Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Wall Connector

Does anyone know if the service centers have the wall connectors in stock to sell? or can you purchase them online?

Redmiata98 | 30 juli 2017

Check with your local SC, they were available at mine and also on line.

mikdot | 30 juli 2017

I got mine off e-bay, new in the box for quite a bit less than you will pay at your service center. Just search Tesla wall connector. Be patient, they come and go all the time on there.

slasher0016 | 30 juli 2017

Are you sure you need a wall connector? For 99.9% of drivers the nema 14-50 outlet is a far cheaper and better option.

stevenmaifert | 30 juli 2017

If you're looking to only charge a Model 3, the HPWC is overkill, in that the car does not come with a dual onboard charger option and cannot accept more than the charge rate of the UMC that will come with the car (240V outlet, 40A). Save your $$$ and install a NEMA 14-50 outlet.

Davila1024 | 30 juli 2017

The Tesla Wall Connector looks pretty but overkill. I installed a NEMA 14-50 at home for $400.00 . You would be better off using the extra cash and buy a second cable to keep stored in your vehicle for emergency use. Anyway thats my experience and opinion.

Juan.Arellano | 30 juli 2017

Doesn't the cable cost almost the same as the TWC? If you plan on getting a second cable to leave at home, mind as well get the TWC.