Live streaming of Friday reveal event?

Live streaming of Friday reveal event?

Please post any info re the reveal event on Friday.
Any Tesla announcement re the streaming?

JayInJapan | 24 juli 2017

They've always streamed in the past (insert your own punch line).

elephant in a bottle | 24 juli 2017

should be available at 7pm Friday.

jordanrichard | 25 juli 2017

Well it's a little more complicated than simply going to The link is buried in the Tesla site, just as is the listing of officially recognized Tesla Owners Clubs.

For streaming events, you need to click on the Investors link and then you will find the "Event/Presentations" section.

rs | 25 juli 2017

... and Jordan... if you're not an investor? Like, what link!?

giskard | 25 juli 2017

I found the Investors link at the bottom of the Updates -> Events page. However, I'm not seeing the July 28th reveal listed under the Investors -> Events & Presentations page. The only listed upcoming event is a financial results Q & A on August 2nd. I hope they are planning on webcasting this - has anyone seen confirmation that they will? I can't imagine why the wouldn't ...

davem2421 | 25 juli 2017
KP in NPT | 25 juli 2017

giskard, it's not unusual for them to post the link the day before the event - it will be widely reported when it's up. :)

spockagain34 | 25 juli 2017

They have also changed the landing page for past events to include a link to live events a few minutes before they start. It shouldn't be difficult to find.

elephant in a bottle | 25 juli 2017

+1 spockagain34

rodneyrl414 | 25 juli 2017

So how can i watch this on my android tv?

bj | 25 juli 2017

@rodneyr414 - you use your eyes.

andy.connor.e | 26 juli 2017


You use technology called a computer. Or you open up your android phone/tablet, go to their website, and start streaming the video. I used my android tablet for the solar roof reveal.

elephant in a bottle | 26 juli 2017

Livestream --> 8:45pm PT Friday at