2017s Top Ten Tech Cars doesn't include Tesla

2017s Top Ten Tech Cars doesn't include Tesla

An IEEE Spectrum article lists the author's top ten tech car picks which doesn't include Tesla. Seems like an obvious bias against Tesla to me. His top pick - the Chevy Bolt.

Tropopause | 10 april 2017

His head is in the sand. A last ditch effort to steer consumers towards the old school manufacturers.

I'm really looking forward to July.

Madatgascar | 11 april 2017

A conscious snub. The author cites Tesla's AP accident in the main article. Hyping the Chrysler Pacifica, he lists a set of features that have been in Teslas for years, and says it generated the type of buzz "typically reserved for a Tesla" at the Detroit Auto Show.

Sleepydoc1 | 11 april 2017

A Chrysler Pacifica? Wait, a Chrysler????

pnajar | 11 april 2017

In a way this ranking makes sense. The current hardware 2 models may have had amazing tech as hardware. Being mostly not functioning reverted the cars to the equivalent pre-hardware 1 cars, with only a promise of leading tech at some future. | 11 april 2017

@pnajar - HW2 works great for me today. Sounds like you've been looking at forum posts from months ago? Even then Tesla has more tech than just about any other car made. Just a few of the Tesla tech:

17" HD Touch Screen
12" Instrument panel display
Quiet Electric Drive
Highest 0-60 performance of any production car
GPS based Air suspension
Auto-open/close Homelink
A UI owners can actually understand and use
4-USB ports
Over-the-air Software updates
HEPA Filtration system

Haggy | 13 april 2017

A 2017 Tesla is a 2016 Tesla with a higher VIN. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not how you win awards.