DOE Vehicle Cost Calculator

DOE Vehicle Cost Calculator

Here's a total cost of ownership car calculator that I find helpful comparing EV's and ICE cars. May be helpful to show friends and family what the cost looks like on EV's.


jamilworm | 27 juli 2017

I think you mean to have /calc/ at the end of the link. gov/calc/

matt80206 | 27 juli 2017

Only bad thing about that is it assumes a loan at 10% down... mmm does the gov not believe in cash purchases?

jordanrichard | 27 juli 2017

The other bad thing about any of these types of "true costs" calculators" is that it factors in things that you may not care about.

The big one used most often is "depreciation". Personally I don't care about that because I didn't buy the car to sell it.