Anoying posts

Anoying posts

Is there any admin to block start2880's and sunvok000's Korean anoying posts?

SCCRENDO | 15 juni 2017

Flag them as they come up. They eventually disappear. Tesla is aware of them

Bighorn | 15 juni 2017

Names are constantly changed, so no, but they do routinely go through and clean up the mess.

J.T. | 15 juni 2017

I personally find misspelled words in the title of a thread annoying. :-)

mntlvr23 | 15 juni 2017

@JT - lol

lilbean | 15 juni 2017

Eye kno, sew iritayting.

Mike83 | 15 juni 2017

If your annoyed just order a pizza.

RedShift | 15 juni 2017

I am veri anoyed by this thred = 나는이 실로 짜증났다.

rxlawdude | 15 juni 2017

If you're annoid, you might be a rrhoid.

JayInJapan | 16 juni 2017


Ross1 | 16 juni 2017

Clickbait title: I have to keep revisiting to see if they are talking about me

Silver2K | 16 juni 2017

Ross1 and his anoying treads!

KP in NPT | 16 juni 2017

It would be great if the mods could just ban the Korean writing characters. This assault has gone on for too long. :(

RedShift | 16 juni 2017

And what good is Mollom if it can't block spam?

lilbean | 16 juni 2017

We could rename the General forum Annoying Posts. ;)

Silver2K | 16 juni 2017

annoying/anoying | 16 juni 2017

Nitpicking about spelling is a waist of forum space.

lilbean | 16 juni 2017

And complaining about the nitpickers.
And complaining about those complaining about the nitpicking.
And on and on. :)

AlMc | 17 juni 2017

@lilbean: I risembal that. ;)

Silver2K | 18 juni 2017

I see what you did there, george :)

ivan.albreht | 18 juni 2017

@ J.T. | June 15, 2017
Sorry for annoyed you with misspelled word.
BTW English is not my native language.
My English teacher would give me F-

J.T. | 18 juni 2017

@ivan I've gotten over it, but apology accepted. :-)

lilbean | 18 juni 2017

@ivan You sound like a nice guy. :-)

SCCRENDO | 18 juni 2017

@ivan.albreht. Don't take JT too seriously. He gets too caught up in semantics. I am English speaking but I was born outside the US and likely speak better English than JT. However when I type too quickly on an iPad or iPhone a lot of errors occur. He tends to get more preoccupied with the spelling and syntax than the actual facts.

Remnant | 24 juni 2017 (June 16, 2017)

<< Nitpicking about spelling is a [waste] of forum space. >>

No, it's not. It signifies respect for your readers and for the subject matter itself and it promotes civility and effective communication.

Conversely, to advocate for the destruction of language is consistent with the incivility, violence, and fraud that are increasingly "normal" in our society.

Kindness and respect for the law and the rules of civil discourse are implements of civilization, while derogation from them heralds decomposition, decay, and return to the indistinctions and crude realities of the cave people.

Why don't you guys develop a theory of the crappiness and happiness of the "state of nature", body odor, and related animal satisfactions you can fathom to stoop even lower.

J.T. | 24 juni 2017

@Remnant gh was making a joke by misspelling waste in a comment about misspelling.

NKYTA | 24 juni 2017

I thought Adam and Eve lived by an apple tree, with a snake...not in a cave...

Waist not, want not.

J.T. | 24 juni 2017

@NKYTA A talking snake, at that.

SCCRENDO | 24 juni 2017

@Remnant. Nitpicking about lack of knowledge would be more important on this forum. That's why we pick on you some much.

SCCRENDO | 24 juni 2017

So much | 24 juni 2017

A mind is a terrible thing to a large waist.

lilbean | 24 juni 2017

Haha, TT!

Tropopause | 24 juni 2017

I like the OP. Very kewl guy! Or gal!

Remnant | 24 juni 2017

@SCCRENDO (June 24, 2017)

<< @Remnant. Nitpicking about lack of knowledge would be more important on this forum. That's why we pick on you some much. >>

You're so much fun bro, frolicking around the matter, as always.

Just lighten up a bit tho. We don't want you to get a stroke, or a heart attack.

OK, bro?

SCCRENDO | 24 juni 2017

@Remnant. Appreciate the concern. But I'm good. Thanks.