eeb9....might want to lease that Model 3

eeb9....might want to lease that Model 3

I know how much you love your Mini...

I want Tesla to crib the Mini for their sub 30k car if they ever make one...


MarlonBrown | 25 juli 2017

That will not change the fact service costs are a major rip off.

Minis are no longer minis. Car looks so big. Many are complaining it lost its appeal.

eeb9 | 25 juli 2017

Thanks for posting this!

If the BEV MINI has the handling and related charactristics of the classic MINI Cooper S/JCW combined with the power and torque of an electric drivetrain? I am *so* there...

I've been begging them to do exactly this for almost a decade.

If Tesla doesn't beat BMW to the punch with a small hatch like the MINi, I'll happily trade.

My preference? Tesla building one. They have the SC net and a bit more practice.

But I've said all along that a 3-door small hatch is *exactly* what I most want...

eeb9 | 25 juli 2017

Thing is, as Marlon points out, MINis have been getting progressively larger with each release. So they really aren't that "MINI" any more. Until you park next to a Tesla S. Those things are bloody huge!!!

I want small.

Shock | 25 juli 2017

To be honest I thought mini wasn't a mini when they brought it back 15 (?) years ago. It was wildly overpriced, rather like the redux of the VW bug in the mid 90's. They brought back the name and cast aside everything that made those cars originally successful. I guess people don't much care for authenticity, though, and the cars have sold well regardless.

eeb9 | 25 juli 2017

I agree that it wasn't the same as the original - by amlong shot. But the 2005/2006 versions were decently close.

They handled almost as well, and had more power.

Since then, they've suffered rather dramatic bloat. My 2013 *feels* half again as heavy as my '05 did, and it's longer and wider to boot.

That's why I'm quite content to switch to a Tesla 3.

But if BMW actually gets a clue (by no means certain) and does a BEV MINi worthy of the name? Whole different story.

That sort of vehicle seems waaay down the list for Tesla, and it's a shame.

eeb9 | 25 juli 2017

A 2018 MINI Cooper S/JCW Works Hatch, fully loaded and track-ready (including a HUD, by the way...) comes in at just over $40k US

Why can't Tesla build something similar? It doesn't even seem to be on their radar...

topher | 25 juli 2017

'Small' has a lot of disadvantages for Tesla's style of car. It means smaller battery pack, and worse aerodynamics, reducing range twice. Hatch does it again. The drag coefficient of a Mini Cooper is 0.39, almost twice that of the model 3. Would you want one if it came with 160 miles of range?

Thank you kindly.

eeb9 | 25 juli 2017

I want a small hatch, and I understand that there are tradeoffs.

Make it a bit longer - say the size of a Ford Focus ST if that eases your battery concerns a bit

gavinmcc | 25 juli 2017

160 miles would work perfectly and hopefully sell well in Europe and cities...

I'd take a Mini with 180-200 miles...but maybe would go instead for a pickup with 150-200 miles.

Cross country drives need aero...commuters not so much. My EV motorcycle is never mileage limited in the city, only when I take it out of town on the highways.

It's why Mr Musk says the Y is the car that will really take off...people like tall and storage. SUVs and pickups kinda rule America right now. Plus I rarely drive more than 20 miles in a day. So 160 is overkill (but I want to take the wife to Santa Fe in my EV for date need 120 miles or so for that).


gavinmcc | 25 juli 2017 the future all cars will be EV of some sort...and some will be tiny, some small, some mid, large and HUGE....

car companies will be there to fill all those needs over time.


MarlonBrown | 25 juli 2017

I think everything have its limits. Yes you can say Minis got bigger 15 years ago. I owned a 2007 that still delivered a balance between functionality and fun. Now the latest model has exceeded the threshold. I was reading that sales are down. I have a co-worker who is a Mini enthusiast. He had eight Minis. He tells me the same thing.

MarlonBrown | 25 juli 2017

Everything has

eeb9 | 25 juli 2017

@Marlon - this is my third MINi, and my last unless they pull their collective heads out of their collective @sses.

A well-executed BEV Sooper S could do it - torque, low CG, short wheelbase... potent combination!

On the other hand, if they continue the current trend? I'll wait for someone else to build it

noleaf4me | 25 juli 2017

mtlvr - I tried to post this on your thread but it kept blocking any new posts..... Jubilant tiki gang.

noleaf4me | 25 juli 2017


topher | 25 juli 2017

"if that eases your battery concerns a bit"

Not my concerns. I don't want a Mini. Just trying to highlight the trade-offs.

Thank you kindly

carlgo2 | 25 juli 2017

Shock, how many people remember the original Mini, much less drove around in one? I think the problem with some of these retro cars is that by the time they come out the admirers of the original have moved on. Younger buyers may never have even seen an original and have no clue, no sense of the history of it.

Tesla2018 | 25 juli 2017

My neighbors had a broken down one in their garage for years that they inherited from their grandparents back in the 60s.All the kids used to sit it in and pretend to drive it. We were only about 8 years old so the car didnt seem as tiny back then. My brother had a Dodge Charger in the 80s and that seems huge compared to the current ones. And my dads 1967 Chysler 300 was gigantic. But I think the car that shrank the most over the last 50 years was the Chevy Impala.

noleaf4me | 26 juli 2017

This one mtnlvr.

Coastal Cruiser. | 26 juli 2017

eeb9 + 1 for Jubilant tiki gang. It actually fits the motif.

btw - I must assume you have seen Michael Caine in original "The Italian Job"?

eeb9 | 26 juli 2017

I love the original Italian Job - the chase scene is priceless! And that cliff-hanger ending... BRAVO!

noleaf4me | 27 juli 2017

CC - the Jubilant tiki gang was supposed to be on mntlvr's thread -- but it would block me every time....not sure why.

As an Italian....the Italian Job was one of my favorites....

MTTPA | 27 juli 2017

nl4m: I have been blocked on mntlvr's thread too. Maybe a browser issue?