How state tax rebates work...especially for buyers in states like Texas

How state tax rebates work...especially for buyers in states like Texas

I have a Model 3 on reserve. I am not a Tesla employee, I do not own a Model S or X, and I live in Texas.

Current delivery estimates are as follows:

First Production
310 mile range with Rear Wheel Drive
Apr - Jun 2018

Standard Battery
220 mile range with Rear Wheel Drive
May - Jul 2018

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
Choice of 220 or 310 mile range
Jan - Mar 2019

Does anyone know if I can pick up the the Model 3 in California ($2500) or Louisiana ($6,900 - $9,500) and be eligible for their state tax rebates? If so, how do I do this? I have friends that live in both states if all I need is an address.

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Jramones2 | 30 juli 2017

I would seek a tax advisor because I'm not an expert, but you'd probably need to file a state tax return in those states and have a tax liability greater than the tax credit in order to benefit from the savings.

alexiosp | 30 juli 2017

Sounds like tax fraud? But I am not an expert!

rockyb | 30 juli 2017

It is safe to assume you have to be that state's resident to qualify for their state tax rebate or credit. A simple search should confirm.

txakoli | 30 juli 2017

In California, you must register the car in the state, provide proof of residence, and be issued license plates before you can receive the $2500 rebate, provided you fall below the income limit. You must maintain residence and keep the registration active and paid for 30 consecutive months. If not, then your required to return a prorated portion of the rebate.

@JRamones2, the Federal program is a tax credit. For California, it is a rebate

txakoli | 30 juli 2017

you're, not your

lilbean | 30 juli 2017

+1 alexiosp
Shame on the OP! Fraud!

SP_H | 30 juli 2017

Does anyone know if Texas aircheck voucher can be use on Tesla?

hkumin | 30 juli 2017

This has been asked many times on this board. The issue with California is that you will have to pay sales tax in CA no matter where you register the car. You will then have to pay the tax again in that state. My guess is that there is no tax or rebate loophole that can be exercised.

carlk | 30 juli 2017

I used to have boss who lives in a multi-million dollar mansion and drives a Lexus with Oregon plate because he wanted to save the CA sales tax. I know what you're going to say but he actually was a pretty good boss.