars, but I'll give this solar roof product a year or so to prove itself.

sbeggs | 24 marts 2017

Once you buy one Tesla product, you look around to see what other products you might buy.

My fantasy is a Tesla community, with solar roofs on sustainable net zero homes, with Powerwalls in the garage along with two Teslas.

In fact, I've been searching the country for just such a community. Should have hydroponics, and water production and conservation, too!

Ross1 | 24 marts 2017

A Pacific island

Madatgascar | 25 marts 2017

Or an Atlantic island. I was just in the Turks and Caicos and thought that looked pretty ideal. They get 355 days of sunshine a year, have massive flat expanses of unused land from defunct salt farms, a booming eco-tourism industry, and currently spend a ton getting their power from diesel generators. After Kauai, this should be Tesla's next stop.

Bighorn | 25 marts 2017

I'm in Provo now and thought the same thing as well as missing EVs.

vp09 | 25 marts 2017

I'd go for the solar roof if I needed it. I regret not buying a Model S several years ago. I have 13 panels that put out 360 volts each, with integrated inverters. From Sun Power. Solar City wouldn't sell me a system.

teslaac | 26 marts 2017

@Mike83...We are planning on building a new home this year as well albeit in Nebraska. I cannot get anyone on Tesla or SolarCity side to help me get involved with our architect and builder to make sure that our roof is perfectly positioned and ready for the tiles. Sales folks cannot even give me any specs other than that the south facing roofs work best but they can work with the west and east facing roofs as well. Do you by any chance have any additional information? Thank you.

Mike83 | 26 marts 2017

Check Google project sunroof. I signed up on Tesla energy and picked the roof style. Any architect can employ this roof in a home design.

SamO | 26 marts 2017


Something in Eastern San Diego County might work where land is cheap.

vp09 | 26 marts 2017

Teslaac, You are in at least as much sun as Germany, which has more solar power per capita than any where else in the world.

I tried to have Solar City place panels on my roof, but they could not do it.

South facing is best. 42 degree inclination is best. West facing is 95 percent as good.

Give Solar City a chance, then move on.

Word when I was doing it was that SolarCity wants to lease not sell.

I went with Sun Power/ Sun Solar. They installed 13 panels of 360 watts each; inverters integral to each panel.

We drive our two Model S90s on sunlight.

Keep us posted on what you are doing in Nebraska.

Madatgascar | 26 marts 2017

@BH, really? Wish I knew, it would have been nice to meet you. We stayed 20 minutes from Provo and spent some time at Grace Bay, just left on the 24th. Nice islands!

Mike83 | 26 marts 2017

Lot of information in the above link. Also didn't realize how advanced the manufacturing is.

vp09 | 26 marts 2017

Teslaac, so where are you with purchasing?

McLary | 27 marts 2017

Wow, opening sales for a product that hasn't been tested, and isn't in production yet. Then there is the small item of all the national certifications, and any testing involved with that. Let us not forget potential state and local regulations and permitting.


charles_gingras | 27 marts 2017

Looking forward for availability, pricing and solar potential in my area, definitly something I'm considering.

charles_gingras | 27 marts 2017

Looking forward for availability, pricing and solar potential in my area, definitly something I'm considering.

SamO | 27 marts 2017

Awwww, fake McLary. Does someone need a hug?

This energy system: panels, batteries and inverter, coupled with an app which can control the entire system is going to revolutionize the world. Goodbye fossil fuel cartel. Hello clean world.

massimob30 | 27 marts 2017

McLary has a point. I am interested in the solar roof, but I have a townhouse and an HOA to deal with it.

SamO | 27 marts 2017

Poor massimob can't control his/her own destiny. Get on the board. Do something. Install solar and battery. Payback in less than 10 years, and HOAs can go DOWN!!!!

You can do it.

massimob30 | 27 marts 2017

Are you aware that some people are bound by rules and regulations of things like HOAs, who are known to be stubborn ? Stop commenting on things you know nothing about. Stay in your lane dude.

SamO | 27 marts 2017

I have dealt with my share of HOA boards. I tell everyone the same thing: get on the board and make the changes. Nobody else is going to do it for you. If you don't like it, buy a single family house or rent.

SamO | 27 marts 2017

Wait . . . did you say stubborn . . . oh . . . well in that case, just give up.


vp09 | 27 marts 2017

Or run for mayor and change the town's regulations. Clint Eastwood did it in Carmel.

johndoeeyed | 27 marts 2017

You posted "Wow, opening sales for a product that hasn't been tested"
You have no idea about that whatsoever.

Madatgascar | 27 marts 2017

I think we can be sure the product will have been extensively tested. But have they solved the problems solar roof tiles have had in the past? I wish they would come out and address these things so I can feel more confident about placing an order.

Fast Girl | 28 marts 2017

vp09 "South facing is best. 42 degree inclination is best. West facing is 95 percent as good. "
I assume these are the proper numbers for where you live. Others might conclude those numbers are right for them, yet depends on where they live in the country ;-)

vp09 | 28 marts 2017

Fast Girl you are correct. Different latitudes, different optimal degrees of inclination. We are in Southern California.

johndoeeyed | 28 marts 2017

The optimal economic orientation depends on more than just a simple latitude/longitude.
Other significant factors include:
Local power import pricing: eg peak time pricing, peak usage pricing
Local power export pricing: eg: low export price means covering self-consumption is more important that maximum output
Household usage pattern: eg: may be better orientating for maximum afternoon power rather than middday
Sunny/cloudy average insolation - on cloudy days the best orientation is that giving the most sky cover, not pointing at the sun: a system tracking the sun position can actually produce less than one simply lying flatish, pointing any compass direction
Seasonal power production: eg: for a fixed orientation, summer and winter can give quite different output and the economics vary seasonally, so you want to maximize for the whole year and not just summer

McLary | 28 marts 2017

"the entire system is going to revolutionize the world"

"Payback in less than 10 years"

This is why I come here, for the free entertainment.

Solar and battery are a losing proposition everywhere. There is no payback, ever. Solar with net metering is the best setup. The cost of the batteries alone is about $.25 per kWh. That is before you calculate the cost of the solar power generated. And don't give me any crap about the solar being free.


johndoeeyed | 28 marts 2017

Please actually do some research before spouting your opinion. Solar+battery is already cost competitive with the grid in places like Australia, and will only get cheaper.
So many ignorant opinions to post. So little time.

Madatgascar | 28 marts 2017

The chance to kiss So Cal Edison goodbye once and for all: $Priceless!

Fast Girl | 1 april 2017

johndoeeyed | March 28, 2017 "The optimal economic orientation depends on more than just a simple latitude/longitude."

My brother who does solar for a living says you are correct on the points you make. I just prefer not referring to people as making ignorant opinions. They just may not be as knowledgeable as you in this area :-)

Babaron | 1 april 2017

I am about ready for a new roof on my 24 yr old home and plan to replace with the Tesla solar roof. Cant wait to go off the grid.

janendan | 1 april 2017

Anyone seen the breakthrough at RMIT on Fractal Enabled Laser Reduced Graphene Electrodes? Combined with a Supercapacitor laminate can boost capacity to 3kwh/ kg. Layer that under a 30% efficient tandem perovskite film and not only do we not need roof tiles,....we don't need batteries,...we don't need roads. Aeropods