Anyone Using Wheel Bands?

Anyone Using Wheel Bands?

I'm considering purchasing the Wheel Bands from Evannex for rim protection. I was wondering if any of you have tried them, and if so, what your experience has been, either positive or negative.

bishoppeak | 7 juli 2017

I considered them, but the rear camera and reverse tilt down mirrors makes it easy to park without curbing. Also, the bands have to be replaced every time you swap tires.

rxlawdude | 7 juli 2017

And there are reports of damage caused by these when they come loose at speed.

redacted | 7 juli 2017

I just installed on my older P85 which has some unfortunate rim rash. Adds a bit of distinction. Cars with sensors may do better, but I'd add them to a newer car.

lilbean | 7 juli 2017

I have them and installed them myself. I'm very happy with them. I check them regularly to make sure they are not coming loose. They cannot adhere to rims that have been Opticoated.

sentabo | 7 juli 2017

Looks good, lilbean. That's silver on silver, correct? That's what I was considering, as it blends in pretty nicely. The red seems pretty popular, but just doesn't do it for me (black car).

lilbean | 7 juli 2017

I got white on silver. I also have the blue inserts for fun. Silver inserts with the black rails may be nice.

mike | 7 juli 2017

I've had mine for about 3 weeks. Red bands with black inserts. I think they look really nice contrasted against my white car. So they not only protect the rims, but they look pretty cool too!

SeaP90D | 7 juli 2017

I keep buying them because there's nothing better and seems like the car really needs a little something extra like this. Red band with black stripe in the middle looks cool and subtle but downsides are as follows:
-They don't actually protect the rims at all, they just scrub right off against a curb, but when you reinstall the new ones they cover up the scuff so they do in fact serve their purpose in that regard.
-They come off and have to be replaced every time you get new tires.
-Its tricky to put then on the 21" rims as the radius of the stiff material is quite a bit less than the actual rims, so your fighting it all the way and it takes two careful people to do a credible job.
-No one at the tire/rim shops knows how to put the stuff on so you'll probably on your own installing it.
That said, its still the only game in town to help de-frumpify the standard grey on grey Tesla look.

dborn | 7 juli 2017

I put silver with red insert on my signature red. They really did add some pizzazz. Protection? I doubt it. They cover existing rash. My wheels were opticoated, but I used some isopropyl alcohol to prep the application area and have had no issues. Just got a set of new tyres and they managed to save 3 out of 4 of my bands. Fortunately I have a piece spare, so no big deal, I will replace with what I have.
Agree that using reverse mirrors and guide lines is your real protection from rash. I previously had alloygators which did protect the rims during my acclimatization phase with the car. I changed over after they had become ripped and ragged from " kisses" with curbs. With acclimatization I don't feel I need them any more but they are a better protection product.

mm7nyy | 7 juli 2017

I've been wanting to install them, but everyone whose had them tell me the same thing, they will come off which means you would have to check them often.

Until they come up with a better solution on keeping them on, I'll wait.

Anthony J. Parisio | 7 juli 2017

I was given red insert on black channel. They look get with Deep Ocean Blue. They dressed the car up so much and made it look sportier. I would do it just for looks. But they have saved my wheels twice. From what I read Evannex stays on better than other brands. I can say mine have survived may pressure washing.

trixiew | 7 juli 2017

Having installed them, I had a false sense of protection and wasn't as careful as I should have been. Popped one off after taking a corner too closely and enjoyed some epic rim rash. Pulled the other 3 off, now when I see them I think they look cheesy.

Jama | 7 juli 2017

Go with Alloy gator, its better than any wheel bands and looks awesome.

lilbean | 7 juli 2017

Sorry to hear that, trixiew. What a bummer. Do you think the wheels bands cause more damage? Now I'm wondering if I should remove them. Thank you.

lilbean | 7 juli 2017

Jama, I saw pics of damage caused by the Alloy gators.

trixiew | 7 juli 2017

@lilbean-no, my driving caused the damage. The protector popped off, never to be seen again. Rather than ordering more, I just pulled the other 3 off.

lilbean | 7 juli 2017

Oh, I see. Thanks, trixiew!

Tldickerson | 7 juli 2017

I put them on my 1st Tesla (2014 P85). I had a couple come off but Jim at Wheel Bands sent me replacements. That car is shown in the gallery on Evannex. It's the silver one with the picture showing the drivers side of the car. I've since bought a new facelift Silver 2016 P90D and it has the same color wheelbands on it, Black with Red inserts. I get compliments all the time with them.

lilbean | 7 juli 2017

I love the black with red. Those look awesome!

Anthony J. Parisio | 8 juli 2017

I have to confirm that Alloy gators did not stay on as well. The fenders were very scratched from them partially coming of the wheels.

slipsey | 9 juli 2017

I have them - for 2 years.
-they DO NOT come off if installed correctly
-they DO protect against curb rash, but not against bashing your car into the curb...
-The Wheel Bands folks themselves will sell you replacement sets at a huge discount if you use up the spare or get new tires.
-be careful not to scrub the rail if you use a car wash - just nudge the car away from it. better for your wheels anyway...

lilbean | 9 juli 2017

Thanks, slipsey. I forgot about the discounted price after getting new tires.

Jama | 9 juli 2017

Lilbean and Andrew

Interesting, I have had no issue with it. When I had wheel band it didn't stop it from scratching

lilbean | 9 juli 2017

I don't curb my wheels. I bought the wheel bands for drivers other than me.

Tldickerson | 10 juli 2017

I like lilbean don't hit my wheels on curbs either. I bought them for the looks and just in case I get stupid and do rub a curb at 2 MPH. I'm the only driver other than the service team when they have my car. Which btw they have it now fixing the air suspension problem which I will tell what they did in the other post.

sentabo | 10 juli 2017

It seems like a mixed bag on the wheel bands. Not sure which way I'll go, but I'm leaning towards checking them out.

Thanks a lot for the responses.

sentabo | 10 juli 2017

I haven't curbed my wheels while parking, but I did cut a right turn a hair too close one time (damn!), causing curb rash. I think if I had the wheel bands I would have avoided the curb rash and would have had to replace the band, which is cheaper than either a new wheel or a refurbished one. Tesla quoted me $250 to refurbish and $300 to replace.

awaheed | 20 september 2019

Don't do it. I followed the install instructions, treated the wheels with isopropyl alcohol and after two weeks one of the wheels had a some of the track come off at highway speeds and did a serious number on the fender despite hitting the brakes and pulling over ASAP. Damn did they look good, but not worth the heartache when they went bad. Maybe they are not meant for Luda mode :P | 20 september 2019

I just live with scratched up rims, Not ideal, but life is short. At least with a file and/or cleaner you can get most of the black marks off the silver wheels so it's not so noticeable.

Anthony J. Parisio | 21 september 2019

How long were they on your car?

Tldickerson | 21 september 2019

They have helped me once from causing server damage.

Anthony J. Parisio | 22 september 2019

Sorry @awaheed,
How long were they on your car?

lilbean | 22 september 2019

Mine have been on since April 2016.

krishanuar | 3 oktober 2019

I wonder if the difference experiences come from the weather different folks are living in. Could be that folks living in California, with mild weather all year fare better than someone on the east coast with more extreme weather fluctuation.

Can people share where they've typically kept the car along with experiences with wheel bands?

vbowman | 8 december 2019

Does anyone know why those bands sold at Evannex, Abstract Ocean and others aren't compatible with the 20" rim on the performance version of the Model 3?

Tldickerson | 8 december 2019

@vbowman, I've been using them on my model S's since 2014 with no problem. Actually my 2014 silver model S is advertised on the Evannex website. I went there to read what your talking about and apparently the Wheelbands company themselves don't feel there's a good enough surface around the edge of the wheel for the adhesive tape to stick to the wheels. The track that has the adhesive tape is about 1/4" wide. You might look closer at your wheels and use your own judgement if you think you can install the track.

Qwiksilver | 12 december 2019

Alloy Gators are awesome. Won’t fall off.