Feedback on White Seats

Feedback on White Seats

Would love it if those who have white seats can provide some feedback on the, positives, negatives and durability of them. thank you.

Vawlkus | 24 juli 2017

Throw that in youtubes search window and you'll get videos on that topic.

cica3838 | 24 juli 2017


packpike | 25 juli 2017

I just changed my order and moved from the standard seats to white. I'm looking for cool seats that I won't stick to in summer so hoping these work. And stay looking great with 4 kids.

Vawlkus | 25 juli 2017

Use the app to start your AC before you get to the car. You'll NEVER stick to your seat then. ;)

teamlemus | 26 juli 2017

Wang, thank you, you have always been very helpful on this forum. I appreciate it. We are closing to making a decision on an X (the test drive over the weekend was fun!). Now it is down to colors, exterior and seats.

I'll check out youtube too.

Tropopause | 26 juli 2017

How about the new cream color? I'm shifting my liking from the white to cream.

inconel | 26 juli 2017

I am sure they will be creamy smooth

Tropopause | 26 juli 2017

Sold! ;)

Vawlkus | 27 juli 2017

Just be sure you're not lactose intolerant :P

lilbean | 27 juli 2017

Yes, you don't want to stain those nice seats. :P

inconel | 27 juli 2017

I want to undo the picture that just sprang to my mind with yellow stains!

lilbean | 27 juli 2017


Triggerplz | 27 juli 2017

Ewwww :-)

Tropopause | 28 juli 2017


inconel | 28 juli 2017

maybe brownish

Vawlkus | 28 juli 2017

How about somewhere in between? Maybe a nice tan stain? X.X :P

evlnte | 1 august 2017

Super durable. So far, two years and no stains, no tears and no yellowing.

Dofpic | 1 august 2017

8000 miles so far traveling across the country round trip and they look great feel great and are holding up great have yet to clean them and still look brand new

tommyalexandersb | 1 august 2017

I love my white seats, and although I don't have kids, I do drive clients often. I cringe driving clients sometimes, but I'm more worried about them scratching the glossy seat backs than staining the seats. I clean the seats about every other week. I wear a lot of designer jeans, and they Grey/black ones often transfer some color to the white seats (for some reason my non designer clothes don't swam to transfer color to the seats). My detailer advised me to clean the seats often to remove these stains before they set in. I'm often surprised how much comes off on to my white micro fiber rags, even when I can barely see any stain on the seats. The detailer said if a stain is left for more than a few weeks, it's far more likely to become permanent, so my advice is get the white seats and clean them often. People go "wow" at the white seats, and so do I every time I get in the car, even after 6 months and 9,000 miles of driving. No one goes "wow" at black or tan seats.

inconel | 2 august 2017

Why do you use to clean your seats, just water?

tommyalexandersb | 4 august 2017

Water often, leather cleaner for the occasional deep clean and orange de-greaser for tough stains, but not often, according to my detailer it wears the seats quickly if used frequently (even though my DS originally suggested it for every time I clean the seats).

nrelia | 5 august 2017

5200 miles in white seats. So far no issues ( have a 4 and 6 yr old) and would definitely buy again. Love the wow factor !!

nrelia | 6 august 2017

and I must add the significant heat reduction with white interior as compared to black interior when parked in sun

NomoDinos | 7 august 2017

One more double thumbs up for the ultra-white seats on my wife's X with over 15 months and 30k miles. We have two kids in car seats dishing out all manner of daily abuse, from juice spills to peanut butter to nail polish. They still look brand new when wiped down (with a soft wet cloth).

We have the old glossy-backed seats, and like tommyalexander noted, they require much more attention to avoid messing up (we put seat covers with pockets to protect the fronts)

Also, MUCH cooler than the black seats on my S.

tommyalexandersb | 14 august 2017

First extremely difficult stain on the white seats: I work at a rehab and made the mistake of driving a few of the clients in my car today. After they got out of the car I noticed multiple small yellow streaks on one of the seats. One client had something on his pants, but we couldn't tell what it was, it looked like pollin or resin from a tree. I got water and a white rag out of my trunk and started blotting, then scrubbing, with no results. I then drove home, tried leather cleaner, then orange degreaser for 15 minutes and barely made a dent in the stains. Keep in mind I've gotten blood out and color transfer from died clothes with ease. I finally gave in and put some bleach on a rag and lightly rubbed the stains. This worked well, but I was horrified by using such a harsh product on the seats! I blotted water immediately after to dilute the bleach.

So far it appears this all worked out fine, so keep that one in your back pocket. If a stain is ever extremely bad, try blotting with just a tiny bit of bleach if all else fails. (I would have tried a Clorox pen first, if I had one)