Can a vehicle in Transit be pinged?

Can a vehicle in Transit be pinged?

I read some older posts that seem to indicate the DS can track your car when it is in transit. My DS has basically washed his hands and told me I am on my own. I paid for the vehicle in full and that was all he seemed to care about. He has not even updated the "My Tesla" page to be complete, even though Tesla has been paid (every penny) and I got an email saying the car was in transit. So far it has been a really poor DS experience. All I want to know is where my car is, and maybe get a time frame. Instead I was told I will be called by the shipper 48 hours before it arrives, and he has zero other information to give me. he cannot even tell me if the car left the factory grounds or not. Tesla has cashed all the checks, they have my money, I have no car, and no idea where it is.

If the car can be pinged, that would at least be some comfort. Does anyone know if this can be done?

sbeggs | 30 juni 2017

It probably can be done, but is kept a big secret by the shipper and by Tesla.

Like UPS "out for delivery". Their system knows exactly where the driver is, but they reserve the right to alter the route at any time prior to your package reaching you.

Or, like Santa Claus. He's on his way, but the parents think it's better to make the children wait until Christmas morning.

The kids prefer to intercept Santa in hiding places and rip open at least one package.

But I digress...

Triggerplz | 30 juni 2017

Yes it can be tracked while I was waiting for my MX I called my DS and while I was on the phone he woke the car up and informed me it was on the train as it was coming to the east coast a few days later I called again he woke the car up and informed me it was off the train and on a tractor trailer heading towards the Tesla store where I picked it up from, my DS always answered the phone or called me right back

BmoreTesla | 30 juni 2017

Well you got much better service than I am getting. My DS said "The car is turned off, it can't be tracked." Honestly, his poor attitude has me pretty upset right now.

mathwhiz | 30 juni 2017

The vehicle is paid-in-full, but delivery has not yet taken place? Odd.

BmoreTesla | 30 juni 2017

It was part of the way the end of quarter deal had to be done. Tesla gets credit for the sale and it is "out of their posession".

campusden | 30 juni 2017

That DS experience is not what I had. My DS told me when I contacted him that my car was on a car carrier in New Mexico and that 2 other cars on the car carrier were to be dropped off the next day in Dallas and that 3-4 days later my car would arrive in West Palm Beach, FL. This was in Late November 2016. Your DS or someone else has the ability to track your vehicle.
BmoreTesla- Did you purchase an inventory vehicle? If so where did it say it was located when you purchased it? I would try to contact them. Another option that might work, If you have the VIN number is call the 877 support number (1877-798-3752) and kindly ask that person to locate your vehicle.

BmoreTesla | 1 juli 2017

@campusden I did purchase an inventory vehicle. It was somewhere in Northern CA, near the factory. I was told Stockton at some point, although the person from inside sales who contacted me to switch my production order to an inventory vehicle pretty much said it was at the factory. The VIN was about 4000 lower than my original order. (53xxx as apposed to 57xxx). I was told by inside sales if I switched I would get the car the first week of July. The only catch to the deal was advance payment. Now that I paid no one seems to care. I will try the 877 number, as I have the VIN. Thanks.

janandmona | 1 juli 2017

I too am waiting in suspense. I suspect it would be fairly simple to let you track your own car on the website. But that is the "Dilbert Theory". Anything I don't understand must be easy.

interbay | 2 juli 2017

Yep, we're waiting too . . . . .

We ordered our car (not an inventory vehicle) and the sales experience was unlike any car purchase we've had before. The sales people were great and our DS was quick to keep us posted on the process and answer every question (even sending emails at 10pm!) . . . . . . until Tesla got paid.

Since then, we can't get the DS to return a call or email. So finally, two days ago - Friday - we called the sales office to get some news. They were able to locate our DS and get him on the phone - he said the car was due to be delivered yesterday! When I informed him that we hadn't heard from the delivery driver (taking home delivery at Tesla's recommendation) he said he'd find out and confirm our vehicle's location and delivery time, and promised to call or email that info within an hour. That was Friday afternoon, now its Sunday. No word from the DS, no vehicle, and no idea what is going on.

And, sadly, no longer able to crow about what a great experience this has been.

I agree with you janandmona, they make a point of telling you the car is yours once it leaves the factory on the delivery truck (for those of us taking home delivery), so why can't they simply turn over the opportunity to track your vehicle? For this much money, that doesn't seem too much to ask!

Any luck with the 877 number, BmoreTesla?

scabello800 | 2 juli 2017

If the car is on your Tesla profile, download the Tesla App (or Remote S), log in, and see where your car is?

I did not do this during delivery but I think it should work just fine... Especially if you have paid in full it sounds like Tesla has done everything to transfer the car to you.

scabello800 | 2 juli 2017

Oh, sorry, I see you mentioned your Tesla page is not complete. That seems to be the problem. When do they plan to fix that for you? Seems like an easy fix if you send the right email to someone.

lebroncj | 3 juli 2017

My DS went MIA too, I wish Tesla had a service performance review system

BmoreTesla | 4 juli 2017

@interval No, I did not try because my OA told me he would help me track it down as the service folks could find the car. He arranged a loaner for me over the holiday weekend. I stopped back in the store today (due to an Chademotional adapter issue with the loaner) and asked service myself. They could not locate the car or even wake it up. They said they would keep trying. My OA said he thinks because the car is in transport mode it can't be pinged. He said when it arrives ton where ever it will be prepped it will be turned back on and they can then ping it. So I may try the 877 number Wednesday night if I don't hear anything.

BmoreTesla | 4 juli 2017

Sorry should have been @interbay. ..autocorrect got me again!

Vawlkus | 4 juli 2017

You will not be able to track the car via the app until the setting in the cars control panel is set to "on".
Maybe other DAs set it to on before shipping it out, but mine did not. Still, DA was pretty responsive and kept me informed as best he could. The last 24 hours before actual delivery were a bit hard, since the transport company wasn't keeping my DA apprised, since their office closed after 5pm :P Delivery truck rolled up at my place at 10pm on a weekday night. :D
Speaks my about DAs, mine can't figure out how to give me owners access to the forum here. Who else can I bug for it?

NumberOne | 4 juli 2017

In defense of Tesla employees. It was the end of the quarter, and then a weekend,. now a public holiday. I did not get up to the minute updates when I got my car, and that was when Model X deliveries just started. DSs have a lot more deliveries now, and you can be certain that you are not the only ones they have to contact. Do not worry. The wait is almost over.

interbay | 4 juli 2017

Sorry NumberOne, I am not that forgiving! I'm not asking (I doubt any of us are) for "up to the minute updates" . . . . . I'd be happy with an update every 3 or 4 days, and a return call when they say they're going to give me one!

Considering what they are charging for these vehicles I don't think that is asking too much. I own my professional business and we are considered the expensive option in town, and the only reason that continues to work is because we offer more, and better, service than the 'value' providers - this is especially important after a client elects to spend their money with us. I don't see why this is a different situation, and thus I have an expectation for more service after my purchase.

I still have not heard from my DS (since chasing him down on Friday) when he promised to call me back within an hour - 4 days have gone by since then! He may have dozens more buyers to keep updated but he makes no mention of that, and thus my perception is of a decreased level of care now that they've been paid.

Somewhat fed up with the DS avenue, I called one of the sales people on Sunday for info. He said he pinged the car and found it "somewhere in Oregon." He offered (I didn't ask for this) to ping it again on Monday and send an update, which would be completely satisfactory to me . . . . but we never heard from him. My clients would hold me responsible for this poor service, and rightly so. I really don't think we are asking a lot, here.

Regardless, I agree that the wait is almost over, and providing there are no issues upon arrival of the car I envision my current bitterness about all this to blissfully disappear!

goehring9 | 4 juli 2017

Similar situation here- bought and paid in full for an inventory vehicle which they told me could be here in a couple days... 10 days later, they still don't know if it has even been shipped. DS will check again tomorrow, sales person said she has 'limited visibility' so I'm just stuck waiting. I think it's more frustrating just because we are used to exemplary service and this seems to be a severe drop-off.

BmoreTesla | 5 juli 2017

@interbay I just tried calling the 877 number. I was passedback to inside sales again. They in turn while I was on hold, called my DS, who as usual could not tell them anything except that delivery was scheduled for the second to third week of July. This is problematic, as I was explicitly promised the first week of July when inside sales called me to ask me to switch. Furthermore, I paid IN FULL, and my loan for the financed portion of the sale has already kicked in, and my first payment is required this month. Obviously I was not happy, and they still could not tell me where my car is. The new person I spoke to was going to call the store manager to see what they might be able to do for me. I will let you all know what the result is.

campusden | 5 juli 2017

Word to the wise, get any special compensation in writing, whether it's an included first annual maintenance visit or additional swag items, like umbrellas, other unpurchable items, or mugs, etc. I hope you got an incredible deal. Sorry the 877 number didn't help but it was at least the best help that I could offer. I don't know the 5 seat version personnel got for waiting as long as the did.

goehring9 | 5 juli 2017

Update for me- received a call today from DS saying car will be delivered tomorrow morning. Until now, he had no visibility of where it was, and suddenly it's arrived. Perhaps logistics are not communicating well with DS? Not sure, but looks like I'll get mine as promised.

janandmona | 5 juli 2017

We got a note today that because they missed the target date of last weekend(!!!), we would be a priority delivery. Why am I not believing them?

Triggerplz | 5 juli 2017

I can understand everyone wants their car now and the frustration of not getting it immediately and I hope everybody gets it asap as it is a joy to drive, but to ease your pain there were some that had to wait 4 years for their MX and the promise dates kept getting push back not weeks but a year at a time and the car also changed over that period the speed the design, the seats etc all changed, so for those that have to wait an extra few weeks just think of those first people who put a deposit down and had their money kept for 4 years with no interest (the deposit was a lot more than the current deposit) and ended up with a car which wasn't even what they first ordered.. By the way I only waited 8 months for my P90DL

BmoreTesla | 6 juli 2017

The latest update is that my DS reached out to me last night to inform me they would have an update on the vehicle location by tomorrow, and to offer me a loaner vehicle starting until my car arrives. I replied, accepting, and also asking a few other questions. Still waiting to hear back, but this is a positive sign, since my loan is kicking in, and I have not gotten the car.

BmoreTesla | 6 juli 2017

@campusden That is good advice. I was offered one year service/maintenance, and it is not in my paperwork, but I do have an email from inside sales. I have forwarded that email along asking it be acknowledged by Tesla.

@goehring9 My understanding is if the car is placed in "transit mode" for whatever reason, it cannot be pinged. that is the explanation I got from the people I spoke to. So once it is offloaded at its penultimate stop, they take it out of transit mode and it can be located.

@Triggerplz While I appreciate your long wait (I waited 5 months for my last special order Mercedes so I feel half your pain) the difference, at least for me, is that part of the deal was I had to pay for the entire car up front. And I was promised the car the first week of July, which was my real incentive for switching from my first choice vehicle color. It was an inventory car, so it was already built, so this was not a production delay. In a nutshell, Tesla has $100K + of my money, my loan payments are scheduled to start this month, and I literally have nothing to show for it, except a car loan and a lighter bank account, and an apparently empty promise that I would get the car by tomorrow.